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  1. Maggie Diaz Saldivar

    HELP, what is wrong with me?

    I think we have all been in the same boat at one time. I am currently at that position. Reading all of the great comments encourages me tremendously to get this done. Im with you Jacqbult. LETS DO THIS!!!!!
  2. Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has gotten their sleeve bariatric surgery with Dr. Felipe Cantu in Reynosa? If so, I need to know how it went. I am scheduled for the day after thanksgiving for the pre-op exams and hopefully sometime before xmas the surgery. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  3. Maggie Diaz Saldivar

    Why are people denied coverage?

    Ive heard that even if your plan clearly excludes it and you have 2 or three other issues such as diabetes, hbp, sleep apnea, depression, etc that it then becomes medically necesarry and they cover it. Any one know if this is true. This info came from a WLS patient that had Cigna and her policy excluded it.
  4. Maggie Diaz Saldivar

    Has anyone become single as a result of their weight loss surgery?

    Wow sounds like my life right now. My husband of 13 years has been very cold in that area for around the past 10 years. I am sure it is becuase of my weight. Just wondering was he still not interested after the weight loss?
  5. Maggie Diaz Saldivar

    My VSG in Mexico (long post)

    Your story was absoutely music to my ears (ok eyes). I have heard many great things about Dr. Cantu and I have spoke a few times with Lupita. I am a major chicken and so affraid of surgeries, pain, etc. You, my friend have eased my doubts and I am so pumped now to get this done. Im supposed to have someone call me to see if I can drop by for a consult and to check the facilities the day after Thanksgiving. I am very excited and hope to take care of this soon. I am 5'2" 300 lbs and miserable. Heavy, tired, popping metformin every day is taking its toll. I am ready for a change and I also pray that my adventure goes as smoothly as yours. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I would love to keep up with you. I too live in Texas, a little farther from Reynosa (Houston) but a 5-6 hr drive is not so bad. Many blessings your way!!!