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  1. funky_monkey800

    Cool sculpting

    Has anyone tried this? Cost/treatment/before/after pics.....
  2. funky_monkey800

    Third week in

    Glad to hear things are getting better!!! Sometimes with my water I will mix isopure infusions...20g of protein...I like the citrus lemonade 😁
  3. funky_monkey800


    Guess what @CharlotteWebb Instant support...right here..all of us!❤
  4. funky_monkey800

    Do you feel more attractive?

    Ugh...this post hit home. I cant take a compliment either....we went out last weekend my husband told me I looked pretty. My response : crickets🙄 I had this whole outfit planned and figured I was really gonna shine....got ready, thinking Dang girl! Got our picture taken....seriously look like trash. No matter how hard I try I still see fat me. Idk if it ever goes away. I work out a lot and have muscle definition but I have a few spots like a saggy belly that just gives me tunnel vision...all I can see are the jiggly parts. I compare pics and no doubt there is a change! And I love the change and I love how strong I am and the huge list of things I can enjoy now.....but idk if I will ever be able to completely get rid of the "old me"
  5. funky_monkey800

    Nauseous after Dance Class

    Maybe you just over did it a bit? Too much too soon? Pushed yourself too hard and didnt realize it because you were having such a good time? When I first started working out I jumped right into the insanity dvds....lucky I was at home because at the end of my first disk, I threw up😏
  6. funky_monkey800

    My first 30 minutes today walking

    💪every step counts!
  7. funky_monkey800

    Help needed, what exercise can i do to drop the fat?

    Agreed @BlueCrush!!! Diet is huge @Wonderwifey- what do you enjoy? Nothing worse than finding a exercise plan and hating it or being bored....that will lead to giving up. I tried insanity when I first started working out..its tough but it gave results....transitioned to weights, and biking (spinning)/running. (Love weights btw) but I'm a country girl...now those bails of hay are easy to throw!😉 But those are things I enjoy because it incorporates what I like to do in my free time..(hiking, down hill mtn biking, ect) Once you start seeing the results of building muscle, you may not lose much weight, but I can promise you that you will see a body transformation that you will love... Ps-take progress pics for yourself...because even if the scale doesnt move your body WILL change. Good luck💪
  8. funky_monkey800

    Third week in

    Agreed! Everything Julie says is correct! Hopefully things are getting better! Sometimes the first weeks can be difficult! sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, because everyone is different! I still have bad and good days! But you learn what to do and what not to do! And btw....I can not drink fast....one of the things I miss is a huge gulp of ice cold h20!
  9. funky_monkey800

    Lapband advice needed - feeling weird

    Personally, if you are ready to re commit to the band and the lifestyle (it's not easy) I would give the 5 day pouch test a try. I usually do it when I get off track and i think it helps....try to be honest with your self...exercise, eat slowly, make good food choices and track everything. It's a lot of work, and it sounds like at one point it was working. Good luck!
  10. funky_monkey800

    Fill yesterday. Too tight??

    My doc always had me sit in the office and take some sips before leaving the office to make sure I was not too tight....I did get super tight at one point and had to have a bit removed....I gave it a week before I went in. Just because for me my band can get crazy weather, travel, stress, PMS all play a role for me... I would try some crushed ice, and broths, back to the basics. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  11. funky_monkey800

    Loving my Lap Band in 2019

    Happy New Year! Always glad to see another bender who is happy! I too got a bit crazy over the holidays! Time to get back at it!
  12. funky_monkey800

    Two and a Half Years Post Surgery

    I definitely slacked over the holidays...trying to get back on track now! Easily gained 5lbs☹ Back to healthy eating and exercise every day! You got this! Good luck!
  13. funky_monkey800

    So does anyone else get very cold

    I'm always cold.....☹ask my hubby, he dreads my cold feet come bed time!
  14. funky_monkey800

    The dreaded stretch marks

    Or as i call them Lightning tattoos😉 Has anyone tried derma rolling for stretch marks? Or are there any good creams? Mine have faded from the purple to the 1 shade lighter than my skin tone, but now that im finally getting comfortable to flaunt some shorts or a swim suit, i myself a bit self concious about them😔
  15. funky_monkey800

    What were your starting workouts?

    The first thing i started with was the insanity dvd's.....they kicked my butt....no joke. Literally puke feeling....but the feeling of finishing the dvd was amazing!
  16. funky_monkey800

    I've lost as much as...

    This should be the rewards you get! I would take a baby horse! Not sure about the eggs, but....
  17. funky_monkey800

    I've lost as much as...

    I have lost a 2mo old horse and 10 dozen large eggs😂
  18. funky_monkey800


    Have you tried smoothies made with fruit? Iso pure makes a wonderful flavor free protein mix that can be mixed into smoothies, soups, drinks, ect....i like the sweet stuff so all the birthdsy cake protein mixes work well for me. Fairlife has an ultra filtered milk that is higher in protein than regular milk too
  19. @Frustr8 lol i love your posts😁
  20. Omg...i didnt see how old this was😂😂😂
  21. I would just be happy to see a pic of myself with both eyes open 🙄
  22. funky_monkey800

    Biker question

    Me and my husband both have harleys....it is definitely easier to ride with less weight. And i suppose its easier for him as well when i ride with him!
  23. Just a quick chime in.... I visited the website mentioned above with the weight loss calculator....i never visited the site, nor did i ever think about it. All i knew was my doctors goal for me, which was 150... And i guess i have lost more than average...i had the lap band, but punched my numbers in for the bypass as well...just out of curiosity. And either way i have lost more than average....would i have lost more with the bypass? Who knows. So yes....its possible! Easy? Heck no! But worth it! 😉
  24. funky_monkey800

    Questions on your experience with the Lap Band

    Good Luck and keep us posted!
  25. funky_monkey800

    Questions on your experience with the Lap Band

    1-after meeting with different doctors and talks with my husband, the lap band just seemed like the best option for me. Cost was similar, but the surgery/aftercare seemed more manageable for me. 2.no....not any hair loss. But im pretty pro active as a woman creeping up to her 40's. I take my vitamins religiously. 3.honestly, i can eat almost anything....its more of an issue with how much time i want to take to eat....i have to eat slowly and make sure i chew well...especially things like steak. Now i can nibble on a piece of bread, but to take a bite of a dinner roll...no way. What i really miss is chugging cold water when i wake up in the middle of the night.... I cant drink fast at all. 4. When the constant hunger was gone.. 5. The #1 tool for me has to be my gym. Good luck with your journey!