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  1. Do tell your story! ! Hw 241 Sw 236 Cw 203 Been 203 for 2 weeks now..bummed but not discouraged!! Protein is still a challenge! Still can't tolerate shakes. Just got some genepro hopefully that will get me where I need to be!! Started really walking 1 week ago! 500-600 cals daily. Is that to little? Trying different foods..some ok..some not so good!! Ready to reach my first goal of 50 pounds. I am trying not to weigh myself everyday. But I just can't help myself! ! Hee hee!!
  2. Hey December sleevers how is it going??
  3. Thank you so much for your support! I am maintaining 150-152 for now! My next goal is 130 pounds! Then a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation!
  4. Surgery date: December 17, 2014 SW: 241.6 PSW:236.4 CW:152 GW: 140 12 pounds to go until I reach the goal I have been longing for...for YEARS!! I am so proud of my decision to have surgery!! I couldn't have gotten to this place without it!! My quality of life is so much better. No more high blood pressure or joint issues and I have to mention my new hot steamy love life with my long time hubby for 23 years!!! There are people I've told and people I have not! I haven't had any negative feed back... to my face anyway....lol... very encouraging journey thus far! At this point I don't care anyway..I've lost 90 pounds and I feel amazing!!!
  5. That is awesome!! How is it going for you?
  7. I need to know what you are doing now.. in my stall I added another 100 calories and cut my exercise to every other day! Sounds crazy but it worked!!
  8. what are doing now ?? You have probably hit the dreadful two week stall!!
  9. Oh wow! You look great. Thanks for keeping me focusedYou are so welcome! Hope things are better!!
  10. Post some pics my fellow Dec 2014 sleevers!! I am 12 pounds from my 140 pound goal and sooooo excited!!!
  11. Thank you so much!!! I feel amazing tooo!!
  12. I have never heard of the drain either til now sorry I cannot help with that one!
  13. Thank you Anxious2beme I feel Shereeb's pain and just trying to encourage her it will be over soon an she will be encouraging others and soooo happy!!!!
  14. ShareeB I'm 9 months post OP and 90 pounds down! You will get through it girl and get there in no time! Hang in there. This is what you have to look forward too!!! IT IS SO WORTH IT!! You are not alone and we all went through the stall, the mental changes..but we made it... NOW.. I don't care that I can't eat much I love the new me soooo much!!! HANG IN THERE!!!!
  15. @Queen P, good for you, sounds like you are living it up. I can't wait until I am where you are at. Congrats! And I wish you continued success.@@LuckyStar thank you!! I was saying the same thing and now i am here!!! But let me tell you it will go by before you know it!! I wish you the absolute best on your journey!!!!
  16. Thank you kate_Uk I truly don't worry about them..I am following the plan and eventually my testimony will be I DID IT!!!!
  17. @@Queen P the "bad" stories frequently stick out to newbies et al your story and others like them make people feel good, optimistic lost 90 lbs?? don't look at me, i didn't take them wonderful attitude, weight loss, and pics too high blood pressure gone, joint issues too wrap them both up (other health issues too) and you get "quality of life" as you put it health, happiness, success, what more could you ask for?? maybe those last 12 lbs to GOAL?? (no hurry, patience, last few lbs are hard to get off ) that's ok - you'll appreciate them more when it happens "steamy love affair with hubby?" -_-boyfriend too keep up the wonderful job i know you will kathy congrats @ proud grammy thank you for being so encouraging! ! I love youuuu...lol My hubby has never made me feel bad about my weight!! Now I am back to the size I was when I got married!! My hubby is very happy because his reward is goood for always supporting and loving me no matter what....lol I also can run around with my VERY ACTIVE 6 and 10 year old children! NOTHING LIKE THE QUALITY OF LIFE!! AS LONG AS THE GOOD LORD WANTS TO GIVE IT TO ME I WILL TAKE IT!!!
  18. Thank you all so much!! Now I am look toward my tummy tuck and my breast augmentation! ! Not to much loose skin nothing exercising and time can't fix! !
  19. That is so awesome!! Thank you both for your encouraging words!! So inspiring!! Keep going and don't stop no matter the obstacles! ! We got this!!
  20. Queen P I had surgery on Dec 9, 2014 so close to you.HW: 247 SW: 221 CW: 174 I plateau at every multiplier of 10, and I was stuck just above 200 for a while. I wonder if you are getting enough calories, I know upping mine a little, even for a few days, can jump start me. Starting to walk is putting a demand on your body for a few more calories too. Exercise is a big factor in loosing. Also Water is important. I can't preach about that one because it is my worst area! Getting protein is important but my surgeon says to try to limit the shakes and get it from real food. A low fat cheese stick wrapped in some low fat deli meat makes a good high protein snack. Also P3 Snacks are good. They are usually near the lunch meat at the grocery. I do use protein bars and shakes for breakfast just because I am not a traditional breakfast food person. Good luck and hang in there! You can do it. I am so out done with the shakes anyway! Lord knows I have drank enough shakes to last me a lifetime!! I uped my calories and I dropped 2 pounds. I am at 163 now my goal is 140!! Seems so far off!! I don't get enough protein I know but I have it every meal and every snack! We will get there! We just have to keep our eyes on the prize!!! Healthy, skinny and looking GOOOOOD! HEE HEE
  21. How is everybody doing?? I am stalled on 165 pounds the dreadful stall!! 2 weeks!
  22. Congrats Dave!!! Not much longer!!
  23. thank you so much I need to post new ones I have lost 32 pounds since then!!!!