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  1. Wow 36 is super low. I was 47 once and also never diabetic. I've upped my carbs and calories and have had no issues what so ever. Keep me posted!!
  2. I go too long between meals too, I wonder if that's what's doing it for me also. Thanks guys for all the input!!
  3. I stopped protein shakes a couple months ago but maybe I will go back to having one a day. Do you know what triggers your lows? Did they give you a meter to watch your numbers?
  4. Thanks for the info! I am meeting with my dietician on Thursday. I've uped my calories and carbs just a little bit and so far no issues. Hopefully it's an easy fix
  5. It's a bummer, just hoping to get it managed
  6. Has anyone had issues with non-diabetic hypoglycemia after having RNY? This is not the same as dumping. Sometimes after eating my blood sugar drops low, recently down to 47. I get lethargic and cold and sweaty. I eat something sweet but not too sweet and some carbs and in about 20 minutes it will go up to the 90s. I'm working with my dietician to see what is triggering this. I find that it happens on days when I don't eat enough calories or not enough carbs. Any info or advice would be great! I am am 13 months post op and this has been happening for about a month
  7. I am 5'4" and went from a size 24 to a size 10. I love being small but still have curves. I thought about losing more but I'm comfortable at 158. I want to maintain in the 150's.
  8. little_mrs

    Vitamin Defiency

    Oh I haven't heard about that. But I hear a common deficiency is iron. How far post op are you?
  9. little_mrs

    Vitamin Defiency

    Yes, I had a severe thiamine deficiency in the beginning. I had gastric bypass and the gummy vitamins I had did not contain thiamine. I went to the ER thinking I had severe vertigo. Turned out to be a thiamine deficiency and I received a thiamin transfusion and switched my vitamins. It is common for gummies to not contain thiamine so be on the look out!
  10. I am 14 months post op. 5'4" . Went from 287 to 158. I don't think it was hard at all. Was it an adjustment? Yes. Do you have to fight cravings? Yes. You will hit stalls and get frustrated. You must stick to the plan as much as possible and stay active and the weight will fall right off. So hard for me? No. Always easy? No, but I wouldn't say it's hard. I've never been successful at weight loss until I had this tool. Just stay the course, stay focused and you will have success!!
  11. little_mrs

    Video of my 1 year progress!

    Thank you all so much!! ????
  12. little_mrs

    Video of my 1 year progress!

    Amazing! & congratulations what a beautiful video if you dont mind me asking what was your starting weight and current ???? Thank you! I'm 5'4 and my starting weight was 286, today 158 ????
  13. little_mrs

    Video of my 1 year progress!

    Good luck you will do great!! My advice would be to never doubt yourself. Stick to the program and remember no one does it perfectly. Enjoy the ride to the new healthy wonderful you!! I look forward to seeing your progress!!! That is so sweet, thank you! Thank you so much! I appreciate all the love!
  14. little_mrs

    Video of my 1 year progress!

    Thank you Alex! I do have wonderful support, although it has strained some relationships in my life, that is something I'm learning to deal with. I am such a happy new me ????

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