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  1. funky_monkey800

    Freaking out

    I'm still madly in love with my band.... How did you do? What did you decide?
  2. funky_monkey800

    Cool sculpting

    Has anyone tried this? Cost/treatment/before/after pics.....
  3. funky_monkey800

    Still Happy!

    Just wanted to say that today I was looking at the calendar and realized that today is my 4's! 4 years, 4 months and 4 days since my surgery.....lol apparently I have a ton of time on my hands today! anyways, just wanted to let y'all know im still extremely happy with my decision. I could have never have done this without the lap band.... that is all
  4. funky_monkey800

    LapBand newbie

    WELCOME! nice to see a few new faces! good luck to you!
  5. funky_monkey800

    Am I the Only One?

    four weeks and you've lost 25lbs? I would say you are losing weight at a reasonable rate....that's quicker than I did. and losing 25lbs in 4 weeks, you definitely have to be eating less than before. I know the journey can be frustrating, but I suggest take pictures and measurements. I guarantee that even if you hit a week where it seems like you aren't losing weight, its very possible you are losing inches. when you feel like you are still hungry reach for something high in protein. or try a protein shake. keep us posted! good luck!
  6. funky_monkey800

    WTF - gained inches?!

    Its totally normal to change through out the day....which is why I always weigh myself 1st thing in the morn 💪
  7. I love the show! However my hubby doesnt care for it...therefore I sneak an episode in when I can!
  8. I would love a tummy tuck....I have never ever wore a bathing suit in public. I couldn't imagine how liberating it would be....not for anyone other than myself....😔maybe someday I will be able to do it....for now I just tuck my flappy belly into my high waisted Jean's and go on about my day! That is until I win the lottery....
  9. funky_monkey800

    Protein shakes

    I have at least one shake a day....without the shakes I would never reach my protein intake
  10. funky_monkey800

    Getting to enjoy this lifting nonsense

    Good job!💪
  11. funky_monkey800

    Baby food

    I never asked my nutritionist.....I just assumed that if it was good enough for a baby, it was good enough for me....the portion size was perfect. But I would watch the sugar👍
  12. funky_monkey800

    Baby food

    I have eaten baby food....only the fruits. Lol I never pureed anything....mostly lots of protein shakes, eggs, beans,cottage cheese and tuna....
  13. funky_monkey800

    how do you find inspiration

    I keep pics handy......nothing like a good before and after shot
  14. funky_monkey800

    A little TMI

    I shouldn't have giggled, but you were so descriptive 🤣🤣🤣 Glad you finally got relief!
  15. funky_monkey800

    "You're too skinny!"

  16. funky_monkey800

    Cool sculpting

  17. funky_monkey800

    Ankle Weights

    I do a ton of walking at work (like 8k steps a day is common) and I wear ankle weights...
  18. funky_monkey800

    Cool sculpting

    Thanks for all the replies! I too thought this may be an option, but the price range is close to that of a tummy tuck! I don't know anyone who has done it....but I've seen a million pics! Thought If there was a non surgical way to rid myself of the belly that it would be easier to convince my husband to let me fork out the cash😏 Plan B-continue to bug him about a tummy tuck till he folds like a lawn chair!😂
  19. funky_monkey800

    Third week in

    Glad to hear things are getting better!!! Sometimes with my water I will mix isopure infusions...20g of protein...I like the citrus lemonade 😁
  20. funky_monkey800


    Guess what @CharlotteWebb Instant support...right here..all of us!❤
  21. funky_monkey800

    Do you feel more attractive?

    Ugh...this post hit home. I cant take a compliment either....we went out last weekend my husband told me I looked pretty. My response : crickets🙄 I had this whole outfit planned and figured I was really gonna shine....got ready, thinking Dang girl! Got our picture taken....seriously look like trash. No matter how hard I try I still see fat me. Idk if it ever goes away. I work out a lot and have muscle definition but I have a few spots like a saggy belly that just gives me tunnel vision...all I can see are the jiggly parts. I compare pics and no doubt there is a change! And I love the change and I love how strong I am and the huge list of things I can enjoy now.....but idk if I will ever be able to completely get rid of the "old me"
  22. funky_monkey800

    Nauseous after Dance Class

    Maybe you just over did it a bit? Too much too soon? Pushed yourself too hard and didnt realize it because you were having such a good time? When I first started working out I jumped right into the insanity dvds....lucky I was at home because at the end of my first disk, I threw up😏
  23. funky_monkey800

    My first 30 minutes today walking

    💪every step counts!
  24. funky_monkey800

    Help needed, what exercise can i do to drop the fat?

    Agreed @BlueCrush!!! Diet is huge @Wonderwifey- what do you enjoy? Nothing worse than finding a exercise plan and hating it or being bored....that will lead to giving up. I tried insanity when I first started working out..its tough but it gave results....transitioned to weights, and biking (spinning)/running. (Love weights btw) but I'm a country girl...now those bails of hay are easy to throw!😉 But those are things I enjoy because it incorporates what I like to do in my free time..(hiking, down hill mtn biking, ect) Once you start seeing the results of building muscle, you may not lose much weight, but I can promise you that you will see a body transformation that you will love... Ps-take progress pics for yourself...because even if the scale doesnt move your body WILL change. Good luck💪
  25. funky_monkey800

    Third week in

    Agreed! Everything Julie says is correct! Hopefully things are getting better! Sometimes the first weeks can be difficult! sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, because everyone is different! I still have bad and good days! But you learn what to do and what not to do! And btw....I can not drink fast....one of the things I miss is a huge gulp of ice cold h20!