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  1. RitaRIver

    Stomach Inflamed?

    I know this thread is so old but did you ever figure out what was wrong? I'm having similar issues but I don't have any saline in my band
  2. Hey all I was banded March 2015 and since then, I've had almost constant nausea (even when I don't eat) and last night I had an allergic reaction to something I eat fairly regularly (product containing soy) all day and the months leading up to this, I was nauseous every single day. I take phenegran to control it. I'm not getting much help from my surgeon, he hasn't called me back in 3 weeks. Also I had an endoscopy 3 weeks ago after not being able to eat for 4 weeks due to nausea and it turns out I had polyps on my stomach. I'm able to eat now but I'm always nauseous. I have asthma and allergies pretty bad and last night I had an allergic reaction that sent me to the e.r. they gave me a shot of steroids and benedryl to help and since then I am no longer nauseous. Other times before this, I've used steroids when I had the band and my nausea goes away. My question is, do you think I am allergic to my lap band? This hasn't happened to me before being banded and I also developed a rash on my chest a few weeks ago (when I was having severe nausea that led to the endoscopy) I have ZERO ccs in my band and have never had a fill. I've been able to lose 80 pounds since starting my journey but mostly due to the fact that it always feels liek my band is swollen and nausea. Please help! I have no idea what's going on and I don't see anything in the forums about this anywhere besides things leading me to a slipped band which I for sure do not have because I've done two barium swallow tests and the doctor that performed the endoscopy said the band is in place.
  3. RitaRIver

    What do you eat in a day?

    When I first wake up I drink 2 cups of Water. That usually takes 30 minutes to an hour depending on how much time I have. After that, I always have a Protein shake (Premier chocolate or Atkins Cafe Caramel) that takes about 15 minutes. 2 hours later, I have greek yogurt and that can take about 8 to 12 minutes to eat. 2 to 3 hours after that, I have my lunch which is usually cheese and deli meat like turkey pepperoni. I will eat 17 turkey pepperoni slices and maybe 5 colby cheese cubes. That can take about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the day. For dinner, I'm not usually hungry so I just drink a glass of milk or have a popsicle.
  4. Were you banded in Huntsville, AL? I'm having the same issue and also had an endoscopy. They found polyps but said the band is fine.
  5. Hey guys, I'm 4 months out from being banded and the past 3 weeks I haven't been able to keep anything down because of really bad nausea and gas pains. I don't vomit or anything but it's just always uncomfortable when I drink or eat. I tried taking zantac and that helps for a few hours along with phenegran for the nausea and I'm okay for a little while but then it comes back and even drinking Water causes mild chest pain and nausea. I went to the e.r. and they said everything is okay. My lap band doctor has been "out of the office" for the past 2 weeks and the nurse said she doesn't think it slipped because I would be vomiting and I had a CT scan and the e.r. doctor said everything is fine. I have NO liquid in my band, never have. What could be causing this? Also, I didn't need a hernia repair during surgery.
  6. RitaRIver

    No fill

    I wanted banded March 2015, my surgeon said he's not going to do a fill until late June. Is this normal? He also so I may not even need a fill then. I was losing 5 pounds a week in the beginning, now I'm losing 2 pounds a week. Is this a good loss rate for not having ANY fill at all?
  7. Are kenalog injection like the xolair shot?
  8. Thank you for responding I know this thread is really old. I believe this is what I'm experiencing right now. I have almost constant chest pain and I'm 8 weeks out. My surgeon said there's nothing they can even do for me anymore and just to "keep going to the e.r." but I've had literally every test. I just got off of steroids and antibiotics thinking it was a lung infection but after I stopped taking them, it was the same pain again. I'm already on zyrtec twice a day, singulair, 4 inhalers and prednisone as needed which makes no not lose as much so I have no idea what else to do!
  9. Were you getting chest pain when you would eat/drink during bad allergy attacks?
  10. RitaRIver

    Day 4 post op

    Anyone still have that shoulder pain this far out?
  11. RitaRIver

    Constant Chest Pain

    Yes, I'm able to eat solids and the pain hasn't really been associated with eating. It's just general even if I sip on liquids it can send a surge of left shoulder/chest pain. And it's usually associated with severe nausea. this is only my 2nd week on solids but this has been happening since full liquids.
  12. I was banded March 16, 2015 and since then, I've had really bad upper left chest pain. The doctor said my band is really tight still just from the surgery even though I don't have anything in it, he won't fill it up either and says I'm just "restricted" but even drinking water can sometimes trigger it. I've had x-rays, cat scans, upper GI, and the band looks OK and I don't throw up or anything. They suspected a lung infection since I have severe asthma and being on steroids helped ease the pain but by the next dose I'm in pain again. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  13. RitaRIver

    persistant cough

    Have you been practicing your breathing exercizes or have they mentioned those to you? They told me it's a good idea to walk around for at least 5 minutes every so often and inhale deeply to get secretions out of your lungs. I think it's something with the anethesia that makes you have mouscous in your lungs and you have to cough it up post op. Try inhaling and exhaling. I coughed up stuff for about 9 days.
  14. Good job! I'm sure you'll keep up the good work!
  15. RitaRIver

    Had surgery April 23

    Sorry to hear that! I think we lap banders are suppose to stay away from carbonation (Red Bull) and that could've made you feel icky. Going back to Soups and liquids is a good idea! I had a lot of questions as well and found a few websites that have post care instructions like this one: http://www.murfreesborosurgical.com/weight-loss-surgery/post-op-guidelines/dietary-guidelines-lap-band/ It really helped guide me in what to eat and when and how much Hope this helps you out more!

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