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  1. ThreeFifty

    Before/After Photos at Goal

    I know I posted earlier in this thread, I think I was 217 then, Im 207 now, heres some updated comparison pictures. Ive actually been trying to stop loosing weight at 220. I think I got things leveled out now.
  2. ThreeFifty

    July 13th or closer Check In!

    Hi there, just wanted to check in to see how you guys are doing? Hows things going?
  3. ThreeFifty

    Any July 2015 sleevers?

    Hi there, Im just curious to see how everyone is doing who had thier sleeve during this time? everything has worked out well for me so far, reached my goal last month and trying to stop loosing (lost 8 lbs since goal) would like to hear how its been for some of you
  4. ThreeFifty

    Before/After Photos at Goal

    Heres mine, the before I was actually about 345. the after Im 217 (my goal was 220 I met that a week ago)
  5. ThreeFifty

    Not sure why these comments bother me

    yea the you dont look like yourself, I get a lot but I can completely see that. I look at pictures of me from a year ago and now and I dont recognize myself. there have been people Ive met before, lost touch, then met them again and they dont know I met them before...and I kept it that way lol, never brought up meeting them previously.
  6. Yea mine was about 19k for the surgury alone, 2k for the full bloodwork, which they have ran 2 times during this whole process, a few K for the EGD, and about 360 per visit for about maybe 6 or 7 visits throughout the year for different reasons. cash option isn't cheaper by any means lol even if you just count the surgery alone, its well over double what I paid in premiums/deductible
  7. yea if you include all the other visits, seeing the nutritionist, Phsycologist, the random doctor visits, having an EGD etc it would be cheaper to just go to Mexico, where you aren't going to have all those extra's But If you only counted the insurance premium, and deductible for the actual surgery. it would be about the same as plane tickets and surgery in Mexico. and no offense to people that has gone to Mexico but if I have the option to go to a local doctor in the US, in my city that I can always make an appointment and see, that I can research legitimately (not asking forum users opinions). then for me this option was more suitable than the option to go to Mexico. Don't get me wrong, if this option didn't work, Mexico was next on the list. but because of what I listed above, the Mexico option was further down the list...cheaper or not
  8. As I'm getting closer to my goal, Ive been starting to think about what things I may start eating in the maintenance stage that I haven't so far. Ive probably been a little more strict as far as my eating than a lot of people as I haven't touched Alcohol, Caffeine, rice, bread, Pasta, potatoes, anything fried, no deserts, no sugary drinks. I never slipped, never took a cheat day, no breaks or anything. I don't know what would happen if my sleeve gets full because I measure everything and never gotten to that point lol. I actually haven't even eaten any fruit. So to my question. Ive been thinking about adding sweet potatoes to my routine. what do you guys think about it. do you eat them? I wasn't because I figured they would still be high in sugar.
  9. I kept both plans, was just me on both. got rid of the Obamacare plan when the year was over. but yep I kept both insurance and just gave he Obamacare ins info whenever I had bariatric visits or procedures. continued using my work ins for any other visits.
  10. Im not sure if its suppose to work this way, but I was same boat. My work ins didnt cover wls. I went and got another primary ins (obama care - no income based discount) and used that instead. the premium was high, the deductible was high but it covered my surgery and all other visits.
  11. ThreeFifty


    I agree with @BLERDgirl. My guidelines were no alcohol or caffeine for 6 months. (alcohol may be a year, I forget) but I'm waiting as long as I can before I eat/drink the bad things, I actually dont plan to go back to most of them
  12. It looks somewhat similar to what I eat on a daily basis but I haven't hit 900 calories in a day yet. I'm still around 700-850 calories a day. I'm 3 months out
  13. ThreeFifty


    Mine is the same as my username here. feel free to add me and I'll add you back (I have been using it for a few months but I never looked into adding friends etc lol)
  14. ThreeFifty

    NSV shout outs

    Ive always been pretty honest with myself. I always knew I was a big guy. when I look in the mirror, or take a picture of myself. to me I always look like what I think in my head. its probably a mental thing. In the past this certain thing has happened quite a few times. I'm at a convenience store standing in line waiting to pay for my goods and out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of the security monitor and I see this huge guy standing there and I think to myself "I'm big but I don't think I'm that big yet" then I look again and that guy is actually me. then I'm in a bad mood the rest of the day lol The other day I was going to a different location for work. in this building there's a hall where the elevators are that all the walls and elevator doors are mirrors. I was walking to the elevator and I noticed this guy out of the corner of my eye and thought I should be that size soon. when I stopped and pushed the elevator button I realized that was me in the mirror. the reverse of what Ive experienced before! good mood the rest of the day :-)
  15. I'm at 3 months, my surgery was July 16. Ive lost 60 lbs so far but I've been scared also that the weight loss will stop. I'm actually thinking about going back on full liquids for a few days

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