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  1. My suregon said if you have a good suregon, it's not necessary to do weeks worth of liquid dieting before the surgery to shrink your liver. The skill is what is necessary.
  2. Mine will only be the day before surgery.
  3. sheri3376

    tail bone pain

    I have not had the surgery yet, but am a member of 2 bypass support groups on fb. In both of them other members have complained about the same issue. I think it's safe to say it is normal and does subside at some point.
  4. sheri3376

    Anthem Blue Cross of California- All about it

    Thank you! That's awesome congratulations! !! How are you doing so far?
  5. sheri3376

    Anthem Blue Cross of California- All about it

    I have the same plan . How much did your out of pocket expense end up being?
  6. sheri3376

    No clue where to start?

    I would call your insurance to make sure it is not an exclusion. Not all insurances cover it.
  7. sheri3376

    Dealing with Naysayers...

    It is selfish in a, way for us to make this decision. We are doing what is best for us. For our futures. You need to be selfish right now. It is your body, and this is your time to take care of you. There is nothing wrong with thst. I think people confuse self preservation with selfishness. People will think what they will. This is for you. You are the only opinon that matters.
  8. sheri3376

    Central Valley, California?

    Not much as, far as I can tell. It doesn't start until jan. I have to do a psychological eval, endoscopy, document my weight loss efforts over the years and a bmi over 40. I checked my providers it looks like only clovis community and St Agnes are covered. Dr higas office said blue cross ca was in network so I'm waiting for them to call me back.
  9. sheri3376

    Central Valley, California?

    Good luck!! That's a great way to start the new year.
  10. sheri3376

    Central Valley, California?

    I went to my seminar last night, it was great. I took my sister in law who is a great candidate for the surgery as and she decided to go for it!!. The doctor who lead the seminar talked about the risks and it made me feel better to know that it is less dangerous than gallbladder surgery. Did they require a percentage of weight loss before surgery? Are you wanting surgery in Dec or jan?
  11. sheri3376

    Central Valley, California?

    Wow that was, really quick. I'm so excited for you. I'm so afraid of not waking up from surgery. I have a,7 mo old, it terrifies me.
  12. sheri3376

    Central Valley, California?

    My sister in law brother in law both had Higa as, well. I have my seminar tonight. I hope you get it all done before Christmas that would be so awesome. I struggle not think I g about it all t g e time. I'm excited, nervous scared. I would really like to have a date by March. How long have you been working on this?
  13. sheri3376

    Central Valley, California?

    Me too! I'm hoping to have Dr Higa. I go to my seminar tomorrow. My insurance starts in Jan. Anthem blue sheild Ca. I'm hopi g I don't have any issues with them.
  14. sheri3376

    Central Valley, California?

    I'm in Fresno too!