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  1. Hey December sleevers how is it going??
  2. Thank you so much for your support! I am maintaining 150-152 for now! My next goal is 130 pounds! Then a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation!
  3. That is awesome!! How is it going for you?
  5. I need to know what you are doing now.. in my stall I added another 100 calories and cut my exercise to every other day! Sounds crazy but it worked!!
  6. what are doing now ?? You have probably hit the dreadful two week stall!!
  7. Oh wow! You look great. Thanks for keeping me focusedYou are so welcome! Hope things are better!!
  8. Post some pics my fellow Dec 2014 sleevers!! I am 12 pounds from my 140 pound goal and sooooo excited!!!
  9. Thank you so much!!! I feel amazing tooo!!
  10. I have never heard of the drain either til now sorry I cannot help with that one!
  11. Thank you Anxious2beme I feel Shereeb's pain and just trying to encourage her it will be over soon an she will be encouraging others and soooo happy!!!!
  12. ShareeB I'm 9 months post OP and 90 pounds down! You will get through it girl and get there in no time! Hang in there. This is what you have to look forward too!!! IT IS SO WORTH IT!! You are not alone and we all went through the stall, the mental changes..but we made it... NOW.. I don't care that I can't eat much I love the new me soooo much!!! HANG IN THERE!!!!
  13. @Queen P, good for you, sounds like you are living it up. I can't wait until I am where you are at. Congrats! And I wish you continued success.@@LuckyStar thank you!! I was saying the same thing and now i am here!!! But let me tell you it will go by before you know it!! I wish you the absolute best on your journey!!!!