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  1. funky_monkey800

    Loose Skin? Lap Band Success Stories?

    My stats were close to yours...i have a lil pooch but not much saggy skin. My weight loss was slow and i took care of myself. I also work out everyday. I didnt have many complications. Really not being hungry was a thing for quite a while...and having to force myself to eat. I also had a short bout with finding foods that worked for me. She still has her days where she is hard to figure out! But its much more predictable!
  2. I just hit 6yrs with the band in october....i believe that without it i would still be overweight....by a lot. While the band is work, i believe any surgery would have been. I work out 5-6x a week and have completely changed my lifestyle. I didn't get the surgery and then sit on the couch waiting for some miracle to happen. I have to be cautious with what i eat and when....she can still be a bit finicky at times, but to me the work has been worth it. All of my fills were included in the price for the first year....i have been at the same fill for about 3 yrs....found my sweet spot.
  3. funky_monkey800

    Pre workout?

    I use Geeked...by far the only one that works for me.
  4. funky_monkey800

    Happy banders

    Hi! Banded in 2014 LW 130 CW 136 Still love my band! Well its more of a love/hate relationship sometimes!
  5. funky_monkey800

    Still Happy!

    Just wanted to say that today I was looking at the calendar and realized that today is my 4's! 4 years, 4 months and 4 days since my surgery.....lol apparently I have a ton of time on my hands today! anyways, just wanted to let y'all know im still extremely happy with my decision. I could have never have done this without the lap band.... that is all
  6. funky_monkey800

    Still Happy!

    Sorry for the late reply....i would definitely go back to the basics....when i get off track i usually do a pouch reset (i have the band obviously,but have found this to be helpful) https://www.obesitycoverage.com/the-pouch-reset-losing-weight-after-weight-regain/ And count calories. The thing that really helps...is looking at old pics....i dont want the old me back...lol You got this! Good luck!
  7. I've been at my goal weight and exercise daily-religously. Still jiggle in my belly. While i can see outlines and muscle formation, hips and a defined waist, i still have a pooch....right around/below my belly button
  8. funky_monkey800

    tightening loose skin

    I still have flabby skin....i lost slowly, and exercise daily. Mainly focusing on muscle building with some cardio. I have also tried every fad out there to try to tighten it up...sadly for me i think only winning the lottery will cure this jiggle🤣🤣🤣that way i can get surgery.
  9. funky_monkey800

    Ok vet's Need help here

    Lol @AJ Tylo I read that elevation changes often mess with the band....was hoping it was the band and not me! But looking back guess i did indulge just a bit....
  10. funky_monkey800

    Ok vet's Need help here

    I recently took a trip for about a week and a half...now I'm home and hardly any restriction. The only thing i can think of is elevation change? Roughly 6100-3000.... No unusual issues like pain or stuck episodes. Thinking i should do liquids for A week? This ever happen to anyone? Thanks in advance!!😊
  11. funky_monkey800

    Ok vet's Need help here

    Your probably right....I'm not much for the party life lol but i definitely ate more....especially at lunches where i usually opt for a protein shake😔 Thanks!
  12. funky_monkey800

    lean muscle mass building

    Definitely weights....i alternate days push/pull exercises and do my warm ups on either a treadmill or a spin bike....its no official program but seems to be working for me.
  13. funky_monkey800

    OMG Shin splints!

    Could be the change in distance and overworking...i had this issue when i started running farther...
  14. funky_monkey800

    Low BPM now.

    I always thought lower bpm was a good thing? Unless it's at 0 of course!🤣🤣 Congrats on getting healthy!💪
  15. funky_monkey800

    Thanks but no thanks

    Why does everyone feel like they have to offer me food ....I'm a grown woman and I'm not 5yrs old....I understand that they are just being nice...but if I am hungry I will eat😐 I will sit over here and enjoy my protein shake and tuna salad. Its hard enough dodging the office cupcakes and donuts...lol Ok I'm done-
  16. funky_monkey800

    Thanks but no thanks

    I'm sure your right....its just annoying or maybe I'm just growing a bit bitter at my old age🤣
  17. funky_monkey800

    Thanks but no thanks

    Good to see you are out and about! It's been a while! Hope all is well in you neck of the woods!
  18. funky_monkey800

    "I think you're overdoing it"

    I exercise everyday.....for me I think maybe I traded one for the other...you know. When I was stressed...I ate. Sad? I ate...bored? I ate. Now my daily workout takes the spot of that! I now feel like exercise is my only time for me...to decompress and think. For others to see this routine is just probably strange for them...it will take time. Dont let it bother you- this is for you..no one else.
  19. funky_monkey800

    Compression Tights and Loose Skin

    And thank you! I may still be a bit saggy. But my skin is soft...lol I didn't mean to sound like a downer! So I hope I didnt come across that way! But I honestly think I've tried every fad out there! Lol
  20. funky_monkey800

    Compression Tights and Loose Skin

    I've tried derma rolling, coffee wraps, brushing, ice packs...lol exercising daily multi vitamins tons of water....was gonna try cool sculpting, but after talking to quite a few people it does nothing for saggy skin ☹
  21. funky_monkey800

    Compression Tights and Loose Skin

    I think I have tried almost everything. I have lost 100 and some change...I work out religiously but still a saggy belly and extra skin on the thighs....afraid at this point my only option would be a tummy tuck and lipo... sure it looks better than it did, but I'm still self conscious. And unless I win the lottery looks like spanks from here on out 😏
  22. funky_monkey800

    Still no 2004 Bandsters here???

    Been around for a few years...should stop by more often but seems so busy all the time. Still loving my band tho!
  23. funky_monkey800

    Disappearing lapbanders

    I agree...everyone is different. For me I ha e good and bad days. But I also push myself to work out religiously and watch what I eat. I think the band saved me!
  24. funky_monkey800

    Freaking out

    I'm still madly in love with my band.... How did you do? What did you decide?
  25. funky_monkey800

    Cool sculpting

    Has anyone tried this? Cost/treatment/before/after pics.....