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  1. Thanks for responding, Alex. I have some more investigating to do!
  2. We have a few friends in Colombia who like him and had good experiences. I wondered if any on the Forum have observations.
  3. I could find few posts on this as i tried to plan my post surgery running program, so i thought i wd post. I was low fat bmi of 31.5 and could do 5k but no more, 9:30 min pace, left knee pain and tiredness. Still, not too winded for my fatness. Post surgery, i waited 1 month to start back running. First several runs, i took it easy worried about stomach and energy etc., but felt pretty good with 30 lbs less to carry. Within two weeks i was as fast as my pre surgery 5k time, with more energy and feeling better, only limit was some restriction in breathing "from the stomach" area. That cleared up by second to third week. Since then, i am now running 8k, 5 miles! Feel great, and running it at 9 min. Mile. I run 5 mi one a week, and at least 3 mi twice a week. Now i need to do 2 days wk weights, but i have a rotator cuff issue, so will be cautious and no lifting above shoulders. Still, for 52 years old, doing good. Last time I ran 5 miles was over 20 years ago.
  4. hamitchell

    Running runners who run pre surgery

    Rovo, that's great. It took me close to 2 years to get to that pace. It sure is nice to have some weight off and feel "strong" when I run instead of winded and nauseous! Recycled, Don't you actually feel like you want to exercise instead of dreading it for a change? It is good for us sleevers but also somethimg engaging that you want to do. I get lazy like anybody else, but I have the feeling I want the exercise because of how much better I feel afterward. I didn't have as many of those feelings pre-op.
  5. hamitchell

    The Rules: Do you follow them?

    Galfriday--like you, i am not a sweets person pre surgery, but an eat too much person (loved bread). Not having a sweet tooth makes the rules a bit easier I think. Michigangirl--interesting timing for me on your query. I have been on plateau for 10 days at 202 lbs., but lost 4 lbs the last 4 days. During which time I ate 2 slices pizza, blueberries, extra yogurt, some m and m's at val party. All in moderation. I am insulin dependent diabetic, so usually no fruit or bread. It is nice not to feel deprived and lose weight. All things in moderation!
  6. hamitchell

    The Rules: Do you follow them?

    I am Presbyterian, but I spend most of my Sundays at Mass, my wife being a Catholic. She is Latino, so they are more "relaxed" but still good Catholcs. We gringo's are tighter on rules generally. Me included. I sometimes lose Patience down in Nicaragua, but usually realize later there is something to be said for being laid back. All Catholcs are impressive from the stand point of their education in their faith. The Catholics seem to be happy with me, so that's good! Never thrown out of Mass.
  7. hamitchell

    The Rules: Do you follow them?

    By the way, I can't eat dry food without some small amount of liquid, so I drink a little with meals. It hasn't affected my weight loss or feeling hungry. All these rules are like being Catholic, you get all the little ceremonies to keep you "holy" but we're all sinners, and a little sin ain't that bad fer ya.
  8. hamitchell

    The Rules: Do you follow them?

    I have caffeine once or twice a week in small doses. A beer now and then, again in moderation. I run 3 times a week and as yet have not worked out the 5 days I want to, but I'm running hard up to 5 miles. I need to add weights. I've eaten beef, several small bites. It goes down ok if you chew it well. I have carbonation a couple of times a week, doesn't affect me--especially if I pour it in a glass. But small sips from a can are fine. I think it really depends on how you feel. I don't think a little carb or beer infrequently will do any harm--use some common sense and don't get slavish to "the rules", but certainly be careful and don't ignore them either.
  9. hamitchell

    Favorite Liquid Diet Food/Drink

    Syntrax Nektar Twisted Cherry. By far the best flavor drink I've had. Drink it instead of diet Coke.
  10. Tiene ciugia en Vivian Pellas hospital o con Dr. Turcios?
  11. hamitchell

    Nicaragua Cirugia?

    Hey, Stacy. I had lunch with our IT person this past Monday who is also a gastric bypass graduate. She is doing great, and has lost 80 lbs in about 6 or 8 months in 2014. I hope yours goes well, too.
  12. hamitchell

    Nicaragua Cirugia?

    I am 52, so just goes to prove anyone can get good results with this surgery, although I was on the low side on BMI. I got some exercise a year or so pre-surgery which helped, but it doesn't have to be more than walking or walk-running.
  13. hamitchell

    Nicaragua Cirugia?

    No, cinco semanas desde cirugia, disculpe!
  14. hamitchell

    Nicaragua Cirugia?

    Hola. Yo soy todo bien y cinco dias desde cirugia. Me gusta Nicaragua! Todo cosas mejor con tiempo y un poco trabajo. You can tell I'm a gringo by my Spanish, can't you? ;>) Really, it went very well and I am please with such a good medical team I had. I stayed in Las Colinas neighborhood, right across from the hospital. It's one of the nicest neighborhoods in Managua. Walked a mile or two a day and felt pretty good. Christmas was FELIZ! Saludos, mi amigos. Mitch
  15. hamitchell

    Nicaragua Cirugia?

    I had it dec. 13th. Todo bien! Went perfectly, Hospital Vivian Pellas was tops, Dr. Turcio was very good and had two sugeons assist as well as the top anesthiologist in the country. He and his surgeons even made 3 follow up visits at the house! The surgery was easy and recovery is pain free. Was walking 2 miles week after. I would recommend this as an affordable option. Surgeon charged $3,500 for him and other two docs, hospital was $4,500 with anesthesiologist. Follow up visits included. We stayed in Las Colinas neghborhood across from hospital. Very convenient. Ms. Pellas was there on our floor in her own suite.
  16. hamitchell

    Alcohol effects after sleeve

    The poster should consult his physician about this since it is contraindicated for this surgery and could lead to complications, as well as transfer addiction. Referral possibly for further evaluation with psychiatrist may be helpful.
  17. After the initial confusion over a normal drainage tube issue, i feel pretty good. No real pain, able to walk normally, easy to take fluids with Protein. No gastritis even though I had gastritis pre-op. Just tiredness, so I rest between spurts of getting up and talking with house hosts, reading, some remote work with laptop. I don't really have much hunger either, although I definitely get hungry after 10 days total on just fluids. I sm a little grouchier, but not a miserable mad dog like i imagined I'd be. No headaches or food withdrawals. Seeing the quick weight loss keeps you motivated. All in all a lack of drama after the scarey surgery aspect. I am thinking that more people than not probably experience the same but you tend to see the harder cases on the forum?
  18. I think you can chest this surgery with liquidy sugary stuff, but. Dont really like sugary things that much, and i am self pay, and motivated with new found weightloss. I have s friend eho gained s lot after 2 years by loading up on frappochinos and not excercising. I dont see myself doing that. I run occassional 5k races now. Went couch to 5k with a group who are lots of fun.
  19. Sorry for the iphone typo's and other mis-spellings.
  20. It is a bit different. I remember first going on victoza i didnt want any food, whereas with surgery i still do but not nestly ss much. I was nauseas on victoza, then developed pretty bad gastritis due to delayed emptying victoza causes; eventually the drug lost its potency for me wnd i got hungry and couldnt lose weight. My rndo thought it a good first try prior to pulling trigger on sleeve surgery.
  21. I have lost 16 lbs post surgery. Was on victoza for most of two years prior ehen weighed 268, to explain my stats.
  22. That is good to hear, Elode. It is dark red and fairly light now. Hoping it is going away. My temp is 99.4 tho.
  23. Anyone have any experience with this. Everything is fine otherwise. Had about 75cc collect overnight. Slowed way down yesterday and came back overnight. Dammit.
  24. I agree, some discomfort and light nausea which passes fairly quickly. Surgery seems pretty big deal, but not feel that bad.
  25. No revision. The surgeon now thinks the trocar hit a big a large cap . And the Walking around, up steps, didnt help. I have been in bed most of the Day and bleeding stopped. Just need to slow down. Very nice of him and asst. surgeon to make house calls. Doc lives Down street from where we stay near hospital Pellas. Just drinking slowly today!

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