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  1. Hello! So I’m a female who did/does a lot of weight lifting (did powerlifting for a while but stopped in order to lose weight). Did you feel that it helped with the extra skin after surgery? Do you struggle now getting enough protein to continue lifting and building muscle? How long did it take you to get back to it after surgery? Do you find your weaker now? Thanks so much!
  2. KohakuSueda

    The Maintenance Thread

    I’m 1 month plus out and I feel like I eat too much. I get too close to 1000 for my liking
  3. Hey! I have pcos and tbh my weight loss a month out has been very very slow. I lost a lot during the liquid diet but not too much after. Told once I get in the gym it’ll be better. Hope that helps
  4. Only my family and close friends. Only one person at my jobs knows but only because she had it too
  5. KohakuSueda

    Weight loss

    Sep 17, and my weight has been stalled since week 2. Lost 8 pounds since surgery and nothing else 😭😭😭
  6. Every time I drink my protein shakes I feel like I’m going to throw up and it’s making it difficult to get my protein in. I got my sleeve 9/17 and I’m stressing. Anyone else have this issue? I tried the clear protein shakes, readymade, and powder and I can’t find one that doesn’t upset my stomach. Is this normal for gastric sleeve?
  7. That amount of fluid is scary low. I would call your doctor
  8. I’m 8 days out and the pain is finally just annoying insted of hindering
  9. KohakuSueda

    80g of protien?

    I’m a week post op and my plans wants 80g A day of protein full liquids. Had anyone been able to do this? I feel like water is so much easier to drink than the protein shakes because they are so filling and I’m getting a little over 40g instead of 80.
  10. KohakuSueda

    Pureed Diet! Wooohooo!

    Ah congrats! I can’t wait for the day
  11. Yes! 12 days should be enough time.
  12. My depressions horrible. The surgery was more pain then I ever imagined and thanks to complications I was hospitalized for 4 days instead of two. I feel like I can’t drink enough to hit 80 grams of protein, My depressions a mess, and I have no support system. My family could care less about me. I regret this surgery due to all the pain I’m in and I feel like a failure. Anyone relate? 😓😓😓
  13. KohakuSueda

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Surgery 9/17, home 9/20 due to complications. Pain was horrible. Currently hating myself for this surgery. Hope everyone’s experience is better
  14. KohakuSueda

    Miserable 5 days post op

    Doesn’t help my mentally Abusive mother kicked me out and I’m stuck staying with an ex as of this morning. I’m on antidepressiants but feeling hopless. Thanks to all the kind people. Just really depressed and in pain. Doesn’t help I’m taking care of an 19 month old alone.
  15. KohakuSueda

    Dates that don't revolve around food

    Movies, walks in the park, museums, events/concerts
  16. KohakuSueda

    Miserable 5 days post op

    Thank you for your kind responses. I pray your right... right now it feels really dark
  17. KohakuSueda

    I'm not hungry... I want food.

    Ugh yes!!! 😭😭😭
  18. Surgery on the 17. Ended up staying in the hospital till Friday thanks to fluid retention. The pains been horrible but very very slowly getting better.
  19. KohakuSueda

    excircating pain HELP

    Heating pads and warm broth. Also pain meds
  20. KohakuSueda

    Post-Op / Gas Pains

    Sleeved 9/17 and still having bad gas pains. By far the hardest part of this for me so far. Also working on getting my protein in
  21. How bad the gas pains would hurt. I thought the surgery would be a breeze but the pain I was in was really bad
  22. KohakuSueda

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Had my surgery the 17th. Had issues and had to stay an extra few days. The gas pains are nearly unbearable l
  23. KohakuSueda

    Any September Sleevers?

    My surgery date was the 17th and the pain from the gas has been hell. Also haven’t been able to pee on my own. Hoping this will pass soon
  24. KohakuSueda

    I can’t date overweight people

    The problem is that there are also average sized and thin people who live unhealthy lifestyles. Instead of focusing on weight maybe just say your looking for someone who lives an active lifestyle similar to your own. Also, if anyone’s able to throw you off that easily, I’d focus more inwardly on your own goals and self strength before investing your time and energy into another person. Isn’t worth losing yourself to be in a relationship. Hope that makes sense
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    Bumble and hinge

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