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  1. MCMorgan-Gynn

    Deflated Gastric band

    Thank you that’s helpful. I had a de-fill about 18 months ago, but it’s been over a couple of years since I had a fill. Just waiting for lockdown to be lifted!
  2. MCMorgan-Gynn

    Deflated Gastric band

    Hi everyone. I’ve had my band for 5 years now without any issues and I’m at my ideal weight. However two days ago I suddenly can eat everything. I had a CT scan today and no issues at all with my band. Therefore, is it possible for my band to deflate!!!??? Thanks, Marina
  3. MCMorgan-Gynn

    Is my band too tight?

    Hi everyone. I had a fill today and I've been struggling to keep down even water, let alone any other drinks. Is this normal?? I do burp which I assumed is normal and indicates that the fluid is going down. But every time I have a drink I bring most of it up. I've had my band for 1 year now and I've had no issues at all. Will things settle down in the next few days or does this mean my band is too tight. I'm at six and a quarter which I didn't think was to tight. Will it settle or will I need a de fill? I'm worried I'll become dehydrated. Thanks. Marina