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  1. mcplu28


    I don’t know. I have a hard time now though, main reason I’m terrified of getting this done. I don’t need anymore headaches down there lol.
  2. mcplu28


    Haven’t been able to talk to my surgeon... he’s been busy..... Just wondering if it was possible that I could be able to take Senokot S day after surgery?
  3. mcplu28


    How hard was it for you to get in your liquids the day after surgery?
  4. mcplu28


    Did you try miralax at all?
  5. mcplu28


    Thank you all for replying! Where can I find this smooth move tea? Sounds better than constantly taking stool softeners. You can take magnesium gel tabs after having the surgery?
  6. mcplu28


    Thank you both for commenting. I am gonna talk to my surgeon asap. I was just stressed out and worried. You both helped me calm down a little with telling me that I can take a softener right after surgery! Thanks again!!
  7. Hello Everyone, My surgery date is Nov 13, I worked so hard to obtain this date. I am afraid I may back out of surgery. We are going to get real personal here lol. I suffer from hemorrhoids and an occasional anal fissure that tears about once a month. So basically I have a hard time passing regular stools. I keep seeing people talk about constipation after surgery. I can’t handle that, not at all. I take stool softeners daily in a pill. Most days it hurts passing soft stools. My doctor told me I can start my liquid diet early to help lose some extra weight. I did. I also got extremely constipated. Literally had to go to the ER for help. If this is how it’s gonna be after surgery I don’t know if I can do it. Let’s say One day after surgery could I actually crush my stool softeners to help me? I just want to break down and cry. Sorry for whining here but man my life depends on this surgery and I can’t handle knowing that I might have to go through what I just went through.. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Casey.
  8. I have my surgery date, it’s Nov 13. I hope I have the same results as you!
  9. Russ Sir, outstanding! Way to go man!
  10. mcplu28

    Insurance Approved.

    Oh boy sounds like fun [emoji52]
  11. mcplu28

    Insurance Approved.

    Forgot to ask my question, how was your pain level after surgery?
  12. Oh man, I just got the call that my insurance has approved my surgery!!! Woot woot. I haven’t been nervous at all until now.
  13. mcplu28

    Last Nutrition Consult

    Is it really hard to just keep sipping lol my NUT told me that I have to sip water and protein shakes all day. I work in refineries there is no way I can sip all day like that. I mean 75% time I'm welding and they require a half face respirator to be worn if you're welding or working near someone welding. So basically I'm always wearing one.
  14. I just had my last nutrition consult today. So this is it, just gotta send info for the approval! I'm getting super nervous lol. Any advice that you might want to share about your experiences?
  15. Thank you!!! [emoji41][emoji106]