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  1. Jessica Radcliff

    May Sleevers, How much?

    How much have you all lost so far? I was sleeved 5/4 and am down 32.2 lbs. Anyone else?
  2. Jessica Radcliff

    5 months 13 days.

    I didn't really see any change in myself by looking in the mirror so I took these compare pics and I see it now. Now I am more excited and can't wait to lose more. Starting weight 220, day of surgery 215, this morning 155.2!
  3. Jessica Radcliff


    How did some of you get two of them? One that says how much you lost and one that says how much to go? Once i do the lost one it only gives me bmi, body fat and til surgery countdown
  4. Jessica Radcliff

    Wedding bands?

    I just got mine resized a month ago and it's already getting lose again. Thank heavens I get free resizing with warranty we got lol
  5. Jessica Radcliff

    Concerned about memory loss

    My dr said its the brain detoxing off all the bad food and sugars we are before and that it'll slowly start working as it gets use to new food intake levels
  6. 5 months and 13 days. Starting weight 220. Day of surgery 215. This morning 155.2:)
  7. Jessica Radcliff

    Question for the ladies.

    Have any of you gotten breast lifts after all this weight loss and was it covered by insurance?
  8. Swimsuit shopping Being able to shop in regular size section Not being sweaty all the time because I'm overweight Now it's all of you guy's turn, continue this post:) Lets have a POSITIVE Mom's day:)
  9. Jessica Radcliff

    Mirena question

    Anyone that has the Mirena insert have bleeding or issues after weight loss surgery? Any ideas ?
  10. Jessica Radcliff


    What are all of your doctors saying your daily intake should be?
  11. Jessica Radcliff


    Has anyone venture into drinking something carbonated? Not sodas but maybe fizzy water?? Im debating trying it since it will help with water intake but still satisfy my craving for bubbles. What have you all experienced?
  12. http://jessicasvsgjourney.blogspot.com/2015/07/things-we-look-forward-to.html Thought you guys might enjoy this post
  13. Jessica Radcliff


    I'm not wanting soda. Just carbonated flavored water
  14. So I have to admit, i havent written in my blog for a bit. BUT it is because i cant think of topics!!! So thats where I need help. My blog is at http://jessicasvsgjourney.blogspot.com/ if you could please give me ideas for TOPICS to cover, things that if you were a reader or follower that you would love to see if would be VERY GREATFUL!!!! Thanks in advance!
  15. Jessica Radcliff

    May Sleevers, How much?

    That def helps with the weight loss Hope your doing better
  16. Jessica Radcliff

    Summer food ideas needed

    Writing up my next blog post and need idea on your favorite low cal sleever friendly foods and deserts. Can't wait to hear your ideas!
  17. Seen the after pics and think "I'll never get there". I know I'm only a month out but I see the pics and just worry that I will never get to be skinny again. That I'll never get down to my goal weight or lose the flab on my arms thighs and stomach. am I alone in this?
  18. If you want, I have a blog following my surgery journey as well as tips and info I learn and gather along the way. Head over and follow. Any comments would be great! http://jessicasvsgjourney.blogspot.com/
  19. Jessica Radcliff

    Work out plans?

    I finally am cleared to work out/exercise. What do you all do during your work outs so I have an idea
  20. Jessica Radcliff

    For any new sleevers on here

    Yes I think a banana would be fine. Just don't over do it with fruits as some tend to be high in sugars. Hope all goes well. Keep me posted:)
  21. Jessica Radcliff

    May 4th Sleevers?

    Just wondering how all of you are doing? I'm still batteling a bit with the hunger. My NUT says 3 meals no grazing but i find that if i do that I end up really hungry and then sometimes eating too fast when it comes to the meals. Any one else out there in the same boat? I go see my doctor on thursday so maybe he will give the go ahead of healthy snacking. Other than that scars doing good and down 29 lbs however I seem to be at the infamous stall... Also, does anyone feel like their brain just isnt working back up to its normal presurgery thinking power? I still feel like my brain is slower these days
  22. Jessica Radcliff

    May 4th Sleevers?

    Go to http://jessicasvsgjourney.blogspot.com
  23. Jessica Radcliff

    May 4th Sleevers?

    LOL i did a bit of research on the whole brain thing and posted what i found on my blog if ya wanna read it. Apparently we need to supplement some things we lose when we have surgery.
  24. Jessica Radcliff

    Someone please answer!

    I have seen that not everyone, myself included loses the hungry feeling. I still feel hungry a lot even eating my meals and following my plan. Be it head hunger or the chemicals in the stomach still exist, its still possible to be hungry in between meals.
  25. Jessica Radcliff

    What rule(s) do you let yourself break?

    How are you with the alcohol? My brother's wedding is at the end of this month and while Im not going for tipsy or drunk i'd like to share a toast with them.