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  1. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    United healthcare community plan NJ

    I did and still do, no I didn't have a supervised diet but that was in November of 2014. Things always change in the insurance world
  2. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    How old are/were you?

    I was a 34 years old and one month day of surgery..
  3. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Sick ????????????

    I woke up feeling full like I had just eaten and have stayed this way all day. Headache, dizziness and light fever all with this full feeling. No appetite and all I want is liquids.. This is my first time feeling like this and this really sucks...
  4. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    The yo-yo effect?

    So I'm roughly 3 months post op and my weight seems to be going up & down. Is anyone experiencing this???
  5. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    First time sick post op

    It sucks to be sick with my new sleeve, I feel full on nothing and all I want is water and my bed. I guess this is just one of the firsts of many...stay healthy my fellow WLS Gladiators...
  6. Ok so I'm roughly 2 months post op and down 35lbs and I feel great. Putting protein first and everything else last. Exercising any way I can even if I can't make it to the gym I'm doing my part. I feel proud I cannot believe that I am doing as well as I am and turning down the bad habits like I am. The old me is gone and the new one is here to stay. Next thing to work on is my confidence...
  7. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Getting there is most of the journey

    I just might try it, sounds like a good start to accepting the new you....
  8. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Getting there is most of the journey

    I know it may sound weird but all my clothes don't fit right anymore and I stand in the closet just staring and my jeans just fall right off. I feel like I'm going through up & downs, like I used to when my size 24 jeans didn't fit. Maybe I am so used to being over weight that I need a confidence booster.
  9. I had a wonderful experience with my WLS surgery team and would like to invite everyone to check out the wonderful app they have that has helped me and their website that has Vitamins and Protein powder especially made for WLS patients... http://baritrackapp.com
  10. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    So overwhelmed...

    Hey everyone I'm not trying to plug my doctor or nutritionist but they created this great app and have a wonderful website if anyone wants to check it out... http://baritrackapp.com
  11. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    WLS Revisions?

    Your not alone, I myself have just recently had WLS but my mom in law has had a gastric bypass in 2005 and has had a complete failure and is now in search of what her cause was to regain and + weight... She has little to none restriction and we wonder if it was the type of surgery that was performed at that time... She was never educated on nutrition and exercise, she was just thrown into a surgery she was not prepared for...
  12. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com


    Has anyone had to have a revision on a gastric bypass due to complete failure? I would like any responses as to what the cause or causes were....and how did you move forward....
  13. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Calves hurt

    I had that problem, not sure why but it could've been the machine they used when they wrapped up my legs to prevent clots from forming. Because as soon as the took them off I was sore in my calves.. Took about a week or two to feel back to normal..
  14. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Long wait

    I personally didn't but my mother in law has to have a revision on her bypass due to an entire failure and weight gain plus more, She also has to lose 60lbs and get her liver to shrink but she is highly dependent on her meds so i don't know where she'll go from here. I wish you all the best and motivation to push through your initial disappointment
  15. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    United Health

    I am at the very last step in the process on my journey for my sleeve. I have often wondered if anyone out there has the same type of insurance that I do and have been on this journey. I have my surgery date November 26 I've done all of my preop testing the last thing to do is my ultrasound and then everything will be submitted to my insurance. I keep getting reassurances that I meet all the criteria and that I should not have a problem being approvedbut I cannot help wonder whether or not this is true and that all my hard work was for nothing. Has anyone been doing this with United healthcare community if so let me know what it was like for you thanks
  16. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com


    Got the call from my surgeon's office and I still need updates on Psych & Nut. Both were completed less than a year ago... I just have the feeling of another obstacle is going to block me from my goal.
  17. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com


    Thanks it's just been so many complications I had to change surgeons after all preop testing done because after months & months of me calling his office and trying to schedule an appointment for a follow-up & maybe get a surgery date I finally find out in July that he is no longer doing surgery.
  18. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Psych Eval Passed Baby!

    Great!!!!???? It feels god when you move forward and get that check list done...
  19. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    United Health

    Thank you good to know that I may not be disappointed in my choice and happy for you....????
  20. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Last weigh In

    Just had my last weigh in and now the wait.... I'm so excited I think the last stretch to the finish line seems the longest... November 26 couldn't come any faster...
  21. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    End of November Sleever

    Hello My fellow Sleever's My name is Natasha and I am scheduled for November 26 all of my Pre-op testing is done and now it's just a waiting game. I just hope that everything goes well and is approved soon. I am 33 years old 5"2 261lbs I am married with six children in my care. My main focus for having this procedure done is because I lost my parents at a young age because of poor health habits and I am not willing to subject my children to the same pain and suffering I went through as a child. I feel confident about my choice and I am comfortable in making this life style change...
  22. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    End of November Sleever

    I see that there are lots of people with some of the same struggles, it's nice to know that there is support.
  23. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Hi everyone! Newbie on Board!

    I had done all my pre-op testing and I was just waiting patiently for a date for months and when I finally through, his staff tells me that he is no longer performing surgeries. I did some research and I found a review that said he was charging patients on the side off the books.
  24. My surgery date is November 26 and I am so nervous and anxious. I really have no idea of what to expect, all the information is overwhelming and it is a MAJOR change in lifestyle. I keep coming back to the same fear of not being able to follow through. Is anyone out there is as anxious as I am???
  25. ngoycoanaya@gmail.com

    Waiting for my approval from United healthcare

    I also have the same insurance and reading all these comments have given me hope. Thank you guys for sharing your story.

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