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  2. wantingabetterlife

    Pancreatitis buddy out there?

    How long were u hospitalized? I'm kn the hospital for it as we speak I was in the hospital for 8 days. I had my gall bladder removed 13 years ago so it wasn't a factor in my pancreatitis.
  3. wantingabetterlife


    Way to go! Every ounce counts in my book!
  4. wantingabetterlife

    Taking this hard!

    Such a hard a$$!!! I will, I will, I promise!
  5. wantingabetterlife

    This NSV caught me by surprise

    The small things are the best! Congrats!
  6. wantingabetterlife

    Taking this hard!

    Come on Mister Motivator, look for a bright side! Cardio will keep your weight loss going strong until you heal. Hope you get better soon!
  7. How can I find that forum? I looked for it with no luck. Could it be because I u a e my phone not a computer? At the top of the page, go to Forums, General Weight Loss Surgery Forums, Clothing and Goods Exchange. I am not sure if you can see the tabs at the top from phone or not. I use my computer! Hope this helps!
  8. wantingabetterlife

    I feel like I am starving

    Some of it may be head hunger. It will take a little time to distinguish between real hunger and your brain telling you that you are hungry. Just follow your plan, get in your Protein, and drink your Water. When you feel "hungry" and you know that it's not time to eat, distract yourself. Go for a walk or go sip on some more water. And make sure you are waiting the amount of time your surgeon told you before drinking after your meals. Hope it gets better for you soon!
  9. wantingabetterlife

    Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

    Best of luck to you and a speedy recovery! I was a nervous wreck before mine, didn't help that I was in a foreign country either. It will be over before you know it and you will be on the road to losing!
  10. wantingabetterlife

    6 week follow up

    Congratulations on a great check up! Sounds like you are doing well. Keep up the good work!
  11. wantingabetterlife

    leggings ARE pants!

    Love the boots!
  12. wantingabetterlife

    Screwed up and feel bad!

    We're all entitled to a mistake here and there. Don't beat yourself up about it! Learn from it and move on to the next day. Best of luck to you
  13. Post it in the Clothing and Goods Exchange forum. I found someone locally and gave her a ton of clothes that were too big for me. Someone will appreciate it!
  14. wantingabetterlife

    I still can't believe I actually did it

    So happy for you! It sounds like everything is going well for you. Keep up that positive attitude and you will do great!
  15. wantingabetterlife

    1 year since initial consult

    Congratulations!! Isn't life so much better 100 pounds lighter???
  16. wantingabetterlife

    Gym Scam!

    @@laguerr13 You need to work for a bariatric doctor! You are such a motivational person!
  17. wantingabetterlife

    How to Prepare for VSG

    Make sure you have a good therapist and nutritionist. Like @@joatsaint said, you need to prepare mentally for this life changing event. Find any demons you have with food and emotions so you can deal with them. I started walking before surgery and it helped me post surgery. You will be walking from right after surgery. Building up my endurance some before surgery helped me after. Go ahead and start on a program like MyFitnessPal or something like it so you get used to tracking every little thing you intake. And as you get closer to November, practice taking smaller bites and chewing them slowly. I didn't do this and had to learn after my surgery. Trust me, you would rather learn before so you don't have to go through the "slimes" and throwing your food back up! Just some things that helped me. Best of luck to you!!
  18. wantingabetterlife

    Sewage in my throat... eeewwww

    Isn't she just peachy! LOL, it will last as long as you are throwing off Ketones. Trust me, you get used to it! It's the downfall of high Protein, low carb.......
  19. wantingabetterlife

    Gym Scam!

    I have to get past the "intimidating" part for sure. I am just going to have to suck it up and dive in!
  20. wantingabetterlife


    Trust me, you don't have to be in your fifties to get this! NSVs are the best!
  21. wantingabetterlife

    Gym Scam!

    Glad you turned the tables on them! I still have a fear of the gym. One day I will get up the courage.
  22. wantingabetterlife

    How has your life changed?

    I agree totally!
  23. wantingabetterlife

    What I'm Excited About

    I'm so happy for you! Hold on to your seat because it is a wild ride but totally worth it. This is the best place for help, answers, and a good swift kick in the rear if you need it! I couldn't have been successful without everyone on here. No one knows how you feel like the people on here. I wish you the very best on your journey!
  24. I think only people who had had surgery can understand how full you can feel on very little food. Prior to surgery I would have never believed it. 6oz of fish feels like a 3 course meal to me. I hate for people to think I am deprived when I feel exactly the opposite I'm glad your vacation was a success. Why is it people think we are deprived? I get that all the time! "You poor thing, you can only eat a couple of bites." Pfft, that couple of bites is like a whole plate to you, is what I want to say. I so wish others outside of here could get it! And congrats on your vacation @@Daisy Girl, sounds like you had a great time!

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