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  1. Im looking to find some support with people around my size. Im currently 5'1 240 lbs. Haven't had surgery yet. Going in for a consultation!
  2. Looking to purchase a blender prior to surgery. What's the best? And do any puree? Looking at either the Ninja or Nutribullet Rx. Suggestions?
  3. OK all..can I please ask if loose watery stools post sleeve is normal? They tested my stool for C-Diff and it was negative. I'm on full liquid diet. Everything I put into me comes right out. Sorry for the tmi. But wonder if anyone has had this too? How long will it last? Thanks
  4. Black tarry could mean a bleed. I would get it checked out michellec
  5. hollisrn76

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    I'm newly sleeved too. Sleeved 2/3. I've been at a standstill too. For about a week now. Your body is holding onto as much as it can. We will start losing again!
  6. I'm 10 days post op and I feel sharp pain in upper left abdomen right at the incision that took my stomach out. Has anyone experienced this? Normal? I'm applying a heating pad. The pain comes and goes every 30 seconds. TIA
  7. hollisrn76

    February 2nd anyone?

    10 days out. All my incisions are closed and healing well. I just have pain at the incision site where they took my stomach out. I'm still on a full liquid diet for another week
  8. hollisrn76

    Stomach spasms

    Called Dr They said its very normal for spasms as your new tummy is healing. I get the same pain jpl1966 And after belch ing feels better. Its usually when I eat or drink too fast
  9. Just had gastric sleeve with Dr Kame! 2/3/15. The Kane Center works like a well oiled machine. The care provided is outstanding. I had surgery Alexian Elk Grove. As a nurse myself I was amazed at the exceptional care the entire staff provided. I would recommend the program to anyone!
  10. Its getting better. But still there. Just not as frequent. How are you? I'm ready for something besides clear/full liquid
  11. I'm 6 days post op and its getting better. At least its not constant.
  12. hollisrn76

    February 2nd anyone?

    Surgery was yesterday. Everything went well. The pain coming out of anesthia was pretty bad but once I got controlled with pca its been good. I was up walking halls 4 hrs later. And then again at night. My nerves were so bad right before going in but they gave me iv versed and I was all good! Lol Upper gi this morning Hope all is great for everyone!
  13. hollisrn76

    An exciting day of shopping....

    I'm having surgery today too! Good luck! I'm ready to be a more active mom in my kids life and be more if a wife to my amazing supportive husband! Thinking of you
  14. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that can't stand the bariatric advantage shakes! I'm also with the Kane center. Going shopping today. I'm practically starving myself. I've only been able to tolerate 1-2 shakes a day because it just makes me so nauseous.
  15. I'm struggling too! 7 more days for me. We can do it!
  16. hollisrn76

    February 2nd anyone?

    Surgery date Feb 3rd! 7 more days of protein shakes and clear liquids. Ugh. Its rough but I'm doing it!
  17. hollisrn76

    Bariatric advantage

    I'm with you. On day 6 and the thought of another protein shake makes me sick.
  18. hollisrn76

    Bariatric advantage

    I am currently on bariatric advantage. I'm on day 6 of preop diet. I have to say...I can't stand the thought of another protein shake.
  19. hollisrn76

    Bariatric advantage

    I am currently on bariatric advantage. I'm on day 6 of preop diet. I have to say...I can't stand the thought of another protein shake.
  20. hollisrn76

    Can we talk blenders?

    Thank you!
  21. hollisrn76

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    You look amazing Kindle! Way to go!
  22. Are you all keeping your wls as a secret? I wanted to but saying im having surgery and come back to work weeks later and down 30 or so lbs isn't going to make alot of sense. We are nurses and pretty smart to figure out it wasn't just a normal surgery. Anyone else?
  23. Thanks! Im an L and D rn too!
  24. As a nurse. ..how much time off did you take?

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