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LAP-BAND Patients
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    Hastings got a reaction from MonaLisa2 in Keeping the weight off after lap-band removal support thread   
    I would say many have had success with the band, but to say that it has come easily is wrong, in my opinion.
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    Hastings got a reaction from IndioGirl55 in Can't stop eating!   
    Often the rumbling in your stomach is not hunger but only trapped air.
    Hunger is not an emergency for those of us who are fat. I'm often surprised at how people sound so freaked out over being hungry. Drinking Water helps. Eating Protein helps.
    I get hungry too, but I make decisions about food. If I can't resist it, I don't have it around. Every time you put a bite of food in your mouth, it's a decision you have made. That's how we all got fat. One bite at a time.
    Hang in there, you can do it. Reclaim your power over food. It's right there waiting for you. :party:
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    Hastings got a reaction from brandyII in Should I ask to get a removal?   
    Hang in there, Brandy II. The most important thing is your health. I enjoy reading your posts, too.