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  1. Well I just called my doctor's office and got my date. The March 24 date that the insurance gave me was given to them by my doctors office, but the doctors office made a mistake and had me down at the wrong hospital. Had they given the insurance company the correct hospital, I would've had my surgery in February. Also, I hate the fact that I have to use the Bariatric Advantage products that they offer which will cost $300. I think that's a total rip off. Anyways, I'm very excited that I'll be on the other side soon with my twin sister who had hers done in December. Is there anyone having their surgery around that time?
  2. I forgot…a pillow too for on the way home. It really helps.
  3. I had some lists from this site, but believe me you're not gonna use hardly any of that stuff. I would take this: your own toothbrush biotene spray (my mouth got dry several times and this was a lifesaver. Just a little spray lasts a long time) phone and charger gown that buttons or zips in the front so they can get to your surgery sites No additional clothes. The clothes I wore there, I also wore home underwear sports bra or no bra your medications vaseline or lotion (my skin was dry and my sister did parts of my body that i couldn't reach and also my skin started itching from the medication; the vaseline really helped with that) I also took a tiny "To Go" lysol spray for the gas. but I didn't use because I had no gas. most people do Comb and/or brush reading glasses if you use them Good luck
  4. I had my surgery on Wednesday and it went well. I had some pain so dilauidid (sp) pain meds was my best friend. I have not passed gas at all; just been doing some burping. I had a slight fever but nothing they were too worried about. I didn't have a drain either. I did walk a lot. Thank God my sister was here with me to push me when I didn't want to do anything but sleep. I'm heading home sometime today; can't wait.
  5. Well I'm heading in for surgery at 8 am this morning. Good to all who are having surgery today.
  6. Hi All: I am soooo upset. I wasn't feeling good this morning, feeling kind of week and chills. I went down to my job's infirmary (praying all the way) to check to see if I had a fever and I do. I can't believe this. I have a fever of 100.9. I took some Tylenol. I'm too afraid to call the doctor for fear that he'll want to reschedule. I think I'll wait until tomorrow to see how things are going. Anyone else had a fever before surgery? Did the doctor allow you to go through with it?
  7. Ladiec2


    It took me 1 week.
  8. I chose to keep mine very private. If they ask how did I lose weight, I'll just say I had an appendectomy. My twin sister and my niece are the only ones that will know. I'm not even telling my son. My twin sister had hers done in Mexico in December. The same circle are the only ones that know, me and her daughter.
  9. Ladiec2

    Surgery Today :)))

    Good luck...keep us posted!
  10. Wow. you're better than me. if I couldn't reach them by phone, I would've been at that office the very second I found out so they can look you straight in the eye. I hope you're calling and letting them know that you have a buddy that is getting surgery that day and that they lied to you.
  11. I'm scheduled for surgery on Wednesday and am starting to feel ill. I'm going down to the nurse in our building to check my temp. I hope that it's ok.
  12. You need to contact your dr regarding the steroids. Did the dr you went to know that you were having surgery this week?
  13. Ladiec2

    Got my date!

    Congrats! I know all about the excitement. I'm scheduled for March 4!!
  14. Ladiec2

    So disappointed :'(

    Hang in there. There's the appeal process. It may take you a little longer, but I'm claiming that it'll go through for you. What was the reason for your denial?
  15. Wow!!! You look amazing. You will be my inspiration girl! I do have a question. How did you get your arms to look like that without having hanging skin? I'm afraid of having hanging skin and won't be able to wear sleeveless clothes. How often do you work out and what do you do? Again, you rock!!!
  16. I'm scheduled for March 4 as well. Good luck!
  17. Ladiec2

    March Sleevers

    I started my pre op last Wednesday and the first 3 days were rough. I did cheat a little each day but I buckled down and got back on track full force the 4th day. I would be fine until I got home. At work I did everything I was suppose to do. I realize that in order to beat the hunger pains at night I needed to get in bed earlier and that really helped. I'm on day 7 and things are going pretty well except for the occasional headaches. 7 more day....ugh!!! I can do this. My surgery date is March 4 and I'm scheduled to be the first one at 8 am. Good luck to everyone!
  18. Ladiec2

    Today is the day!

    Good luck and keep us posted! I'll be where you are next Wednesday!
  19. Hello….I have RA and I'm 2 weeks prep. I stopped my meds 2 weeks ago so it'll be 4 weeks before surgery that I won't have taken my meds. The first couple of days was rough. I could only take tylenol. Since I've started my pre-op diet a couple of days ago it really hasn't been that bad…just stiffness in my hands when I wake up in the morning. I can't start back on my meds until 2 weeks after the surgery. My surgery is scheduled for March 4. I don't regret my decision at all. I'm hoping that once I lose the weight my RA and fibromyalgia will improve. 4 weeks post op I'll let you know how things are going. good luck!
  20. Ladiec2

    Got my Surgery Date!

    Congrats!! I know the feeling; I'm scheduled for March 4. I'm so excited. I had my final appt. yesterday with my surgeon and he asked how I was feeling. I said nervous, anxious but mostly excited!! Good luck!
  21. Ladiec2


    Great for you...it's always good to do your own research. I had a similar situation. My Dr's office told me that my insurance required me to have a psych exam. I almost went to my appointment too, but decided to go on AETNA's website to get my requirements and lo and behold there it was...in black in white. A psych exam is required only if you have mental issues or are already being seen by a psych. I even called AETNA to verify before I presented it to the Coordinator. She couldn't believe it....saying all insurance companies require a psych exam. Now I'm wondering how many people that had the surgery at this DR's office had it when it wasn't needed. Some of the psych's require 2-4 visits unless you're lucky enough to find one that require's 1 visit. In my case, when I was going down my list and calling them, all of them require at least 3 visits, but 1 and she wasn't available. Thank goodness for my research. That would've been more money out of my pocket and more time off from work.
  22. Ladiec2

    6 Month Wait is Over!

    Congratulations and good luck with the approval.
  23. Well today I begin my pre-op diet for my surgery scheduled for March 4. My doctor requires us to purchase the Bariatric Advantage. It's not too bad, it just gets thick pretty quick. For the past several weeks I had bronchitis and was on steroids last week. I ate everything in sight...anything that wasn't nailed down. I was afraid to get on the scale this morning for fear that I had gained everything that I had lost so far. Thank goodness it was only a 3 pound gain. I'm ok with that. I'm just glad that I finished the steroids last week. It would've been pretty painful to be on them while doing this pre-op diet. I hope I can get through these next 2 weeks. The Bariatric Advantage comes in a large pouch and we get to choose between 3 flavors. Since nobody knows about my surgery but my twin sister, I had to put each flavor of the mix in ziploc bags and hide it in my desk drawer. I have to manage to make these shakes without anyone knowing because I have some pretty nosy people at my job and I don't want them to get suspicious when i have to take off for 2 weeks after my surgery.
  24. Ladiec2

    March 3rd is the Day! Finally!

    Congrats. It is pretty exciting. I am having my surgery on March 4 scheduled for 8 am. Good luck!

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