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  1. Catcutie

    Return of periods.

    I'm 58 and had period 2 times within first six months of surgery. Now over a year and no more. Thank goodness.
  2. At 3 1/2 weeks I was just starting on soft foods - eating around 600-700 calories. I'm surprised you could eat the eggs and sausage and tolerate them. Were you hungry? Was this a one time occurance or can you consistently eat 1100 calories each day? On the positive side one can still lose weight at 1100 calories. But my main concern for you is that your stomach is In the very early stage of healing...I'm glad you will be talking with your NUT. Also now is the time to take every advantage of little to no appetite...it's a one time opportunity that will only last so long.
  3. Catcutie

    Weight loss on 6 mo diet

    My insurance had this same requirement. I was 245lbs and lost 16lbs in the 6 mo. I lost a few more lbs during the pre-op diet. Looking back I'm happy to have lost that weight prior to surgery as it was a big help towards getting the weight off. If I hadn't lost it I'd have only lost 30lbs to-date, but instead I've lost 51lbs! Good luck!
  4. My feet r shrinking too...wide to normal.
  5. Catcutie

    No more reflux?

    I too had hiatial hernia prior to surgery, with gerd. Stopped Prilosec 4 weeks after surgery with my doctors blessing to only take as needed. 7 weeks now and haven't needed it yet...
  6. Catcutie

    Surgery was a breeze but......

    Since your ears are hurting its possible its an ear infection. Get thee to a doctor! Hope you feel better soon.
  7. Catcutie

    How long did it take?

    I started my process May 26, 2014 and had surgery by December 29, 2014 - so seven months total.
  8. Thank you all for posting, it is reassuring. My surgery is Monday and have been bracing myself mentally for possible problems...they could happen, but it nice to think it will go really well also.

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