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  1. Have any of you went to or are going to have gastric sleeve surgery done with Dr Gabriel Rosales in Mexico? I ask because i have been doing research on him and its hard to find anything negative and a very few positives that are all linked to his Obesity Free website. Thank you all
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm curious to see how much of a change the gastric sleeve surgery will do. I paid my deposit with Dr, Fernando Garcia and will try to have it done around October/November God spare. Can you Show me what your working with!☺☺
  3. If so who are you going with and where? I'm planning on going to Tijuana Mexico for my Gastric Sleeve surgery and was wondering if anyone else will be going around that time. I don't want to travel alone????
  4. If so who's your doctor going to be? Are you traveling to Mexico? Do you need a partner/Buddy? Where are you from? I'm looking to team up with someone or one's???? to take this life changing journey with. I don't want to travel alone????
  5. Hi, I am eager to know more about Dr, ponce De, Leon. I was supposed to go with Dr Fernando Garcia this past may but I started getting a bad feeling as time got closer so I backed out. So I am still searching and really like Dr, Ponce De, Leon. If you already went to him in Tijuana Mexico please give me more feed back if you can. I want to try and have the surgery done right after Thanksgiving God spare. Also if there is someone else looking to go around that time please let me know so wee can plan it all together and arrive together☺
  6. BackToBeautiful

    Anybody else struggling with money?

    Elavela, hi if money is a issue and you will have to go through all types of tests, why don't you consider getting Bariatric surgery through BariatricPal with Dr, Carlos Altamirano Cano. He is a great doctor, very caring and affordable too. He will Skype or face time with you for free and if you happen to have a hernia, he will remove it for free. He charges $4199 for the gastric sleeve surgery plus you can get extra medical tourism insurance totaling all together at only $4399. That's what I am doing. So are many others on BariatricPal and Facebook. Why don't you go to his Facebook account at Dr Carlos Altamirano Cano and also his private group at Dr Carlos Altamirano Cano private group. Come join our family???? My name is Trisha Ann????
  7. BackToBeautiful

    November surgery pals

    TheSweetestSin, hi, I may be able to go for November 20th with you. I'll let you know around the end of October. I was planning to go on the 23 of November. The 20th isn't a bad date at all. ????
  8. BackToBeautiful

    November surgery pals

    @@Doubletruble#1 what a blessing to be able to have the surgery with your sister, to have that support is wonderful!????
  9. BackToBeautiful

    October 12 Sleevers!

    Hi @@Lacfish13 I am going to be getting the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico with Dr, Carlos Altamirano Cano through BariatricPal. I'm aiming for Early November but I may have to wait until march.
  10. @@pyra28az that's great! Who's your doctor of choice?
  11. @@Tssiemer1 who are you going with?
  12. If you had surgery in Mexico I would like to know what doctor did you use and how much did it cost? Also if your surgery put sutures over the staples to make sure it doesn't leak? Would you rate your overall exsperiance 0 being very bad to 10 being very good. I ask because today is the day that I make my choice and pay my deposit. Thank you all This site is great! I'm learning so much and I thank you for that
  13. BackToBeautiful

    Devistated-WLS excluded from plan

    @%#Loosingit?!&- You might want to check out Dr, Fernando Garcia Govea in Tijuana Mexico at Tijuana aria tricks.com. that is where I'm getting my gastric sleeve surgery done in a few months. You pay $500 deposit. The cost is great! Plus if you go on RealSelf. Com and search for a lady name (toriroberts) you will see her trip pictures. There is also a recent video made on YouTube from a lady who went to Dr, Garcia for her surgery.
  14. Hi @@back2me1987 ???? I am going with Dr, Fernando Garcia Govea with TijuanaBariatrics.com. have you narrowed your choice yet?
  15. BackToBeautiful

    Surgery in Mexico

    OK thanks. I found my answer on the RealSelf website☺
  16. BackToBeautiful

    Surgery in Mexico

    @, hello, can you tell a little about the CER Hospital over in Tijuana Mexico? The Doctor I plan on going with was over at the Florence Hospital but has recently moved to the CER Hospital. Thank you David ☺
  17. BackToBeautiful


    @@Smye, you look great! You've lost a lot. You are so close to your goal weight. Thank you for sharing your before and after pictures???? motivation!????
  18. BackToBeautiful


    @@grandmaofone, you look great! For only one month out? Wow! I can not wait until I have my surgery done☺ you are beautiful! Motivation!! ☺ thanks for sharing????
  19. BackToBeautiful

    Going to Tijuana, anyone else?

    @@michelledom, I never heard of Baja med. There are so many to choose from. I chose Dr, Fernando Garcia Govea because I did a lot of research on him to find anything good or bad and only find positive things. His price is great also. I'm paying only $4250.00 plus $500 for my gallbladder to be removed. Next year I'm going to have a full hysterectomy at hospital Angeles in mexico.
  20. BackToBeautiful


    @@Elode, you are beautiful!???? motivation! You and your daughter do look like twins. You look like you could be her sister☺ what a blessing! Who was you doctor? You look amazing! Thank you for sharing your before and after pictures☺
  21. BackToBeautiful


    Bigmoose1990, wow! What a big difference! You look great!???? who did you go to for your surgery? Thank you for sharing your before and after pictures☺
  22. My family think I am insane to want to travel to another country for surgery. They try to scare me with all kind of stories like I don't no how to use the internet and Google the latest news in Mexico, duh!! I am well aware! If it wasn't so expensive in the united states. I'm self pay so having it here is not an option. My family does nothing for me so their opinion does not matter. If they want to pay for me to have it in the states then I'll listen........... Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!! I can't hear you!! My sister is so negative! She could use this surgery herself! Girl bye!!
  23. BackToBeautiful


    Ladycook9713, go girl!!???? you look great! Really big difference! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your before and after pictures. Motivation!!????????
  24. BackToBeautiful


    TLW, you look great!☺ thank you for sharing your before and after pictures???? a big difference only four weeks post op. ???? Motivation!! ????
  25. BackToBeautiful


    Kindle I can see your abs☺ if I can look like this after the surgery I'll be doing cart wheels! You look great! Motivation!! ???? your now pictures don't even look like you were ever big. Your skin is tight. You look awesome! Thank you for sharing.