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  1. Having a tough time today:

    I'm writing this because I feel like I hit a tough spot because I went to the doctor recently to find out I gained 11 pounds in less than 1 week. I was eating healthy, drinking tons of water and exercise only to gain 11 pounds which saddens me. I gained because my endocrinologist says I have hypothyroidism along with polycystic ovarian cyst syndrome not to mention my thyroid is REALLY off sync so I gain weight very quickly on top of taking lithium/latuda which also fights against my thyroid to make me obsessively gain weight. So I've been kind of frantic trying to find something that works along with gastric bypass. It's funny my family thought it was a easy way out but it's not by far easy at all, it seems to be harder than before surgery but it's worth it in the end I just have count my blessings and be happy of the little things.

    1. GreenTealael


      Chin up, adjust your crown and let's get right back to the grind

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  2. Fighting with the mirror and myself AGAIN!:

    Today I just couldn't bear to look at myself. It's hard to take my body as it is and say "I'll lose more again, just not as quick as I thought" but I guess I am inpatient because of my foot pain/injury which made me want to get gastric bypass in the first place because of my severe foot pain which has not gone away. I know that might be a life long thing but I just wish that the pain was so much less, I'm hoping after I get to my ideal weight or somewhere close my feet will feel so much better but I just feel like I hit a plateau and feel hopeless/sad. 

  3. My Body Image Issues:

    07/20/18 Friday

    I am writing this because it seems like no matter how hard I do love myself and have confidence it's like it's hard to believe the words I say and also my old eating disorder/OCD mind tends to take over sometimes and before I know it I'm counting EVERY food that I eat and feeling very fat/freaking out. I'm trying to do my affirmations everyday and fix myself up nice to make myself feel better but it seems like nothing makes me feel better and I go back to either these bad thoughts or I want to self harm to heal myself or randomly yell at people. I get no stress release from my frustrations thus I become even more OCD spend and have other  bad addictions besides OCD'ing on the food I eat like overly exercise until my feet really blister or hurt or over spend on items I think I need to feel a void. I'm tired of putting myself through the ringer but it feels like nothing is never ever enough for me and I'm always searching for answers in the wrong places.

  4. Hello, I'm trying to find someone my age (I'm 31) who has had the gastric bypass for a long while and is doing really good at it to motivate me/help me with keeping on track. I live in Northern California, as I stated that up there. But I'm trying to find someone who is either at the same milestones in their lives as me because everybody I've met has kids and everything or married and I don't want to feel like I'm burdening people/not in that point in my life plus I want somebody I could relate to and they could relate to me (I don't relate to nobody though so I wish I could). I already go to my bariatric support group (I'm Post Op since May 15th of this year) but my support is not enough. I have ZERO support from family or friends I did this all myself but I do need someone to help sometimes because I don't know what I'm doing to be honest even though my bariatric doctor so I'm where I'm supposed to be and I've been following the meal plan 90% and the other 10% is confusion and frustration. I'm getting very angry because sometimes I feel like weight loss surgery was worthless because I'm still fat but I know for a fact It's not going to come off really quickly right now because I had a high BMI and weight. I'm 5'3 1/2 and when I started my journey 4 years ago I was 365-370ish and right now I'm still 244 but I've just felt so depressed about my weight but I'm trying not worry about it but I have still A LOT of health issues still but like 2 less ailments since WLS. If anybody wants to talk to me please feel free to message me. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I decided to make this thread to figure out why I am so light headed/dizzy today. I just got my gastric bypass/hernia surgery on May 15th of this month and I tried to go to Raley's today to get some water and some soup broth, I could barely make it through the aisles so I got one of those electric cart thingies and I couldn't really reach for much so a lady who worked there had to carry my stuff to the register and to my car. I was wondering how long does the dizziness/fainting last? Because I didn't really do much and I'm very tired.
  6. Tierra T Tij

    Snacking at the Movies

    Aren't pretzels carby and very salty? What about like celery and a small serving of hummus instead? I do like that but I cannot eat that now still on liquid diet but when I can I'd do that.
  7. How do people going about dark sad feelings when doing the gastric bypass diet when you have zero friends or family who support you? I've been having this problem and it has been a struggle. I feel very alone and when I'm lonely and sad I want to eat but I know I cannot emotional eat. On top of that my wls surgery is May 15th so I cannot afford to do that. I feel like I've been feeling a million emotions at once. It's very hard for me these few weeks between not being able to eat much, only liking water and ice and it hurts to swallow due to my bad allergies, I'm just miserable! I just feel like I wish I had more people to vent to about these feelings besides my bariatric journal or my psychologist. I notice when I talk out my emotions it's better instead of feeling them because they derail me tremendously.
  8. Tierra T Tij

    Down in the dumps, wls diet sucks!

    You are right, those are valid points. I'd rather bare with this wls diet that is kind of lame sometimes than have to deal with my foot and back pains anymore. So I guess that's a trade off here.
  9. Tierra T Tij

    Snacking at the Movies

    What do newly post-ops do for snacks at the movies? I am a new post-op and wondering some tips and tricks not only for the movies but for on the go travel too.
  10. Tierra T Tij

    Down in the dumps, wls diet sucks!

    Thank you all! I've just been resting now... I just got discharged from the hospital today 05/16/18 around 2:30pm my time which is Pacific Time. So I'm doing a bit better since this post.
  11. Tierra T Tij

    Why Can't I Get Gastric Bypass?

    @KristinOlivia, are you serious? Those two conditions alone might make you able to qualify for weight loss surgery. I should know I have those and bad sleep apnea along with a foot injury and I got approved immediately. Of course I had to switch doctors because my old doctor was stupid and didn't have a clue of what she was doing but I like my new one. Maybe you should just get a second opinion? I know I did it should pay off when you do.
  12. I'm just depressed and frustrated. None of my doctors seem to want to listen to me. I got gastric bypass covered on my dad's insurance before but I didn't get far. Only for him to cut me off the insurance and NEVER let me back on because he's a jerk. If he just let me stay on his for a little bit longer I would have had the gastric bypass and I would now be a lot thinner and happier now. Everytime I bring up gastric bypass to my doctor they say "no, you just don't need it" and never give me a clear picture as of why I do not need it. I always try to dig and ask why they say this. I know I don't have diabetes, high blood pressure nor high cholesterol anymore but I do have polycystic cyst ovarian syndrome and for me it's very hard to lose weight because my hormones and metabolism are very off. I am WAY over the bmi of 40 and 5'4, I've lost weight recently but I notice I'm not losing enough. I'm in constant pain everyday due to an old foot injury, my feet are always hurting and I could barely walk. I cannot walk that far and my feet swell up like balloons and my weight is not helping my situation. I had foot surgery back in 2011 and it gets hard to walk and exercise most of the time. I wish they had a solution because I'm not losing enough weight with diet and exercise alone. I noticed I'm not that successful at losing weight because of PCOS. I think gastric bypass would reprogram my body, metabolism and hormones to a good level but NONE of my doctors want to hear it. My old surgeon Dr. Shadle has been trying to find solutions for me since my insurance got cut and now I'm just on Blue Cross Medi-Cal. I need help and I feel at wits end with this. I feel like my doctors are neglectful and just don't care about me. If they did they would help me. My foot doctor already said they cannot fix the foot and take the screws and plates out until I lose more weight, so I feel stuck between a rock in a hard place. I know gastric bypass is not a quick fix and I still need to diet and exercise. I know everything I'm supposed to do, I just feel like NOBODY will give me a chance.
  13. Weight Loss Surgery Update:

    Today is the day after my Gastric Bypass Surgery which was 05/15/18! I was very scared and had like a million different emotions but overall I wouldn't trade it in for the world. I'm still kind of in pain even with the painkillers they gave me and have to take benadryl to counteract my allergies to painkillers so I don't itch myself to death. I'm  living off of my clear liquid diet and still cannot seem to go to the bathroom, now that part is miserable! I wish I could do number 2 but I guess my body is just healing and right now it's hard to do number 1 let alone to due to the medications they gave me. I feel like I'm going to start updating my status more and keep updating also by pictures too. I wish everybody luck who is also getting their surgery this month or in the near future!

  14. Tierra T Tij

    Why Can't I Get Gastric Bypass?

    I switched my insurances (couldn't get back on my dad's but this insurance I have right now is okay) and I switched doctors, my current doctor referred me immediately for wls due to the fact I needed foot surgery from a prior injury and they think it would save my foot problems if I lost some weight so...
  15. My weight loss surgery is May 15th of this year. I'm excited and nervous, along with going through a slew of emotions. It's hard right now for me but I think it will pay off in the end.
  16. Tierra T Tij

    Why Can't I Get Gastric Bypass?

    Current Update: Well I was just reading back and I've come a long way from this, I finally got approved for WLS the 3rd time but this time I have an actual surgery date for 05/15/18. I'm so excited after 4 years, I'm finally getting somewhere. This post was at one of my lowest points and I'm glad to know there are people who understand and/or are going through the same thing.
  17. Tierra T Tij

    What to bring to the operation?

    This is good to know, my surgery is in 2 weeks (nervous jitters but happy ones) and all of this is very helpful.
  18. Tierra T Tij

    Travel diet after surgery

    I wondered this same thing too because I wanted to go visit my mother but maybe I should just let her visit me instead.
  19. Well, I am breezing through, after 3 times of trial and error/ trying when it comes to referrals for weight lost surgery 4 years of headache, changes of insurance, diets, pains, ups and downs (a whole lot of them!). It finally paid off and my surgery is May 15th of this month. I've been doing my liquid diet and it's going okay, I'm trying to remember to take my vitamins and do stuff right. I had a smart watch with a timer/log for my meds,food,water, and exercise that synced to my phone but I don't know how that well I use it so instead I just have a log I put on my fridge now. I think I'm going to call this year "The Year Of Self Care and Improvements" because I REALLY want to live up to that. I feel VERY alone though and I've lost friends and family due to my decision to have weight loss surgery and also the fact that I don't go out much because I don't want to be tempted/go back to old habits right now and I guess that's another reason why I lost connections. But I just see it this way maybe some of those people don't deserve me because I have high hopes for the future and it doesn't involve those fake people who said they would be there for me until the end. But I'd rather love/learn to love myself because in the end that's all I have, I'm a lone wolf but it's okay I'll find people worthy of my time and efforts someday.

    1. Healthy_life2


      Congratulations on your surgery date.

      You are in the right headspace for all of the changes coming your way. I like that this is your year of self care and improvements. Relationships change. Its positive to cut ties with people that are unsupportive or negative in your life. Your not alone in this. Talk, vent and ask questions. We have your back.

      This is your time to work on you..inside and out. forgive and love yourself. Make peace with your life.

    2. Tierra T Tij
    3. Tierra T Tij

      Tierra T Tij

      I wrote this as a way to vent my frustrations and sadness, I'm going to start writing how I feel on my blog more because it's helpful when people who are going through the same thing are supportive and I think we all need that sometimes.

  20. I decided to make thread because I'm very much struggling. I need to lose weight and need to find a place to do so that is loving and supportive of my weight loss goals but I don't have that and I've tried to get WLS 2 times before this is my 3rd time trying. I'm very depressed, anxious and feel my autism and mental illness will automatically not get me approved again. It's like every time I get far in the process it seems I take two steps forward and three steps back and I'm tired of it. I hate people that judge me and say I'm taking the easy way out. No I'm not, I have a hormonal imbalance and metabolism problem that will not be fixed with diet or exercise alone. I know me and I'm not trying to be lazy or take the easy way out I'll still exercise. I will just have an extra tool to lose way more weight with diet and exercise. Is there anyone who is here that is on the autism spectrum or have mental illness or even just has a bad support system that feels the same way? Because I need somebody to tell my frustrations to, sorry.
  21. Update: So I don't have Blue Shield anymore I have Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal (had job benefits but not anymore due to my poor health along with losing job so that's why I'm back on Medi-Cal again) and my doctor approved me to go through the process again of getting the Gastric Bypass (I'm so crossing my fingers on this one).
  22. I think the only problem in my way is my primary care doctor. She approved it the first time but didn't want me to get it to begin with. I only got a letter of approval the first time because my insurance at the time didn't need an approval. The insurance (Sutter Health EPO) offered weight loss surgery to me and I took the opportunity but now it's A LOT harder to get a referral even if I just do everything right my doctor still won't seem to approve me getting weight loss surgery. I'm trying to change doctors and insurances so they will cover it but so many doctors DO NOT accept Medi-Cal patients right now and I have dual insurance because things get costly and I have Medi-Cal for my medications mainly or else I wouldn't be able to afford them. Anyways, I just wish there was another way. I tried to get WLS in Mexico but my grandmother won't let me go and she's the trustee on my account so I have to do what she says because technically she's paying for it. So my question is, does anybody know a way around a primary care doctor to get a referral for weight loss surgery?
  23. Decided to make this thread since I had a eating disorder and did not see a topic for it. So sound off if you had or still have either bulimia, binge eating, anorexia, emotional eating or have a combination of any of these or some that I did not mention. Please share your thoughts and opinions or just want to vent about having a eating disorder and WLS.
  24. So, I've talked with Bariatric Pal MX one day and was feeling excited to try to be able to get the roux e y Gastric Bypass. But then happiness turned to sadness when I asked my family members if either of them could go with me to Mexico. They were like "no you shouldn't go, it's dangerous in Mexico that's like going to Iraq for your surgery." My grandmother, friend, and primary care doctor all agree that I don't need surgery. I REALLY wish somebody was on my side because it's hard going through all this without nobody to be a support.I just want to cry. I'm 5'4 and weigh 280.2 with a frame in between small and medium but I have small feet and hands. It's like I lose weight and gain weight VERY quickly and i'm tired of it. I feel like NOBODY wants to listen to my reasons of why I REALLY want weight loss surgery. I've been at this for more than 10 plus years of trying lose weight because I've been unsuccessful in EVERY single diet I have did, including the current diet I'm on only with just curbing my appetite and doing a lot of exercise. The main reason I want weight loss surgery so I could get my foot fixed because I've been having problems with it from a prior injury and want to be thinner to make sure I don't injure myself again after my foot surgery. I REALLY wish somebody would care and I just feel so alone in this.
  25. anywon, my current weight is 277 and I'm 5'4 but like I lost a little bit of weight on my own and now I've hit a plateau and haven't lost anymore weight. I'm trying to be the smallest I could be I'm not really looking at a number per say, I just want to be a weight where my foot doesn't bother me as much anymore (prior foot injury) so I could be able to exercise, walk, run and have fun like I used to. I'm so obese it's hard to even walk or do simple everyday things. Simple things like tying my shoes are a hassle so I've resorted to shoes with no laces because it's hard for me to reach down and tie them. I could but it's A LOT of work. I just want to be able to get back to life again, but my weight and mobility issues hold me back A LOT. I want a job, to be able to support myself, to be able to exercise and have fun, to find someone or go on dates and feel confident and sexy. Right now my weight has become a very serious problem for me and it's making me not live life like I should be since I am young.