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  1. antigone40

    Surprised at how fat I am

    Here's the deal. This body dysmorphia hasn't stopped for me. I would look at pictures of myself when I was bigger and blame the camera, the angle, the photographer. I didn't notice then that all the pictures I posted of myself online were from the chin up. In fact, I cut off my double chin, my shoulders, etc., anything that would let people in on the secret of how big I was. Now, 145 pounds lighter and a size 14, I look at pictures of myself and think "who the f--- is that!?" I wonder now why I look so thin. It's crazy that my mind still hasn't caught up with my body. Sometimes I feel that people are growing around me while I'm staying the same size. When did I get a thigh gap, for christ's sake. The camera isn't lying to you and it's not lying to me. Best wishes to getting to the other side of it in due time.
  2. antigone40

    Before and After Pics

    I'm 9 months out and feeling amazing. I'm quickly becoming a WLS advocate! 1. Protein First 2. Drink your Water 3. Have I exercised 3 times this week?
  3. I'm in Onederland! 7 months out.

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    2. OKCPirate


      Congrats that's great

    3. katladee


      You look AMAZING!!!!! So happy for you to hit this big milestone in 7 months! You encourage me to try for the same results because now I know it's obtainable! Proud of you and what you have accomplished! Keep it up!

    4. Djmohr


      Way to go! Congratulations!

  4. How cool it is to say this: I've lost a hundred pounds!

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    2. ProudGrammy


      very cool!! you made it through that long nasty stall- keep up the good work-

      congrats - kathy

    3. jane13


      that's SUPER COOL!!!!!

    4. antigone40


      Thanks everybody! It's so hard to believe, but I love it. The surgery has given me my life back; it's the best feeling.

  5. I'm 10 weeks out and down 3 sizes.
  6. antigone40

    avoiding temptation when...

    Temptation isn't what it once was at all. It's weird, you just learn quickly that you've got only a tiny bit of real estate in your stomach and that you want to fill it with Protein or Fiber so you don't lose muscle mass or pass out. Eating to live becomes a real thing fast. It was easier than I expected because your cravings change. For the first couple weeks after surgery, I was highly aware of my limited capacity and my brain caught on quickly. I walked past things I couldn't have before, and still do, and it's not me being strong as much as knowing --really knowing, without a doubt-- those things will make me feel bad.
  7. antigone40


    Pics before surgery.
  8. antigone40

    Pre-approval stuff

    Like @@jss1988 said, I had a pretest to take before meeting with the psychologist (basic psychological stuff, self-worth, family history). Then when I met with him, he warned me about some of the issues that can arise as we start to lose weight, i.e., you'll be getting more attention, how to deal with that,, also he warned that victims of sexual abuse may struggle with certain weights if the abuse occurred when you weighed a certain amount, there may be memories that you have to deal with along the way. He asked about my support network, warned that some WLS patients will look to replace food addiction with alcohol, answered my questions, and sent me on my way. It was pretty painless: mostly an informative meeting.
  9. I'm finally done being stuck. Scale number changed after two agonizing weeks. Onward!

    1. lealor


      what did you do to unstuck it?

    2. antigone40


      I cursed it! No, I think I mostly just waited it out. I continued to keep my calories and carbs low and kept exercising. Science is on my side.

  10. I'm finally done being stuck. Scale number changed after two agonizing weeks. Onward!

  11. antigone40

    Where is everyone from?

    Flagstaff, Arizona
  12. antigone40

    At Last!

    @@leag78 The really cool thing is we don't have to go back! Bye 300, you're not welcome anymore!. Way to go!
  13. Yep, they're gonna shrink. I'm down 2 bra sizes, and one cup size, in 5 weeks!
  14. I'm glad you've maintained a "friendship" with food. I'm realizing now how it is a tough relationship to redefine. Thanks for sharing!