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    Banded on warfarin

    Hi, checking with your specialist is best of course, but they do have ways of working with warfarin and surgery. I am also on this medication and there have been a couple of invasive procedures done that required my temporary stop of taking it and everything was fine. Basically, the heprin is given via an injection in the hospital, the warfarin or coumadin is the same thing but in a pill form. I was not on it at the time of my banding as it was some time ago that I had the procedure, but I did have cardiac problems even then. I went through it without a hitch. I was one of the lucky ones in that I had 0 problems with the surgery and, thank goodness, to date with my band. Good luck. Keep us posted. Cindy
  2. chichigirl

    Fifty + & gonna-be-banded

    Hi, I am now 51 but I was banded in February 2002, almost 6 years now. I have had my ups and downs with it, but to be totally honest, the downs have been my own doing. You still have to be committed to changing your lifestyle and doing what it takes to lose, proper nutrion and exercise. Prior to banding I was a diabetic on insulin, had had one heart attack (at age 38), severe coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, and so many other things, it would take forever to list. I initially lost over 120 pounds, relapsed if you will, had all of the fill removed which left me with next to nothing in the way of restriction. I pigged out and put back on every once. But considering the way I was eating, it was no big surprise. I have since dealt with my emotional issues, which were what was the worst for me, and have now dropped 102 lbs and plan on 2008 being the year I finally hit my goal!!!! Even with all of my health issues, having the band has been the best thing I ever did for myself. I have had zero problems with it as long as I did not abuse it, eating the wrong foods and amounts. Good luck. Make sure you work on any emotional issues you have regarding your weight. You don't have to have them solved yet, but if you are at least working on it, it will help in the long run. Cindy
  3. chichigirl

    Any out there from South Florida!

    Hi and Happy New Year! I am in Miami, actually the Doral area, which is West Miami. I was banded almost 6 years ago and have never regretted the decision to do it. My surgery was very easy, though everyone is different. I have had emotional issues, which is why I am still a long way from goal, but things are getting better, I have dropped 100 lbs this year and looking forward to the new year coming. My surgery was done by Dr. Gomez who is now Coconut Grove at Mercy Hospital and I adore him. He is very good and knows alot as he has been doing this for a number of years and studied under Dr. Jacobs, a legend in gastric surgery in Miami. Good luck, feel free to PM me for my email or phone number if you would like. I'm afraid my fingers would be worn to nothing if I had to type all of what I have been through so far on this wonderful journey. Cindy
  4. In my case, I was absolutely convinced I had totally stretched out my stomach, I broke every rule in the book, sodas, drinking with my meals, eating too much, you name it I did it. Now after almost 6 years, I can say with absolute certainty, that I did indeed stretch it a bit, but not enough to matter. I had a gastroscopy done as well as a barium swallow. Doctor says, there is only very minor dilation of the stomach. This tends to make me believe that it must really be a whole lot more difficult to stretch the old stomach than I thought. Cindy
  5. chichigirl

    Rewards....help please

    How about getting new motivational tools, like DVD's for different exercise programs, sports equipment for something you would like to take up, new work out gear? Not only is it fun, it may help towards your next reward. Cindy
  6. chichigirl


    Hi, Well, congrats on your surgery date. The excited nervous is quite the usual for most of us. It is something to look forward to, but does hold a bit of fear as well. Try to stay focused on the big picture and what this will mean for you for the rest of your life. I had my surgery well over 5 almost 6 years ago and even though I haven't been 'perfect' I am so very glad that I did it. I have not regretted it once. Even when I went through some difficult times psychologically, I simply had the Fluid completely removed, dealt with my issues and a therapist and have since, gotten right back on the horse. I am so glad he had not run away :-] I wish you well, this is a great place to come for advice and comfort. The folks here really do care about one another and everyone tries to help whenever they can. Cindy
  7. chichigirl

    Dazzle feeling Frazzled

    Hi, I have to agree with Danna, whenever calorie restriction is cut so dramatically, it makes most of us miserable!!!! You do the best you can, and yes, there are docs who will refuse to move ahead but that is usually if the person loses no weight or even gains, usually, of course every doctor is going to be different. It all depends on what his surgical experience has been with others. If he had a problem with someone with a fatty liver, that would seem to make him a bit more conservative. Anyway, hang in there, it will be so worth the torture you are having to put yourself through right now. You are so very close now and that light at the end of the tunnel must be getting brighter for you. I wish you well with your surgery, keep us posted. Cindy
  8. chichigirl

    Stuck and Depressed

    Hi, I am not new here, but have not been around lately so please forgive me for asking, but why is your caloric intake so low? Given the fact that you are exercising, it is quite possible that you are simply not receiving enough nutrients and your metabolism is shutting down. All the talk about metabolism is confusing and conflicting at times, I know, but I have heard that if you don't take in enough calories, it can actually stall your weight loss, albeit a temporary stall. Also, you sound as though you are weighing every day. Maybe you should cut back to once a week, that way you won't be so frustrated by the numbers. I know, we all do it, always with the belief that if it goes down, that's what we need to motivate us to keep at it. Especially when we make ourselves miserable by starving. Give you system time to adjust, you have only had the surgery a short time ago. I promise you that if you give it time, it will work. Hope this helps. Cindy
  9. chichigirl

    Dang it! Dang it! Dang it!

    Congrats on your surgery Yoda and for losing the 16 lbs beforehand!!!! Good for you!!! As for the hunger, sometimes the pain meds can attribute to stirring up the hunger chemicals withing our bods. Everyone of course responds differently, but sounds as though you are definitely amongst those who are hungrier than those who go in the opposite direction. Sorrrrry, I know it's not fair, but this too shall pass. Whatever you do though, don't stop with the pain medication, then you'll just be hungry and hurting. As for missing the gas pains, I don't think that would really be possible, they're kinda loud and strong from what I understand. I am happy to say that I did not experience them myself, but if you are having doubts, what harm could it do to take a dose and see if your suspicions are right? Now is not the time to play hero. Besides, you are already a hero, you went for the surgery and came through it with flying colors from the sounds of it. Hope you feel better soon. The hunger will subside, it always does. Try warm clear liquids as they tend to be more soothing and satisfying. Good luck wise one. Cindy
  10. chichigirl

    Missing my band

    Why did you have to have the band removed? Obviously something went wrong with it, I'm sure you are feeling really depressed after having gone through everything, losing 60 lbs, contrats, and then going through another surgery to have it removed. Depression is an evil in most of our lives, we must try really hard to take control over it and not have it ruin our lives. For me depression has been a major source of my over eating. You'll often hear the term head hunger used on this board, and believe me it is really real, it does exist. Try to remember how good it feels now, vs when you were heavier and remember, the band is a tool, a valuable, helpful and wonderful tool, but it's still you that takes control and loses the weight. You can do it and keep that ball rolling until you find another surgeon. There must be another doc in your area that does the surgeries, it's become more and more popular and many docs have joined the band wagon(pun intended) Be strong, come here often, and cry to us when you need a lift. That's what this forum is all about, support. Let us be your cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shakes. I promise you we do not have any calories, fat, or anything else that will put weight on you so dig in here and have all you want, guilt free. I seriously wish you the very best, I know it must be devastating to have gone through what you have. But you have survived and that's what is really important. Remember you are already a true blue success story:clap2: Cindy
  11. chichigirl

    Starting point for weight loss

    I am with Alexandra, I counted the day I started losing weight, which, in my case immediately following my approval for the surgery. I was at my highest and banded or not, every ounce I have lost since then counts in my book. Some of it with the band, some without. Cindy
  12. Hi and congrats on your banding. Sounds as if you are really overdoing things, especially with the lifting. I certainly understand your wanting to get things settled, but remember to take care of yourself first or you could really put yourself in bed, the last place you want to be when you've got so much to do. I doubt that the stairs are a major concern, but the lifting is. Yes you are probably feeling the area on your left side more because of the band and the surgery, not to mention the port. I don't believe that lifting can cause slippage, but you are still healing, it was surgery and you have sutures(stitches) inside that you may be straining and irritating. Hope you can slow down a bit and enjoy coming to the boards. There are a lot of nice, supportive people here and I think you will find it most enjoyable. Welcome:D Cindy
  13. chichigirl

    Not usual insurance question

    What a kind and thoughful gesture and YES you should do it. Perhaps if we could encourage more folks who understand the importance of their decisions on others, it could start a trend towards thinking about something other than the 'bottom' line, forgive the pun. But seriously, it will in the long run allow them to save money, if they could just figure that one out. I applaud you for wanting to take this step, so many times we are ready, willing and able to scream and rant and rave when things go wrong, but we must balance things out but letting others know when they are going right as well. Good for you and btw congrats on your success, may you reach your goal and be a hundred times happier than even you expect to be.:clap2: Cindy
  14. chichigirl

    Swollen vein after IV

    Why the heck did they put it in your wrist, I hate when they do that, it's the most painful area they can use. Sounds as though you have a really sore reaction, though it's probably not serious, put warm wash clothes on it for awhile and see if that doesn't help. Keep on eye on it for any redness, warmth or additional swelling and if it doesn't get any better, call the doc. I really don't understand why some of the medical personnel do things like that, it's so unnecessary for goodness sake. Hope it feels better soon. Cindy
  15. chichigirl

    Subtle, but telling, NSV

    Congrats and good for you, isn't it nice not to have to discuss the obvious, obesity when it's there, and have a healthy conversation with a doctor who isn't try to scare you into a healthier lifestyle? Kudos to you for having accomplishment this marvelous achievement and for giving the rest of us something else to look forward to. You truly are an inspiration, always have been, and I thank you for that. It's funny you mention the weight being the issue regarding HBP, and as you have discovered, sometimes weight is not the sole cause, although, admitidly it does aggravate the condition, it is not always the cause. I work with a 25 year-old 90 lb soak weight girl who has had HBP her whole life and yet she has this amazing metabolism and is extremely thin, she has trouble putting weight on. But I digress, the real important message here is you and your wonderful good news!!! Thanks for sharing as always!! Cindy
  16. Sad but true, the insurance companies are indeed profit making businesses, they are not for profit charities, so they try to deny as many claims as they can legally get away with. You have to be consistent, persistent and now matter how infuriating or frustrating it becomes for you, you must not give up. The business I am in deals with nothing but insurance companies on workman's compensation basis. My job in particular is billing, and believe me they are looking with fine tooth combs and telescopic magnifying glasses for reasons to deny a claim. The worse thing they do, if you can believe this, is to deny a legitimate claim, when they are addressed on the issue, they admit to it being their fault, then have the gaul to take an additional 60 to 90 days to pay the claim, the one they made an error on by their own admission. It's enough to make you want to scream, it only takes a five minute phone call for them to check it out and admit to their error, yet it takes 3 months longer to pay the claim they should have paid to begin with. I really think the state insurance politicians should be looking into this unethical practice, but when you call them, they don't seem to care, let alone do anything about it. If one of us tried to get away with that kind of behavior and pay our bills the way the do, we'd all be put into debtors prison. I guess I am just trying to help you understand that you are not being singled out, even though it must feel that way. Doesn't change the aggravation it will cause you, but you can win this battle, believe it or not. Just tell them you are not a mind reader and that you want in writing exactly what they are requiring and you will provide it. Then is not a test on your part, so they are required by law to give you the information they need to qualify the claim. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can get this resolved quickly. This part is actually more difficult than having the surgery, so hang in there and post here often for the support you need. Most of us have had to go through the very thing you are experiencing right now and we survived and so can you. Cindy
  17. :omg: OMG, of course you can see a huge difference!!! You look great!!!! How much have you lost? You are doing really well, congratulations on a job well done. Cindy
  18. Kim I am so very sorry to hear of your devastation and disappointment. Is there any one else who you can go to for the surgery? He can't be the only game in town and you've already been through all of the preliminary testing and and it is all recent, so perhaps if you could find someone else in your area, they would accept the results from all that you have already done, so you are not faced with that expense again. It sounds as though you already have a fair amount of money prepared to pay him, that you now have to use with someone else. I know that I have seen several prices quoted on these boards for places in Texas, Alabama and I think Louisiana, any possiblity you could make arrangements with any of them? I understand your frustration and disappointment, but do not allow that to stop you from going for that dream, he's not worth that. What about Mexico? I know that's controversial, but there are a number of folks who have done it and things have been fine for them. At least it worth looking into. Keep us posted and again I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Just remember it doesn't have to be the end, you just have to fight a little more to get what you want. Cindy
  19. chichigirl

    I Guess I pushed things a bit.

    You also need to remember it's not just the food thing, the activity thing is a big consideration for you right now, you are still recovering from surgery and will be for a few weeks. It's really great that you are feeling better so quickly, but as you found out the hard way, that doesn't change the fact that you just underwent anesthesia and had people messing around with your insides. Your bodies chemistry is in the process of readjusting itself, so give it time and treat yourself gently. Think about how you would be treating a loved-one in your care if they had just been through what you have, then treat yourself accordingly. No super-hero stuff right now, put the cape aside for a few weeks, then when you do put it back on, only small building jumps to start off with. The most important thing we do for ourselves is taking care of ourselves as we would take care of those we love. Most of us forget to do that. Good luck, feel better, and have some patience, you will be back to running the world and around it before you know it. Cindy
  20. chichigirl

    Cottege Cheese...IDEAS!

    I like pureed fruit mixed in with my cottage cheese, which is not one of my favorite foods, but it's not so bad with the fruit, even something like applesauce or you could try jars of baby fruit, flavor of your choice. My mom even uses a little sweetener and some cinnamon for a different kind of taste. Once you are off mushies, you might even want to add the pureed fruit and something like grape-nuts, granoloa or any kind of nut that you like, I prefer walnuts myself. Just a thought. Good luck with your mushie phase. Cindy
  21. chichigirl

    An NSV - sort of

    Congrats on a wonderful accomplishment!!! From someone who is constantly trying to quit both smoking and overeating, I admire you and want to tell you that I believe that it's certainly possible to do both at the same time. It's not easy, but it never is, even if you just try doing one, quit smoking or dieting, so what's the difference if you try to do both. I personally say WTG and good for you. I wish you nothing but success in both arenas and hope to see you posting and bragging all the time. I need the kick in the backside and you may just have the boots to do it for me. Thanks for sharing. Cindy
  22. chichigirl

    Seriously Considering LapBand

    Welcome to the board, you have come to the right place not only for information but for support as well. It certainly sounds as though you are seriously ready to make a major change in your lifestyle, even if you do not opt to go with surgery. The band is a tool which assists with weight loss, it is not a majic bullet or miracle cure. You still have to do all of the work, it's just easier for most of us with the band. Having the band can help you with portion control. Use the search link above to research whatever you have questions about, like which insurance companies are approving, what they require, and even what to expect from the surgery and afterwards. There is an untold wealth of information on this site and it's sometimes contradictory in that everyone is different and we all respond different. Some folks have a higher pain threshold, some have more of a commitment and others are more motivated. There are a zillion different variables that will affect your decision, which is highly personal and only you can make it. I wish you the very best of luck in your research and please know, that you do not have to be banded to find support here. This is a group of very giving, informative and supportive people from all walks of life who are more than willing to help in any way we can. Take care, hope to see you around with all of your questions. Cindy
  23. chichigirl

    Memoirs of a Streatched Pouch...

    Sadly, there are probably more of us with a 'slightly' stretched pouch than not, many of them who are not even aware of it. I know mine is, was told definitivly following an upper GI over a year ago. We will always tend to push the limits, it's how we all got into this mess of obesity to begin with, IMHO. However, it doesn't mean it's the end of the road for weight loss or losing our bands. It should simply serve as a not-so-suttle warning to all of us that we can only push so far, before we end up causing ourselves more than we bargained for. The stretching of the pouch is just one of the major reasons we are told to not drink carbonated beverages, they cause expansion of the pouch as well. So, as sorry as I am to hear yet another person confirmed with a stretched pouch, I am glad to hear that it hasn't gotten to a point of no return for her and that she has so thoughtfully shared this info with all of us so we can learn from this unfortunate occurance. All of us should remember this the next time we go for seconds, thirds, whatever. It may go down and not cause a PB, but it may be stretching our pouch. Thanks for sharing Keri, hope you are able to return your pouch back to it's normal size. I would tend to think that this is exactly what we have all experienced when we have dieted before, you know how the first week is the roughest, until we shrink(?) our stomachs. Same thing, our stomachs were not the size they were prior to our poor overeating habits. We are still dealing with the same tissues here and we must take better care. Cindy
  24. chichigirl

    Doc Thinks I'm Nuts

    Of course you're nuts, aren't all of us????? What's that got to do with what you are experiencing???? Not to beat a dead horse to death :deadhorse: :deadhorse: :deadhorse: but, how many times have we read about this same exact thing happening to most of us??? Tell your doc he needs to start visiting the boards of the people he takes care of, perhaps then he can figure out that it's not, I repeat, not, a mental issue, other than the fact that it drives those of us who experience it crazy. Alexandra describes it the most scientifically, perhaps you should send your doc a copy of her reply, you know, educate the poor man. One thing for sure is, not eating as much earlier in the day, certainly does make us hungrier at night, duh, even if we aren't banded. Try to eat a higher Fiber late afternoon snack, that can at least help you feel fuller when it is din din time. Cindy
  25. chichigirl

    I'm Home :) PS Update - Long

    Congrats and thanks for letting us know how well things went for you. Looks like everyone here was pulling for you and it worked!!! I am most happy that you are okay and feeling good about things. It is so awesome and I hope you take the time to reflect on all that you have accomplished. You are so amazing and I couldn't be happier for you. Here's to sunshine and rainbows for you as you recover and morph into that beautiful woman you have always been. Cindy

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