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  1. Would love to meet others who are having or have had the sleeve in Mississippi or SW TN. I know there are others out there!
  2. Mistie


    No. For me, it wasn't about cheating. I saw it as eating what my body was able to handle at a certain point in the healing process. When I was on liquids, for example, there was no way I was putting a piece of steak in my mouth. It wasn't because I considered it cheating, it's because I knew all my tummy could handle was liquids - that's why the progression - to allow our tummies to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible! I didn't want anything lodging anywhere it shouldn't! lol
  3. I love the power crunch Protein bars. Careful, they are addicting! Allll of their flavors are to die for. But they have a salted caramel that is soooooo good!
  4. Mistie

    Acid reflux

    Was on Nexium preop for years. Post op they put me on Protonix and I stayed on it. Have had to start using Pepcid more regularly, but it IS effective.
  5. Monday was 291. Was the wrong direction but already back down. Whew!
  6. @@carlaw - if you use the app, just click subscribed - it will take you to all subscribed posts. That's the easiest way to find it!
  7. Mistie


    Yes. Put in while in surgery. Did not have choice. Had to walk with it. They removed it as soon as I passed the leak test the next day. Every surgeon is different, so be sure to add it to your list of questions.
  8. I'm a professor, so a little different situation. Mine was in October. Never feel guilty for taking care of yourself. It's not like you're waiting, this is simply when it can be booked. I took two full weeks off, and the third I taught classes only. My recovery was a bit more difficult in terms of fatigue, than I think it is for many. Good luck!!
  9. Mistie


    Mine did/did not clear me. I went to the card I saw previously (weird issue - caught a virus, it had similar receptors to those on my heart, so when my body fought off the virus, it also attacked my heart). He said I was cleared and was low risk. The bariatric wanted specific words to clear for vsg. He would never write it. It came down to a difference in terminology between what the bariatric surgeon used and needed and what the card said the cards use! (I.e. Similar to a debate between which comes first, a or 1!). Omg! I almost had another set of heart attacks (NOT virus related! Lol)! The surgeon then set me up with a card local to her and in her system-DAYS before my scheduled surgery. He reviewed all records, didn't even make me have anymore tests, and said it baffled him why the original card would not write it up as was needed-and he cleared me. Sometimes there are reasons. It can save lives. Other times, not as much. But it does happen, but doesn't mean it's over.
  10. My favorite was refried beans with a little taco seasoning and some rotel cheese dip. I ate that the whole time.
  11. Mistie

    When did you.....?

    They gave versed while in prep to help relax (standard for them). After getting to the OR (on the table), they got me situated and then put me to sleep.
  12. Wednesday is the 'almost' big day! On Wednesday, I get to meet with my surgeon for the first time, the nutritionist, the bariatric nurse, the financial counselor, and do my lab work (I know, a lot at one time). I'm so excited! Back in April, I met with a surgeon at a different clinic and it was NOT a good fit - it was a horrible experience, so I decided to choose a different clinic. I have been waiting on this appointment since the beginning of May. Since that time, rather than waiting and doing the 3 months of visits with the doctor/nutritionist required by insurance, I decided to be proactive, and have been doing the 6 months of phone visits with a nutritionist through my insurance company. I will complete these visits the first of October. Since I have been doing this for a few months already, and waiting for a few months, even though I am just getting started with the clinic, it feels like I've been in the process for quite awhile already. I'm so anxious for my appointment on Wednesday I'm ready to burst! I wonder if they might need to sedate me just to make it through the first appointment? LOL
  13. I am 5'4 1/2". My highest weight was 454 April 2015. My first surgeons appointment 8/12/15 I was at 440ish. Surgery weight 10/26/15 was 403. Current weight 6/10/16 is 306. I have lost 148 pounds. My doctors goal weight for me is 225 pounds. Mine is lower, at around 170ish, but I will wait until I get there to see where my body is comfortable. I do have a lot of lose skin. However, I am 39 and started to rapidly gain weight at 8 when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and they started pumping me full of steroids. So, older and long time weight. Everyone is different, but age is definitely on your side. As activity is difficult, try Water aerobics if you can - it's very low impact on the joints and a major calorie burn! There are also quite a few leg/arm exercises you can do while sitting - any burn is a better burn than none! Good luck!
  14. I would like to join! Sorry I missed this earlier! If it's not too late, my weight 5/30 was 312.2. GW is 299.

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