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  1. I've slipped the idea of surgery around my husband a few times a month for the last 8 months... he's strongly considering it for next March. It's whatever to me though -I just want him to be happy and healthy.
  2. If you are taking Latuda, be aware that the sleeve will alter your ability to eat that 350 calorie meal and therefore may knock your meds off balance.. otherwise, best of luck. My only regret is that I didn't get it sooner.
  3. scstxrn

    What a terrible food day!

    Make sure you are taking your vitamins! Deficiencies cause cravings for really unhealthy stuff, too. And 8 months out - sometimes that one day of 1000+ calories is followed by a 3 or 4 pound loss for me.
  4. scstxrn

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Yes. Prior to surgery, Rocker Bottom shoes (like the skechers, but they're not the only ones) + Ibuprofen more than once per day. Post surgery (and 100# weight loss), I can wear whatever shoes I want. There are still mornings my feet hurt when I hit the floor, but if I wear the splints at night, they don't. ETA: I've gone from a 9.5 W to a 7.5 W or an 8 M
  5. 1. Trouble wiping - must loose weight! 2. Coworker had sleeve - very successful. 3. Research, research, research on physiological and psychological effect of sleeve on my children vs. overweight mom. 4. My body hurt. 5. I had lost over 200 pounds, total, and gained 250, total... I wanted a more permanent solution, and the research indicated the sleeve was it.
  6. For me, with liquids, 'full' was a non issue. I was tired of sipping before I felt 'full', and I just sipped when I felt like it. The weight fell off. You just can't get enough calories from liquid - unless it's milkshakes or liquid butter - to avoid losing weight those first couple of weeks. On yogurt type stuff, it was half a container - about 3 oz. Full was a slightly nauseous feeling that didn't continue into pain. I measured when I felt that feeling - and ate one less bite after that. If I was still hungry at that point, I ate the extra bite. With real food - for me - it was five child size bites. I ate 7 the first couple of times, and I was sick both times. So I cut back to 6 - had the nauseous feeling - cut back to five - no problem. Now, I eat about 9 bites, but I cut my food small, I chew it into submission, and I put my silverware down between bites. I eat the first five bites without really paying attention to sleevie, then I listen after each additional bite. If she starts to get pre-nauseous, I don't eat any more.
  7. scstxrn

    Woman question!

    Yes. All of me is now back down to the size I was as a college freshman, including my now floppy 38 G boobs that were, at my biggest, 48 DD. It is my intent to have them lifted and possibly plumped up after weight is stabilized.
  8. I've kind of skipped through this thread - but wanted to share some of the things I don't miss about being bigger... 1. I don't have to wonder if a chair will hold me. 2. I can sit anywhere in a restaurant. 3. I can shop in just about any store (size 16.. a few stores don't carry that). 4. I can wear more stylish shoes, even after MS diagnosis, because my feet don't hurt. 5. I'm rarely hot, and even when I am, 6. I don't sweat 1/10th as much. Things I do miss: 1. I've lost my butt padding. Sitting gets very uncomfortable, very fast. 2. I have to shop for clothes, both because I am no longer what size I am and because stretchy and elastic covers many more sizes than buttons and zippers... and because I have the capability to 'look cute' so I feel compelled to put the effort in.
  9. scstxrn

    Loose skin anybody?

    I am 35. I've lost 130 lbs; I'm 5'6. I have enough loose skin on my upper thighs that I wear a skirted swim suit. I have lose skin and still a lot of fat on my stomach and my upper arms are developing that 'bat wing' deformity crap. My face is looking pretty good, though. I have 70 pounds left to lose.
  10. scstxrn

    My doctor has me thinking!

    I concur with Joatsaint. You have to be mentally ready or the surgery seems to come with hell for side effects. It is uncomfortable to eat off plan, but not impossible. I can still stuff myself - and depending on if it's one bite or five determines if I'm uncomfortably stretching out my sleeve or puking. Regardless, you have to be in the right headspace to make it work, and to avoid being miserable with it. I also dealt with more fatigue the first couple of weeks after surgery than I had before. My clothes fit weird - loose skin in my stomach area keeps pants from fitting my rear end unless I want the belly skin hanging over the side (I don't)... so I wear a lot of dresses. My cpap is gone, but there are people who still need it post surgery. Comfort food is no longer comforting or comfortable. I'd do it again tomorrow.
  11. I am at the same size, so nothing to send - but if you have a Goodwill, you might check their color specials. Each week, a different color barb is $1 per item. I go through and get what I like that is my size and smaller, sorting the smaller in my closet as I progress.
  12. @ Stuart85, It is all in where you live (and buy your insurance). It wasn't covered on my policy, either.. I saw dr. Ponce de leon in Tijuana Mexico and financed the 5k for my surgery and travel. I'm paying it off at 300 a month for two years, and if it weren't for all the extra shopping I'm having to do 'cause my clothes won't shrink, I'd be saving enough on my food bill to cover it.
  13. scstxrn

    Don't hate me

    Stretchy dresses are easy to hem and forgive 20 pounds of loss... and I hesitate to suggest that any grown woman shop girls clothing, but the fact is some of those styles are much more mature than you'd think and many of the jeans are identical - but shorter and priced a helluvalot cheaper.
  14. Thank you for the brief, smart reminder.
  15. scstxrn