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  1. Looking for start a mini support group for sleevers who plan to get surgery done in December of this year. I figure its only two months away so we should meet up now and plan for it Lemme know if anybody is interested!
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    From the album: taniamatts

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    From the album: taniamatts

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    From the album: taniamatts

  5. I got sleeved on December 30th, can I join your group of buddies as well??? Looking for additional support
  6. I am one day post op and I'm still feeling a sensation much like nausea but it also feels like hunger. Im so confused by this because I thought I would not be hungry, so I want to just call it nausea but no matter what the bariatric cocktail doesn't help. Has anyone had the same experience and do you have any advice?
  7. I am on Protonix, which is an acid reducer. The nausea is starting to get better this morning. They told me that it would take about 36 hours for it to subside. Im thinking I will probably have it for the next couple of weeks though. Hoping it gets better day by day.
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    Cold Feet....Nerves...All of the above! :-(

    My surgery is in 3 days. I am also feeling the cold feet and not so much as questioning my decision, but pondering why some people think the way they do. I feel support from my family and some friends, but I have only told a few friends. I don't feel like its everybody's business. I feel that by limiting whom I told about it that sort of protected me from peoples opinions, because the people I did tell I was able to explain the rationale for my decision and they understood and are in support of it.d Good luck with your surgery. You will do great!
  9. @@hm734, so glad to hear that you didn't have to have the 2nd surgery!! I will be having SG in December. Tell me, are you still having acid reflux issues? and if you are, how are you handling this??
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    anyone getting sleeved in DECEMBER?

    @@kymmiej11, no I do not have to get a filter put in, but I will be on Lovenox.
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    anyone getting sleeved in DECEMBER?

    @@kymmiej11 isn't that interesting. I have issues with blood clotting as well. Are they putting you any type of anticoagulant prior to surgery?? I think I will be on Lovenox a day before and then about a week afterwards. I had a stroke and pulmonary emboli when I was 22 years old. No events since though, thankfully.
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    From the album: Tania's Weight Loss Journey

    It was neat to be able to watch how they perform the different surgeries.
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    Yes I had a sleep study.

    From the album: Tania's Weight Loss Journey

    How many cords can they hook to you. This was an experience!
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  19. That is a great question!! So many are just so hung up with the # on the scale when really its about how we feel about ourselves that count the most!!! For me, I cannot WAIT to go shopping and find a smaller size, go into the dressing room, and have it fit the FIRST time I try it on. I cant tell you how any times I have gone to a clothing store (several) and grabbed a few sizes only to find that none fit. Its so discouraging and its also so embarrassing. I also cant wait to run more. I love to play sports and have always been active. Being overweight has really held me back in this regard. I feel like getting surgery will allow me the ability to get a second life on this. Lastly, I cannot WAIT to tell my patients about my success. I work in a Bariatric Clinic and we offer medical and surgical weightloss. Some of my patients who are unsure if surgery is the right thing to do for them ask me "would you do it?"....and I cant wait to tell them that I have! And then to go on to tell them my progress as they follow-up with me during their surgical pathway.....
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    anyone getting sleeved in DECEMBER?

    @@kymmiej11 I am planning on having my surgery on Dec 29 so I will be right there with you!!! Just got approval from my insurance today so Im on cloud nine!!!

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