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  1. I'd just call the dr that prescribed them. I know the Zoloft can be crushed, not sure on the other two. Actually, you can just ask your pharmacist and then call the dr and ask for an Rx for the liquid, if there is one.
  2. anneeo

    December Sleevers?

    Where in Houston? I'm NW, Willowbrook/Champions area.
  3. anneeo


    I just got my samples of Bari-melts. I really like just letting them sit and dissolve in my mouth and they all taste pretty good. However, my Dr's office sells Celebrate vitamins. After comparing ingredients, the Celebrate ones do have significantly higher levels of most vitamins and minerals. However, after doing a little research online, the Bari-melts seem to comply with all of the bariatric recommendations. The costs of the two different companies are not that different. I'll ask my dr at my pre-op visit next week. I'm sure he'll recommend the ones he sells but I'll be interested to know why he favors going so much over the US RDA.
  4. anneeo

    Need private insurance advice

    I have BCBS of Texas, thru a small group policy and it specifically excludes any coverage for WLS or complications. I've never found an individual policy that will cover it. Our State pool plan did a few years back but they eliminated the coverage before I could apply. Generally, I think your best bet is being on a group health policy - 50 or more employees, not a small group plan. After ten years of talking and thinking about it, I'm finally going ahead with self pay. Wishing you all the best.
  5. I just saw my psychiatrist a couple of days ago. He said everything I take can be crushed except my Wellbutrin, which has been extended release. He gave me a Rx for the regular kind so I'll have to start taking it 3 times a day instead of once. Hopefully, I can remember to keep on schedule with that. I think they also make a liquid but, I opted to stay with tablets. I'm guessing I may go 24 hours or so without because of restrictions immediately before and after surgery but, that's it.
  6. anneeo

    What to take and day of?

    I plan on taking Gas-X strips as well. I've heard from others that they really help. Also, if you take your own pillow, make sure you don't have a white pillowcase; otherwise it will be much more likely to get left behind.
  7. anneeo

    December Sleevers?

    I'm in Houston - surgery Dec 16th.
  8. @@bams1220 I'm on Arthrotec for my arthritis. I've been off of it 5 days now. They wanted me off my pain meds, Tramadol, for some reason, too. Apparently, it's on the anesthesiologists list of meds not to take pre-op. When I asked the Dr's office about it yesterday she asked if I thought I could do without 7 days prior to surgery, so I agreed to that.
  9. anneeo

    surgery date

    Mine just got moved up from the 17th to the 16th. I'm nervously excited.
  10. 17th for me, as well. My dr just requires a 3 day pre-op diet.
  11. anneeo

    Surgery with a leg cast !?

    FWIW I have to be off any anti inflammatory meds for 4 weeks prior and after my surgery because they could interfere with clotting. You certainly don't want to inhibit clotting before your surgery and I would think it would be risky afterwards if you had any complications. As eager as you are to begin your journey and avoid additional deductibles, my suggestion would be to wait. You know the old saying - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Best of luck with whatever road you choose!
  12. anneeo

    Should I get the sleeve

    I've heard leaks occur in about 1 of every 100 - so 1% chance. FWIW, the sleeve was developed as a safer interim option for the very morbidly obese. It was seen as a way to get the weight down to a point where the bypass was less risky and then they would revise to the bypass. However, they had so much success with it on its own, that it has become a popular stand alone option. I've been pretty healthy and it's been easy to deny that my weight has affected my health. However, my knees have taken a beating and I now need a total knee replacement. My surgery is scheduled for the 17th. I can't give you any advise from "the other side" yet but, I would strongly suggest you consider it. Regardless of any health problems the weight may or may not present, what you will gain in quality of life will be priceless. I'm sure it will not be a easy road but, I sure haven't been having it that easy anyway. I'm looking forward to reclaiming the life that I've been sitting on the sidelines looking as it marches on without me. Best of luck with whatever you do!
  13. anneeo


    I think it's probably good to have less time to stress before surgery. Best of luck and looking forward to a post op update. A new world awaits you!
  14. anneeo


    From what I've read, I plan on taking my phone and charger, slippers, roomy comfy clothes for going home in, Gas X strips, Burt Bees extra moisturizing lip balm, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, my reg meds and my own pillow for sleeping and for padding on the drive home. If possible, use a dark or brightly colored pillowcase so you don't forget and leave it behind.
  15. anneeo

    OVER 300 lbs

    I don't know what my highest weight has been but, it's been under 400. My internist doesn't have a digital scale and I don't trust his, seems like I'm always at least 10 pounds lighter on other scales. At consult I was 370 and a week and a half later at appt with dietician, I was 369. Haven't weighed since. I am 6" tall and was probably about 185-190 when I got married 30 years ago. Within about 8 years I was up to 280. Then my sister got married, I was matron of honor and mortified of all those pix of me and my skinny minny sister. I dropped 80 pounds in about six months. Of course, after the wedding my motivation tanked and right back up the scale I went. I've yo-yo'd a bit but, obviously, I've done good job of gaining. My orthopedist said I should be down to about 250 before doing a knee replacement. So obviously, that's a big goal. My ideal weight would probably be around 180, the weight I thought was so fat back in high school. Realistically though, I'll be happy if I can maintain 225 or less, long term. I want my mobility back more than anything. I do wonder why someone would opt for a sleeve and not a lap band if they "only" had 40 pounds or so to loose but, depending on other health factors, I can see how that might make more sense. I don't have any ill will towards them at all and certainly wish them the best of luck. However, part of me can't help but think "ah, the lightweights". But yes, I do get kinda crabby when people whine about how horribly fat and unattractive they feel with an extra 10-20 pounds on them. Well, mainly if they do it in front of me. Do they not realize how badly I would love to just be 30 pounds overweight? I basically want to try and lose the weight of my 6'3" 17 yr old son! Try putting him on your back and running to the grocery store or climbing the stairs and then we can talk. Of course, we all do have different issues and a wouldn't begrudge anyone from wanting to be fit and healthy it just really hurts sometimes when they say something and I'm thinking "holy cow! What must they think of me?"
  16. anneeo

    Why is my Pre-op diet so long?

    I'm a little concerned my doc only requires a 3 day pre-op so I may start mine a little earlier. I'd be sick if they went in and said they couldn't do it laparoscopically because of a big old fatty liver.
  17. Dec 17th here. My dr's pre op diet is 3 days of 2 protein shakes and one healthy meal.
  18. Luckily my dr only requires a 3 day pre-op diet of two protein shakes and one healthy meal a day. I think a week a head thought I'll at least be subbing a shake for one meal.
  19. I quite working earlier this year but, I worked for/with hubby and 3 other women. They all know I've been talking about it for years and they all know. I'll tell anyone that asks. Judge if they want but I'm making a bold move to improve my quality of life.
  20. December 17th here. Originally was scheduled for the 4th but had to postpone in order to be off on my anti inflammatory meds for arthritis for 4 weeks prior. My left knee is bone on bone and needs a replacement but, can't do til I lose weight. I got a steroid shot to help deal with the pain until I can get back on my meds. I kind of doubt how supportive my parents would have been but, they both passed this last year. My sister has been trying to talk me into postponing it, worried about the surgery - she once worked for a law firm that was representing the family of a girl that went to the hospital to be completely put under to get her wisdom teeth out. Thought being in the hospital was the safest. Anesthesiologist screwed up and she died. So my sister is worried about any surgery, especially if it's elective. I've tried to assure her I've researched the options, the hospital and the doctor. I've been thinking about this for about 10 years. Hubby, has been losing weight they dieting, which he's done a couple of times before. He's lost probably 35-40 pounds and is looking good. Think he hopes to lose another 10 or 15. He probably will, but will probably put it all back on within a couple of years. He's been resistant to my surgery over the years. He's made comments about how I haven't really TRIED to lose weight and just two days ago he said something about him losing weight the "right way" and me taking the easy way out. He was stressed out, mad and venting. Anyway, I think he's accepted that this is the best way for me and will be supportive. My kids 17 and 14 haven't said much. I think they may be a little worried but will be happy to have me be a more active participant in their lives. I wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving. I was a bit bummed to have to push the date back to the 17th though. I'm hoping I can at least have some strained cream veggie Soup for Christmas. It will be a little more subdued Christmas anyway since this will the first Christmas without both of my parents. I went to Quest nutrition's website and ordered a sampler pack of their Protein bars and samples of their spaghetti and fettuccine. I'm still trying to research the Protein shakes - which taste best and which I want to try first. Any suggestions? Happy to get my journey started and to share it with you.
  21. My surgery is scheduled for Dec 17 so I'm hoping I'll at least get some strained cream Soup in addition to my Clear liquids for Christmas. Thanksgiving will be our first big holiday without both parents. Mom passed Nov 29, 2013, Black Friday and Dad passed in late April. We have reservations at an upscale restaurant for all three of us "kids" and our families. I'll try to eat only until I'm full and watch the carbs and fats. But, honestly, I'm not gonna worry too much about it. I'm gonna focus on enjoying family time and sweet memories of Mom and Dad. Since this is just the beginning of my journey, I'm just worried about following drs orders and being healthy - whatever weight comes off will be great.
  22. anneeo

    When Do You Exercise?

    Doing the grocery shopping is about all the exercise I can handle right now. My left knee is bone on bone and I'm off of my arthritis med's for 4 weeks prior to surgery and 4 weeks post surgery. I do try and get in the pool from time to time, weather permitting, and swim a few laps. I hope to start getting some regular exercise in probably after I get my anti inflammatory arthritis meds back and have dropped 25-30 pounds. I'll just have to see how it goes. Hubby belongs to a gym so hopefully it won't be too long before I'm brave enough to go with him.
  23. anneeo

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    Just came across this thread. Mine is my nickname, my first nickname of Annee and then added the O when I got married and my new last name started with an O. AnneeO was born. Usually I'm hockey mom, txhockeymom, goaliemom, tendymom - something along those lines. My son is a hockey goalie and our family loves hockey.
  24. anneeo

    Fast forward to post-op.....

    I just want to not dread going shopping, especially grocery shopping, it wears me out and I'm drenched in sweat by check out. I also want to be able to not worry about the seat height, width or sturdiness of any where I sit down. Would love to go to a concert or travel and not worry about how much walking I have to do. I just want the simple things most people take for granted. And I also need to get the weight off of my left knee that is bone on bone and needs a replacement. Oh, and I'd like more energy. There have been times when I've just wanted to crawl into bed and stay there til I die. I want to look forward to getting up and having plans I look forward to, not chores I have to do.
  25. anneeo

    Bariatric Vitamins and Nausea

    My dr's office said to not take the Celebrate Vitamin all at once. I could break it up and eat pieces throughout the day. I was also told that the normal calcium chocolate chews are not the right kind of calcium for bariatric patients.