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  1. Hastings

    Just venting ~ WLS not work ?!?

    I agree, Aunt Lucy. I have seen, many times, someone stewing about a misstatement about the lapband and then in the next statement make a misstatement about GB. If we haven't walked in their shoes, it's best not to make judgements, eh?
  2. How many hours do you expect to go before you are hungry again?
  3. Hastings

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    I've been doing the 10,000 step thing too. I love it cause it keeps me honest and I get a minimum of exercise a day. I just a pedometer. Thanks, Fenton.
  4. I use straws all the time. Including extra large ones for my morning smoothie with the blended up Cereal. No issues for me. I dislike ice so everything is room temp. I don't drink soda pop.
  5. The rule for not eating solids is so that your stomach won't churn to digest the food. It has nothing to do with ease of "getting it down". You want your band to seat well and for your stomach to remain quiet while the healing is going on. There are reasons for the rules. Make sure you understand why they exist before you break them. ) I followed the rules to a T. It's for a very short period of your life.
  6. Hastings

    something new - Gastric Sleeve

    Is there a reason you are pushing the sleeve? It's been around quite a while. Many insurances don't cover it. There are possible problems with it. There are with anything that requires surgery and modifies the body, especially when that surgery is performed on morbidly obese people.
  7. I use Benefiber in my morning coffee for the soluable fiber and .5 cup of all bran with extra fiber for the insoluable fiber.
  8. Hastings

    Issues/weight gain...

    Sherry319, perhaps some counseling might help a little. Everyone can have power over food, it's just a matter of finding it.
  9. Paula, just continue as you are. Writing down what you eat and exercising. Learn to make calm and rational decisions about food and how much to eat. Fill your small plate and take it to the table. Have only the salad and veggies on the table ready for seconds. If you really want something, it is a good idea to wait a half an hour and then have it if you want. You can do it. I hope you find better health.
  10. Hastings

    I Want My Band Removed Now!!!!!

    Bluerose, I read that every pound you lose is like taking 4 pounds of pressure off your knees. I've lost about 40 pounds and taken a whacking 160 pounds pressure off my knees. Wonderful. I had a broken back about ten years ago, and my back has improved as well.
  11. Hastings

    Rachel Ray is an idiot

    Paula Deen's nasal voice drives me bats and her using Ya'll every other sentence. She hasn't a clue about healthy food, and that's a shame.
  12. Hastings

    Rachel Ray is an idiot

    I like Rachel Rae too. I don't like Oprah Winfrey.
  13. Hastings

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    Fenton, does the 5300 calories include your BMR calories?
  14. Hastings

    Do you watch more than just calories & protein?

    I watch calories, Protein, sodium, fat, and carbs. I also watch Fiber because I have a family history of colon cancer and fiber is important. I don't freak out if I miss a day, I generally keep an eye on it, though.
  15. I don't think it's a matter of what people have a right to know. I think it's a matter of honesty. I also think it's a matter of getting obesity into the realm of a health issue and NOT a moral issue. The more it's kept in the closet the longer it will be whispered about etc. If you are terribly sensitive about what others think and may say to you, then I guess it's best to keep it a secret, but what would you do if someone overweight asked and seemed sincerely to want to know your secret? It's not like being fat is much of a secret, nor will becoming unfat be a secret. lol
  16. I told everyone. I've had nothing but support. I'm not the sort of person that anyone really gives a hard time to. It was a few months ago and it's old news now. I would never lie and I would never tell anyone with a weight issue that I just watched what I ate and exercised - knowing how hopeless I used to feel at that advise. Enough weight issues are dirty little secrets.
  17. This is exactly the value of keeping a food journal and counting your calories. I do it everyday.
  18. Hastings

    Is Too Much Fill - a Problem?

    You can up your exercise a little by parking at the far end of the lot, taking the elevator instead of stairs etc. The band is not about starvation. Seems like those of us who are fat struggle to find a healthy relationship with food, sometimes.
  19. Hastings

    Want to change the "focus"

    The fact of the matter, Cheryl, is that you DO deserve to eat whatever you want. What you have to decide is whether you CHOOSE to eat it or not. What you eat has nothing to do with what you deserve. I used to say I deserved it too. Good luck. This is a great thread, guys.
  20. Hastings

    I Must Have My Band Removed!

    Excellent, Ms. Jai! I'm glad you are feeling better. Do keep us posted.
  21. You can do a search on this site for those subjects and finds lots of answers. Just keep in mind that often those with no issues with their lap band don't post much here. . . .
  22. Ketosis is not the same as ketoacidosis.
  23. I think you do have to exercise some self control over what you eat and how often. Try to learn to eat only when you are hungry. Teach yourself to make good food choices, I think this is crucial in case you lose your band, you will have the good habits in place already.
  24. Hastings

    We have our own forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This forum has been here a long time. Lots of banded folk come to offer support. It's rare to see criticism. I certainly empathize with anyone who loses their band, or even with anyone who doesn't like the band and has it removed. I wish you all success and I will continue to post here whenever I feel like I have something to add.
  25. I thought Snoho was a guy. Doesn't really matter. I do think that he/she was upset. If his story makes people think one more time about the band and do a little more research before getting it, that can't hurt. In my opinion, way too many people who are not ready for the band, who are not ready to give up overeating, are getting banded. It's such a huge industry right now. I can't believe how they move people through the practice that did mine. I like my doctor very well, by the way, he is very good, and did a good job. It doesn't hurt for people to say they don't like the band, even though it might upset someone's mojo. Snoho, I hope you see a doctor and I hope you find peace from pain and health. Live long, and prosper.