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  1. Sassy Little Redhead

    3+years out milestone?

    This makes me feel regrets and fear. I feel like I'm going to be a ticking time bomb to balloon back up at 3 years
  2. Lately I've been getting feedback from people whom I am eating with saying that I am making them feel guilty for eating so much and I am eating so little. I so just want to say stop projecting your issues on me and don't make me the bad guy. I'm going though enough right now without your guilt piled on top! Geeze.
  3. Sassy Little Redhead

    Introvert here.... Told my mother. yay me... not!

    I don't understand why it was ok for your brother and not you in her eyes. Smh. I feel for you. I am a private person too.
  4. Sassy Little Redhead

    Wearing a medical bracelet after bypass surgery

    @@amyecpa Yes it does.
  5. Sassy Little Redhead

    Heading back to ER again, prayers please

    I would call your surgeons office right away.
  6. Sassy Little Redhead

    Hard knot on stomach?

    You should have it checked. It should not be bigger than the size of a marble, usually the size of a pea. It should be sore and tender but not painful. It's from sutures. If it's a golfball size you may have something else going on. Listen to your wife. It my be nothing but don't take a chance.
  7. Sassy Little Redhead

    Stomach binder

    I didn't wear one immediately post op but I'm a RN and went back to work 10 days post op. It saved me while working! I only wore it at work for about 2 weeks after going back.
  8. I've accidentally drank too close to eating and it causes EVERYTHING to come up in a spectacular encore presentation.
  9. Sassy Little Redhead

    Wearing a medical bracelet after bypass surgery

    @@BLERDgirl - Both clasps feel really secure. They are very sturdy lobster clasps. You can also buy them which aren't interchangeable with one clasp and one fixed side.
  10. Sassy Little Redhead

    Wearing a medical bracelet after bypass surgery

    The caduceus appears to be under a layer of lacquer. It looks well made, I don't have any fear of it breaking or falling apart.
  11. Thank you fellow Disney fan, I will. Hopefully a year from now I will regret my regrets. Just feeling pretty low and discouraged tonight. Thank you again for your kind words.
  12. I am on day 28 post sleeve, and yes I do regret my decision. I feel like I have wasted $8500.00 out of my family's funds to do something that isn't even working. I lost 12 before surgery, and additional 8 the first week. I have not lost a single pound since. I am unable to eat without foaming to the gills, ending with spectacular encore of spewing. (commenters please don't tell me to eat slower, chew more, don't drink. I have tried to go so far and portioning out ¼ cups and eating over an hour. I have consulted my NUT and I am eating and doing what I am supposed to. I am getting my fluids and liquid protein in, I just don't want to live the rest of my life on liquids ). I watch my family and friends enjoy themselves visiting over foods while I sit there because I have developed a fear of eating with people around. I am simply frustrated and upset. I feel like all of this misery is for nothing. I am truly happy for those in which this has worked, and I hope your regrets soon pass. I also wish you the best and hope you never have to feel as I do.
  13. Sassy Little Redhead

    Stinging Pain in Bending

    Good job! I think it actually a referred pain from where they part the muscles. It is very painful. Can't wait for the healing to finish!
  14. Sassy Little Redhead

    Stinging Pain in Bending

    I had the same exact pain in the same exact spots. I am almost at 1 month and it still comes and goes if I bend or turn wrong. For awhile it was constant. Now it's just sporadic.
  15. Sassy Little Redhead

    Wearing a medical bracelet after bypass surgery

    I just got mine yesterday in the mail from www.laurenshope.com. I purchased one with interchangeable bands. Very pretty and very lightweight. I love it.
  16. I did't have a bowel movement for three days after my procedure. My stools were black for almost a week.
  17. Sassy Little Redhead

    So discouraged

    I am feeling the same exact way right now. I was sleeved on 10/22. I stalled at 1 week and haven't lost a pound since. Thinking I made a huge mistake. I just think I'm one of those people for which it didn't work. I hit the weight I have never been able to lose past.
  18. Sassy Little Redhead

    3 weeks post- op. No weight loss in 6 days?

    Ok I hit a week one stall that has lasted 2 weeks as of today. Has anyone heard of that?and before a one says it. I have contacted my NUT, I am doing everything I am supposed to.
  19. Sassy Little Redhead

    Fear of eating

    I am totally freaked out by food now. If I eat one thing that is not protein or frivolous I actually almost have a panic attract related to guilt. I still feel like this surgery hasn't and isn't going to work. I have been stalled since one week after surgery. I am at 3 weeks out now. So for two weeks I haven't lost a single pound. I'm afraid to even eat anything now in fear of gaining. I'm just wondering if I have done the right thing.
  20. Sassy Little Redhead


    Will the foamies ever go away? I am early in my post op phase, two weeks to be exact, of VGS and hiatal hernia surgery. I can't seem to eat anything including full liquids without it happening. Does it eventually go away or is this a forever thing?
  21. Sassy Little Redhead


    I've set timers and made sure I don't finish sooner than a half an hour. I've portioned out everything as instructed. I don't drink as instructed. It happens even after the first bite and no matter how many times I chew.
  22. I am an RN, I was sleeved with hiatal hernia repair on 10/22 and went back to 12 hour shifts on 10/31. I was tired but ok. I would recommend an abdominal binder if you are more active in your job. I don't know if I could have done it without it. I have only worn it while at work, haven't needed it otherwise. Good luck to you.
  23. Sassy Little Redhead

    TX--"Big Country" Abilene

    I live near Abilene. If anyone has surgery scheduled and needs protein powders let me know. I bought waaaaaay too much and am willing to give it away. It's all unopened, FYI.
  24. Sassy Little Redhead

    Special card to use when going out

    Mine says to allow me to order off of the child's or senior menu. Sometimes there are healthier options on the senior menu. I will keep it with me just in case.
  25. Sassy Little Redhead

    October 2014

    Update on day 4: I'm feeling pretty ok today. Almost back to normal. Pain is pretty much gone today. Nausea is completely gone. Drinking my clear fluids as directed, much easier than the first two days. Just really really tired. Can't stay awake. Incisions are just itchy because of the dermabond.

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