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  1. Hey! I'll be back soon. Dealing with a few real life issues.
  2. BLERDgirl

    Will I eat good foods again?

    Everyone is different. Some do and some don't. I can eat spicy foods with no issues.
  3. BLERDgirl

    Fat Acceptance Movement - how do you feel?

    I'm not into fat acceptance. I am into body acceptance. I think there's a difference. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in there own skin. That's the end point for me. I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on the internet. I am a fat gal who has experienced doctor's ignoring underlying health issues as a result of my weight. What I do know for certain is that loving myself as a fat gal helped me decide to change my eating habits, exercise and eventually seek WLS.
  4. My personal experience with many nutritionist is that they often over simplify their explanations. As this thread has evidence the full explanation is likely closer to something along the lines of WLS having it's biggest impact on weight loss in the first year. The rest is up to the individual.
  5. Exactly how much food do you have to eat? Are we talking a glass of milk and some string cheese?
  6. BLERDgirl

    How Often Do You Actually Cook?

    I'm not much of a recipe person. I have followed a few off pinterest, but mostly I just think Protein (bean, whole grins, TVP) + binder (egg whites, baked potatoes, tofu) + any veg & seasonings I like. Some come out really good like my sweet potato and black bean burgers. (Here's an easy recipe.) Some fall apart. If they fall a part I save the ingredients and make fritters with them in the waffle maker. Just make a savory batter and dump the ingredients in. For me cooking is fun. I don't stress about making things too perfect. Thankfully I learned basics from my grandmother.
  7. BLERDgirl

    Dumb bells vs Kettle bells

    I have both, but use them differently. Dumbbells I will do while sitting. We also use them in my silver sneakers class. Kettlballs I do while standing. Especially for the swing through your legs moves. I bought a set that came with 3 & 5 lb kettleballs. It also had a workout DVD and I do those workouts at home. I find dumbbells easier to grasp, whereas with kettleballs I have to think more about my grasp. I don't want to grip them awkwardly and put stress on my wrist. Benefit wise I think because of the workouts I do with the them the kettleballs help more with my core, but dumbbells help with upper body strengthening.
  8. I'd add some snacks with healthy fats in it to that mix. I find that helps me stave off hunger a lot easier. cheese stick, single serving packs of nuts (pistachios, almonds or cashews are my fav), even a hard boiled egg. That tiny bit of fat goes a long way towards helping me fill satisfied. That's the point. You have to learn new habits and change your relationship with food. That's the biggest tool you have against regaining.
  9. BLERDgirl

    Getting butterflies

    We have plenty of fat reserves, we will not pass out from lack of food. The biggest issue is actually fluids. If you aren't a Water drinker, start practicing now. Being put under really isn't that bad. Personally speaking that propofol sleep is some of the best sleeping I ever had! Here's a helpful post.
  10. BLERDgirl

    400+ pounds?

    You called? 15 months out, no pre-op diet, 116 lbs down and still losing. It's hard work but it's happening.
  11. BLERDgirl

    Having some major anxiety

    Yes, I made my list and checked things off as I went along. Day of surgery I said a quick prayer and was good to go.
  12. Do you have a nutritionist? I agree with @@Babbs - the processed carbs create a vicious cycle of addiction and cravings. Fruit is good, but needs to be in moderation as well. Even now I limit myself to half an apple or orange a day. The only exception I make is watermelon in the summer. Otherwise I have no more than 1 serving of fruit a day. Unless you're an athlete or working out super hard, your work burn all that fruit off. There's also the mental work. Once you hit that one year mark, it's easy to let old habits slip back in. If you are one of those who don't get sick from food, there's no restriction to stop you from nibbling or overeating. I still do not allow any food I would binge on in the house. I tossed holiday foods as soon as possible. I still keep a food diary and every few months I reevaluate my activity/exercise level and eating habits. It keeps me honest.
  13. BLERDgirl

    Can I reach my goal with the sleeve?

    That's a conversation for you and your nutritionist. I did 800ish calories until month 8/9. At that point I was working out 4 -6 days a week and needed to increase my calories. I currently eat about 1,000- 1,100. (15 mths post op)
  14. @@Scottyd1264 - Did you check in with the doctor? What was the result?
  15. @@Scottyd1264 - Were you on BP meds prior to surgery? Are you getting in all your Water? Protein? All of these things could contribute to light headedness/dizziness. Call the doctor in the morning.
  16. BLERDgirl

    Having second thoughts

    I don't think I have ever said this to someone before but, dump him girl! You can do bad all by yourself. Someone who not only expects you to be molly the maid post surgery, but also gives you the ultimatum to leave the house if that's too much is not the man for you.
  17. BLERDgirl

    Scared because I cheated

    You've gotten really good advice so I won't add to that. I do want to comment on your language in that post because it gives a bit of insight into your thinking. Words like "cheated" "failed" came up frequently. It's negative language that I try to avoid because for me it was how I thought when I would diet over and over again. When I decided I wanted better health, I was looking to change my lifestyle. That meant, how I eat, how I think about food and how I exercise as part of that life. The reintroducing food stages aren't forever. What is forever is how you plan to eat going forward. "cheating" on you diet implies sneaking and doing something bad. You want to be able to live and plan Snacks and indulgences. For now just plan and think about how to follow your program from this day forward. Stop treating yourself like a naughty child that needs to be scolded into doing the right thing. You can do this!
  18. When banded the food gets stuck and causes excess mucus therefor causing it to slime. For sleevers it often comes from eating too fast and the food displaces the saliva/mucus in your tummy and comes back up like slimy foam. It's unpleasant but as long as you eat slowly it shouldn't happen. In the early stages post-op some sleevers forget to eat super slow and have an issue with it. I have never been banded. Sleeve is my only WLS.
  19. BLERDgirl


    I wasn't scared for one second. I had done my research/homework. I trusted my doctor's and I had followed all my pre-op instructions to the T. I was pretty calm going in. The day of surgery, I got up, said a prayer and just let go. Going under isn't bad. After you are hooked up to the IV they start the anesthesia and you just sleep. Post-op also wasn't bad for me. I was more sore than in actual pain. Just go slow. The hospital staff is there to help you, so let them.
  20. BLERDgirl

    Just a little brag..

    Celebrate! I used to be a major concert junkie so I know the thrill. I passed on Adele because there are several Broadway shows I want to see this year and since I'm retired I can't do both. Have fun!
  21. BLERDgirl

    Pre op liquid ... Cheat meal

    You need a cheat meal or you want one?
  22. If you eat too fast you can slime with the sleeve. I experienced it exactly once. I was out to dinner about 4 mths post - op and was talking so much I forgot to eat slower. That one time was all the reminder I needed. Currently 14mths out and no issues with eating. Not sure what PB means.
  23. @@TodayItEnds - Happy to hear all is well!
  24. BLERDgirl

    Frustration and anger

    I was the polar opposite. I lived life. I dressed fashionably and had fun. I also took no crap from anyone so I rarely got comments like that. Thankfully the people in my life never dared speak to me like that. You need friends who love you no matter what size you are.
  25. BLERDgirl

    NSV - Shopping at a Regular Store

    I bought a sweatshirt to see Star Wars this past weekend from Kmart. A year ago I would have paid 3 times the price at torrid or someplace. Even though I knew the size said it should fit, it looked small to me. I it on and was supersized that it fit.

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