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    starting the second half of my life i wish to be healthy
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  1. Lizpeni

    Any March Surgeries?

    I hi I’m on week seven post op and feel the same way. i’m not hungry and i’m struggling to get 2 shakes a day and a yogurt. i tried a couple of bites of a baked chicken thigh but that was all i could do. And my go to when i feel i don’t have enough protein is a piece of baked haddock.
  2. Lizpeni

    Any March Surgeries?

    Hey Mike I hope your feeling better. I feel I’m right behind you I think I’m dehydrated have been feeling bad for the last couple of days. Can’t get my protein in or my liquids tomorrow I’m going to call the doctors office.
  3. Lizpeni

    Any March Surgeries?

    my surgery was 3/18
  4. Lizpeni

    Weight gain

    Thanks for your replies. I am trying to mend my ways of eating. I can’t eat a lot but I can eat enough of the wrong things. Working on fixing me!😊
  5. Lizpeni

    Weight gain

    Thank you Bravepototo I am trying to find a diet to follow right now I am kind of doing low carb . I am also trying to find some type of support group. I need help I am also looking for a nutritionist. Just need some suggestions.
  6. Lizpeni

    Weight gain

    Hi I had the sleeve done 3/17/15 I initially lost 55lbs but I have gained 25lbs back I know it’s me eating wrong. My question is it too late to loose the weight again. I love cookies and cakes they go down real easy😢😢
  7. Lizpeni

    Buddy for reset after sleeve

    What is the reset I was sleeved 3/17/15 I lost 50lbs and that was it. I would like to start again I hope its not too late????
  8. Lizpeni

    Any Pennsylvania Sleevers?

    Hi I'm from the Pocono's had the sleeve done on 3/17/15. I haven't fully taken advantage of this tool I lost 50lbs but that is all any suggestions [emoji22]
  9. Lizpeni

    WLS on St. Patty's Day

    I just wanted to know how you were doing a year later. I also had my sleeve done on 3/17/15 a year later I am down 55lbs I don't eat the way I'm supposed to. How is it going for you
  10. 1 year out i feel I should be alot lighter but forever greatful

  11. Lizpeni

    Embrace the Stall

    Thankful for the post. I need to get motivated and start doing some type of exercise
  12. Lizpeni

    Embrace the Stall

    It was a great post. I just wanted to know if it was normal I have been between 227-224 since October just thought I could do something to start it going again. I just started to walk on my treadmill again trying to do a mile a day to start???? thanks for the read
  13. Lizpeni

    Long term slow loser results?

    Hi I'm lizpeni I gained 3 lbs for the first time since having the sleeve. I went away this weekend I had what I wanted did not really eat that much I but I had some junk food donuts so I understand. What can I do to get back on track 2 shakes and a meal????

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