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  1. linedancer718

    Surgery is on Monday!

    I didn't really have "pain" from the surgery, just gas pain in my shoulders. That was worse then anything I was experiencing in my abdomen.
  2. linedancer718

    Everything Tastes Horrible . . .

    Something I learned when this was happening to me was that I had Thrush. Common after this type of surgery. My want to ask the doc. If your youngest is white at all I would ask. Was meant to say......"if your tongue is what at all....."
  3. linedancer718

    Soft Food Stage

    Love the ricotta bake!
  4. linedancer718

    No energy 3 weeks post op

    I had my surgery June 12th. I have just started getting some energy back. I went swimming today and it felt great. I'm sure it takes time for the body to adjust. Also if you've been losing a lot for the last 4 weeks like I have its probably exhausting to the body and shocking as well. I think the body responds to what's coming in and if there isn't much coming in it is going to keep us down.
  5. I am a kaiser member and they won't pay for it either. I feel like they are only taking us half way to our healthy new life. I'm going to do some research and write Kaiser a letter trying to convince them to consider covering it, at least 50%, as we deserve to be emotionally healthy when it comes to our bodies as well.
  6. from what I understand that only happens if you have liposuction. During liposuction they remove the fat cells too so the new weight goes to where the fat cells still exist.
  7. linedancer718

    Something stuck in pouch opening?

    I didn't do well with lunch meat either. Funny... I asked my nutritionist about that "stuck" feeling and she said nothing is actually stuck, the esophagus just closes up a bit and that's what gives us that feeling. I noticed I get it when I eat too fast, but I goes away, if I stop eating, in about 10 minutes.
  8. linedancer718

    Why did you choose bypasd?

    I was going to do the sleeve at first because it was less invasive but as you see here many people have revisions so since they are in there I felt I would just go all the way. I think also having the bypass part of it makes for maintaining easier as you will never have that length of intestine to absorb calories.
  9. linedancer718

    50lbs gone!

    Yeah. I hot -50 as well. HW 350 SW 313 (June 12th) CW 296 Feels great to be out of the 300 too. Congrats.
  10. Does anyone get this feeling of anxiety or like they don't want to sit still? Not sure if it thr anxiety meds they put me on or just eating.
  11. linedancer718

    Why did you choose bypasd?

    If you are going to do it why not do it all the way?
  12. linedancer718


    Can people who have had gastric bypass take tumeric?
  13. linedancer718

    Cheated every day of 7 day pre op diet

    You're not ready. If you can keep from cheating now you will try and cheat later and cause issues. You may have to have a reality check before going through with this. I didn't cheat because it was that important not to. Words from my surgeon, "if you aren't going to help yourself I won't help you. You have to OWN IT."
  14. Hey I've been to you site and can't seem to find any of these unless I use the link posted here. Is there a trick to finding things on the blog? Also which part of the PNW are you from?
  15. linedancer718

    4th of July Challenge

    What does the blue and red shading mean on the Google doc?
  16. linedancer718

    Portland, Oregon

    I just had my surgery with dr. Leger. It was good. The CICU where they put you after has fantastic nurses. Was told they like gastric bypass patients as we are "easy" to care for. I had my surgery and once I got to my room I was given ice chunks. What a great thing! I got up and walked that evening. They took my blood around 430 AM that kind of sucked. I was then brought the Boost juice at around 6AM, because that is when the day starts, I guess. They said if I kept it down for 4 hours, they would be if me the regular boost. It was fine. Very sweet though. I sipped on that, once that was gone, about 2 hours later, they brought me another one. Got up and walked a few times. Then it started all over gain Sunday morning. Was discharged, after I showed them I could pee, around 11 AM. Been doing well ever since. Terri called me after 2 days home. Have my post op thursdsy and Brenda will call me on thursdsy as well to check in and get me started on soft foods. They were all great! Just don't gained and lose as much ad you can before surgery.
  17. linedancer718

    Where is everyone from?

    Tualatin Oregon
  18. linedancer718

    Hunger, Cravings, etc. Post-Op

    I'm hungry but don't really crave anything. Guess it really depends on the person.
  19. linedancer718

    Kaiser patients - what to expect

    California or Oregon? It depends.
  20. linedancer718

    Anyone from Oregon?

    I am doing great! Down 5 pounds since surgery 7 days ago. Been pretty inactive, at least not as active as I was hoping I would be. Got an infection and blood clot in my from IV. Had a dream last night that I ate a burrito. I was so mad that my stomach didn't "work". Lol. Got one more week of liquids. Doc has me on Boost, nutritional drink. Getting sick of them. Tried tomato soup and it was so strong tasting and got nauseous after a few drinks. Hmmmm. Keep trying.
  21. linedancer718

    Anyone from Oregon?

    I'm from central Oregon : ) Portland... Don't have a date yetwhat part of portland are you from? I'm in tualatin.
  22. linedancer718

    Anyone from Oregon?

    where are you from?
  23. linedancer718

    Anyone from Oregon?

    feeling great!! Did the gastric bypass.

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