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  1. xmaleengyx

    Cheated postop...concerned

    End of week 3. No weight loss. Barely eating. Everything bothers me going down. I feel weak, faint and fatigued. Lips get purple. Feeling a little stomach pain at times. Everything I swallow seems to stay in my throat or want to come back up but I never actually throw up. I'm allowed soft foods but if it's not liquid it hurts my tummy going down and as digesting. I'd rather not eat. Is this normal?
  2. xmaleengyx

    Beach 7 weeks post op?

    Thanks. Surgeon said I can do whatever I want but I don't feel I should. He said I can peel off the surgical glue from incisions if they start peeling but NO WAY could I do that. I'll faint. I have this image that I will come undone and my parts will fall out. Lol...seriously though. I'll probably still have glue 6 months from now. Has anyone pulled their glue off? I'm at end of 3rd week post op. Not sure when incision is completely healed or sealed
  3. I'm at the end of my 3rd week post op. This week I've felt very tired and fatigued. I feel faint when I stand which concerns me and at times my lips look purple :/ I have not lost any weight this week.not sure if it's because I'm barely eating or because when I do its not a great choice. Im on soft foods but have a hard time eating more that 3-4 bites or spoons. EverythING I swallow hurts. I feel little pains at my incision sites once food is down. To help ease the swallow, I've been eating Soups like broccoli cheese Soup from Jason's deli, smoothies and soupy mashed potatoes.maybe it's too much carbs. I will also sip yogurt smoothies Or a bit of applesauce. An avocado the other day almost made me throw up. I dont know why. But i could not lay down or id feel it coming back up.I'm still barely eating. I wonder if Protein shakes will help with energy and boost weightloss? Also, everything I eat I feel sitting in my throat. Like it wants to come up but it doesn't.
  4. xmaleengyx

    Cheated postop...concerned

    Thank you all for sharing. I am now on my 3rd week. I am doing well. The switch has finally turned on in my brain. I honestly feel it was an adjustment I needed to mentally go through.its a big change for anyone to process. I am on soft foods this week And feel a bit more normal. I went to Kemah over the weekend and I was fine being surrounded by all the bad foods I once enjoyed. NO TEMPTATIONS. I am extremely proud of myself and how I am evolving into this new person and lifestyle.
  5. xmaleengyx

    Cheated postop...concerned

    I just really would appreciate encouragement and personal experiences. I cannot change what is done nor reverse the surgery. Negative feedback makes this process more difficult.
  6. xmaleengyx

    Cheated postop...concerned

    Um, no. Just like most the people on here, I have an unhealthy relationship with food. Pretty sure a food addiction. And if anyone could have stuck to a a diet or healthy lifestyle change, they wouldn't have had chosen a surgery as a last resort. Also, just as any lifestyle change, it's a process. And its going to take time to adjust And settle. Everyone makes mistakes. It is mental and it's not a brain issue you can fix over night. You live abd you learn. I've learned my lesson. I do not appreciate the judging.
  7. I have a getaway trip coming up to Galveston. Is it OK to go to the beach and swim in pool 7 weeks post op? Also, is there any uncomfortability at 7 weeks out???
  8. Lesson learned. With some Water the pain went away. It seamed to be gas. I go tomorrow for my post op appointment and will let my surgeon know. Thank u for your responses
  9. So I'm 5 days post op and I cheated :/ I ate 2 croutons around 7. I let it dissolve in my mouth and then chewed it up well. My stomach didn't feel bad initially. After about 10 mins I felt a bit uncomfortable and started burping. That passed after no more than half an hour. Now 41/2 hours later, I'm experiencing stabbing pains in a couple of my incision sites. Has anyone experienced this??? Am I going to be ok...have I ruptured something??? I'm freaking out.
  10. xmaleengyx


    I went #2 today 5 days post op. It was darker. And I know tmi, but it was soft...meaning I had no constipation issues
  11. xmaleengyx


    Sounds horrible I'm sorry youre going through this. Have you called your doctor to see what explanation they can offer? Also, I drink about 3 Oz a day (1oz at a time) of bariatric advantage iced latte protein shake. I water it down a little bit and I use a medicine cap that's 1oz to sip it from. I think you should try. Even the smallest sips make you sick? You need protein. Have you gotten dehydrated and dizzy yet??
  12. xmaleengyx


    @@BLERDgirl what a blessing. I envy you. I think my age makes it a bit more difficult. Everyone around me in their twenties eat like a typical twenty something year old...food trucks, pizza, fried food, latenight whataburger, alcohol etc. Most of them do it without gaining any weight. Oh, how I hate that! I've had to distance myself from these people while I recover. I know this is what's best for me, but I'm human and I do feel like I'm missing out at times.
  13. xmaleengyx


    @@Jersrose43 thank you for your response. I feel better. Not so unnormal at this stage.
  14. xmaleengyx


    I know im going to get yelled at for this question but, Has anyone been tempted to eat solids sooner than allowed?