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  1. Too much anxiety and stress:

    So lately thanks to COVID 19 (I don't have it though been trying to stay safe and healthy) I've been having severe anxiety and panic attacks lately. I've always had this problem but it's getting worse so as a result I've been having bad insomnia and getting sleep is hard for me right now. I wish it were easier but it's a work in progress AGAIN. I thought I got over this hump a while ago and was getting sleep but now my insomnia is back in full spring and I hate it! My grandmother is also moving on Tuesday and that is also stressing me out because I'll have no family nearby since everybody is in other states now thanks to California being too high. It makes me so sad man! But I am seeing her today on Monday for the last time before she leaves on Tuesday this week.

    1. Charm82


      Man that just sucks! I'm praying for you girlie, do you have something that can help your insomnia? I use the Patch MD sleep starter patch which helps as well as weight lifting wears me out enough to help me sleep. As for your Anxiety over COVID-19 continue to be safe and protect yourself and you'll be good. It's so easy to get anxiety flying around so you should definitely have some things that can calm and/or distract you.