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  1. chach123

    Transformation Tuesday

    Wow! You look great!!! Love the hair color as well!
  2. Wow! You look fantastic! Keep up the good work!!! Congrats!!!
  3. I am 4 weeks out today. I had no pre-op diet. At ,y 10 day follow up visit, I was down 19 pounds. I'm currently down 27 pounds, however, I've hit 2 stalls already. My doctor told me to expect to be down 10% of my weight the first month, and he's pretty spot on! Also, I was in the hospital for 3 nights, as I was throwing up anything I drank. I'm sure I threw up all the IV Fluid, etc that was pumped into me, so I credit that to some of the weight loss. I'm not expecting to lose this much in the upcoming months, so I will take this and just stick with the program. As long as the numbers on the scales (and my clothing sizes) keep going down, I'm good! Don't be discouraged...as many of these members said, everyone is different!! Good luck!!
  4. chach123

    United Healthcare - Just Beginning

    Each UHC plan is different. I have them and my requirements were 1 psych eval, an EGD, and 1 meeting with a nutritionist. My dr required a letter from my PCP. I had no supervised diet plan or anything. I didnt even have to do a preop diet! The only thing is that with UHC, I had to use the "Bariatric Resource Center", so I was given a list of about 7 doctors that I could use for the procedure. If I used anyone else, it wouldn't have been covered. They also provided me with a nurse that could answer any questions I had. She has called already 3 times to check on me. They were really wonderful. I was approved within 3 days of the paperwork being submitted. Hope you have luck with them!!!
  5. chach123

    Any NJ patients here

    Union County here!
  6. chach123

    June 15th, anyone?

    I'm on June 17. I had no pre-op diet. Just no eating after midnight the night before. It's all so real now! Good luck to all having their surgeries this week!!
  7. chach123

    Anyone from New Jersey ?

    I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr. Ward on June 17. I had a great consult with him. His office manager (I think that's what her title is), Julie is AMAZING!! She has answered all of my questions (and I had plenty!) without making me feel silly. I'm really looking forward to surgery with him. I also went to his nutritionist Shannon who was so helpful! Like someone else said, you'll know when you meet the right surgeon for you! Good luck!!

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