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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Thanks for responding, Alex. I have some more investigating to do!
  2. hamitchell

    Running runners who run pre surgery

    Rovo, that's great. It took me close to 2 years to get to that pace. It sure is nice to have some weight off and feel "strong" when I run instead of winded and nauseous! Recycled, Don't you actually feel like you want to exercise instead of dreading it for a change? It is good for us sleevers but also somethimg engaging that you want to do. I get lazy like anybody else, but I have the feeling I want the exercise because of how much better I feel afterward. I didn't have as many of those feelings pre-op.
  3. I could find few posts on this as i tried to plan my post surgery running program, so i thought i wd post. I was low fat bmi of 31.5 and could do 5k but no more, 9:30 min pace, left knee pain and tiredness. Still, not too winded for my fatness. Post surgery, i waited 1 month to start back running. First several runs, i took it easy worried about stomach and energy etc., but felt pretty good with 30 lbs less to carry. Within two weeks i was as fast as my pre surgery 5k time, with more energy and feeling better, only limit was some restriction in breathing "from the stomach" area. That cleared up by second to third week. Since then, i am now running 8k, 5 miles! Feel great, and running it at 9 min. Mile. I run 5 mi one a week, and at least 3 mi twice a week. Now i need to do 2 days wk weights, but i have a rotator cuff issue, so will be cautious and no lifting above shoulders. Still, for 52 years old, doing good. Last time I ran 5 miles was over 20 years ago.
  4. hamitchell

    Nicaragua Cirugia?

    I am 52, so just goes to prove anyone can get good results with this surgery, although I was on the low side on BMI. I got some exercise a year or so pre-surgery which helped, but it doesn't have to be more than walking or walk-running.
  5. hamitchell

    Alcohol effects after sleeve

    The poster should consult his physician about this since it is contraindicated for this surgery and could lead to complications, as well as transfer addiction. Referral possibly for further evaluation with psychiatrist may be helpful.

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