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  1. SmilingBeauty

    Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

    Current weight 213
  2. I never stopped using them. They were the only way I could get my fluids down in those early stages. Now I don't use them as much as I use to but they were a life saver early out.
  3. SmilingBeauty

    Has anyone lost 100+ pounds?

    I have lost 100 pounds and I will be 8 months post op tomorrow. I expect to lose the remainder of my weight (approximately 70 pounds) by the end of the year.
  4. SmilingBeauty

    Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

    Well it's that time of the month. Weight today is 214.4
  5. SmilingBeauty

    100 pounds gone

    I am almost 8 months out and I finally reached the 100 pounds lost mark! Yyyyaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! I started this process at 315 and today I weigh 214.6. Another 70 pounds would put me in the normal BMI range. My one year anniversary is May 26th. I would like to at least lose another 40 lbs by my surgiversary. Onederland Is so close. Can't wait to reach it.
  6. SmilingBeauty

    A Significant Milestone

  7. SmilingBeauty

    100 pounds gone

    Thanks everyone!!!!!
  8. SmilingBeauty

    Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

    My weight 214.6! I have finally reached 100 pounds lost.
  9. SmilingBeauty


    Maybe you should up your calories to 1600 -1800 for the amount of exercise you are doing. Also, the more muscle you build, the more calories you burn. So you could be burning more calories just sitting than you were when you were heavier combined with the exercise and you have a huge calorie deficit. Just a thought. I am 7 months out and have not reached goal. I am just going on what I have been told about losing. Good luck
  10. I use MyFitnessPal and a Fitbit Zip. I love them both. I lost one Zip and had to get a replacement ASAP I felt naked without it.
  11. SmilingBeauty

    Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

    217. I am in a stall. ugh
  12. SmilingBeauty

    Best way I have found to make coffee

    I use Premier Ready to Drink chocolate shake in my coffee. It does not lump up at all. Coffee is a diuretic and contains acid. I am fine with my Columbian Decaf. Occasionally I have real coffee but I don't make it a habit.
  13. SmilingBeauty

    Best way I have found to make coffee

    I was told not to use the instant coffee packets because they contain caffeine. So now I put chocolate Protein shake and sugar free peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee. I usually have to put it in the microwave to heat it up so it's hot.
  14. SmilingBeauty

    Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

    I'm in. My goal is 200 pounds. My weight is 217 today.
  15. SmilingBeauty

    Surgeon follow up issues

    I'm sorry that you experienced that. My follow up appointments have always been scheduled at the conclusion of the appointment I am in. Could i possible be due to the holidays? Try calling back on a different day and explaining your situation. I also would not be able to take off with such short notice.
  16. SmilingBeauty

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    What are you eating? Are you working out? Looks like you had surgery in October, is that right? My weight was much higher when I started. Hey I am 220 and my goal is also 199 would like to reach it by February what can I do???
  17. SmilingBeauty

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    220 again today. This IUD and I are having some issues. I seem to have a two week period and two weeks of PMS. Hopefully this levels out soon.
  18. I use chocolate or vanilla RTD Premier Protein and currently adding sugar free peppermint mocha creamer. The best!!!!!!
  19. SmilingBeauty

    Hospital stay question

    My surgery was on a Tuesday and I went home on Thursday. I was thankful to be in the hospital during that time. By Thursday morning I was ready to go. I was discharged around 1pm.
  20. SmilingBeauty

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    220 today. Thanks
  21. SmilingBeauty

    Protein shakes

    i like the Premier ready made Protein shakes. 30 grams of protein. I buy them at costco. 18 for $24.99. Sometimes they have the case on sale for $19.99. They are convenient and don't taste bad. I put the vanilla and chocolate ones in coffee as creamer. The strawberry and creme is tasty as well.
  22. SmilingBeauty

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    225.2. Going in the wrong direction. But I will get back focused.
  23. SmilingBeauty

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    My current weight is 224.8. My goal weight for the challenge is 199. If i hit this goal, I will have lost 116 pounds this year. Let's go!!!! Thanks for these challenges @@stephh!

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