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    I'm Back!

    I've been away from the Bariatric Pal site for a few months. Just wanted to shout out to all the friends I've made here on the site and say, I'm back! I lost my sister in early September 2015, after a long battle with asbestos-related illness, obesity, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. Despite it being a blessing that she is no longer suffering, I miss her terribly and still fight some depression from the loss of my last sister (my other sister, who was also obese, died unexpectedly at age 59). Her conditions were a main driving force in my decision to get the Gastric Sleeve to bring my weight down. While I haven't made progress in months on my weight in pounds, I have lost more inches than anything, but am happy to say I haven't gained any back either. I've gone from a size 22W-24W pants down to a 12-14 Petite in women's slacks and jeans, and I have to wear a belt to keep the 14-Petites jeans up!. I can't believe how good it feels to be able to wear jeans again! My shirt sizes have shrunk from a MEN'S 2X-3X (depending on the cut of the shirt), to a MISSES Large. My health has improved tremendously and spent part of Fall 2015 shooting basketball hoops with my oldest son, without running out of breath. During the winter, I've cut and split wood logs for our fireplace with no physical difficulties. While I still have a lot of pain in my leg and ankle (from massive injury in 2013, which required plates and screws to hold things together), it has eased up with the loss of excessive weight. I think once the cold weather turns warmer, my weight loss will pick back up as I'm able to get out and walk my dog. Oh yes, I adopted a new four-legged friend, and she will be accompanying me on my long walks this Spring and Summer. I hope all of you are doing well on your weight loss goals. Best wishes to all! Terry
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    From the album: 4LgrLife_53

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    Hi first time post

    Welcome and congratulations on your weight loss to date. I've lost 60 lbs. I had the gastric sleeve Nov 4th. I just wish I could've done this 25 years earlier. It's great to be able to see the weight come off, and lots of inches. I've had stalls or plateaus along the way (which were aggravating to say the very least), but the inches keep falling off. I started out wearing a 22-24W in women's slacks and 2XL in men's sweatpants. I'm down to a Medium in shorts and sweats, a 16 in women's tops (a large fits comfortably/loose), and wearing a 14-petite in women's jeans. It's a great feeling!! I'm also off tons of medications, including those I was taking for blood pressure, cholesterol, Water pills (lasix), and everything else in between. I was so happy when I didn't have to use a CPAP machine to breathe at night anymore. Dealing with some major hair thinning, despite Vitamins, Protein, etc. I figure I'm just at that juncture, and it'll come back (or I hope so!!). With Springtime, I hope to get more miles in at walking. I haven't been back to the support groups at the Bariatric Center of Kansas City yet, since I'm in the process of moving from Lansing to Leavenworth, KS. I am buying my first home in 8 years. Yay!! I'll be back to the support groups once I get moved in. My name is Terry. Good luck and best wishes to all!!
  6. I've been in a stall too since about Thanksgiving--like 41 pounds lost and holding. I've noticed the inches coming off a lot and have dropped from a 22W to between a 16W and a 18W Petite (mainly because I'm only 5'6", and the pant legs are too darn long!). I'm hoping the scales start showing a change soon--I know it's a stall and I'm keeping my Protein and fluids going (and exercise!!!)--I'd just like to hit the under 200 mark soon. I'm only 7 lbs off that mark.
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    Walking shoes? Help

    I love New Balance shoes for walking or running. My podiatrist recommends them too, because they have wide and extra wide widths, and don't cost a fortune either! Skechers has a pretty nice shoe too. Adidas, most Nike shoes and Puma are way too narrow. Another hint the doctor gave me: On workout shoes, buy them a half-size bigger than you usually wear. Your feet will swell during exercise which tends to pinch your toes. Save the workout shoes for workouts and switch back to your regular shoes (& change socks) after you leave the gym. It also allows your shoes to air out. I don't know about you, but my feet sweat and my socks get damp. Otherwise I get blisters and smelly feet.
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    "Anyone still have pain after surgery? I'm 2 1/2 wks out, and have a tremendous pain in lower right abdomen. Bending over or trying to pick something up, and getting out of bed is extremely painful....anyone else ? " To Goosey76 and others: My pain was in my lower left side. It was a stinging burning pain whenever I stooped to pick something up or I turned a certain way (and also when I had a sneeze fit or hiccuped). Found out it was called muscle/tissue trauma pain from the surgeon maneuvering the instruments (laparascopically) inside my belly during the sleeve operation. It took a while, but I am 4 weeks post-op today (Yay!) and the pain is GONE. If there is any doubt about pain, be sure to check with your doctor/surgeon. They can set your mind to rest if it's something common, or they will schedule you to come in to be checked if it is anything more complex.
  10. Just an added note, be aware that later in the day after you do injections, you may have a small bruise at the injection site--this is normal from all I experienced. If you have severe bruising though, make sure you contact the doctor about the dosage of the Lovenox (be sure to read the side effects sheet that comes with the medication). I didn't have any problems, but it is something to be aware of. Not meant to scare you, but something you should acquaint yourself with. Each person is different. The doctor does lab work prior to your surgery to see where you're at with your blood levels, etc. As I said before, I didn't experience any pain with the shots nor any excessive bruising. It is a blood thinner, so naturally you will bruise easier like as if you were on an aspirin regimen before surgery--thus it helps prevent blood clots. The small bruises are short-lived ones and are usually gone within a week or two. Actually the little bruises helped me measure where to give myself the successive injections over the 7-day period. The shots are what is known as subcutaneous (just under the skin), and not an intramuscular injection (into muscles) shot, which makes it way less bothersome.
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    How is a stall even possible?

    I hit the stall just after 3 weeks. I've been holding at my current weight during the dreaded stall, but have been losing inches. I've dropped 3 sizes in clothes. I was sleeved on 4 November. Can't wait to start seeing the scales continue the downward trend I saw in the beginning of this journey.
  12. It's not as hard as it sounds. When I had to give myself Lovenox injections, both last year (following ankle surgery), and after my gastric sleeve surgery, it was no big deal at all. The injections (with my pharmacy anyway) were prefilled syringes. All I had to do was use an alcohol wipe (those little square packages) where I was going to stick myself with the needle. I would pinch (not hard) a bit of the fatty tissue to the right and left of my navel (you want to alternate sides each day) and stick, then press the plunger on top of the syringe. They are very small needles and not painful at all. The medicine tends to burn a little going in, and you shouldn't rub the area after the injection. A nurse showed me how to do these injections after my ankle surgery last year, and a nurse can show you how it's done or your facility may have a video tape presentation of the procedure. It is very simple and very painless.
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    Buddy to motivate me

    Surprisingly, indoor pool Water is not that super cold! It feels like it when you first put your toe in the water, but if you gradually enter the pool and then immerse yourself, then start doing laps or whatever swimming you do, you warm up naturally as your body adjusts to the water temperature. It is so soothing to me to be in the water, and the stiffness lets up. If you're worried about being too cold after you leave the water, take a thick beach towel with you to wrap up in and use your gym's shower facilities to wash down with. Stay in the gym until you're dry so the cold air outside doesn't chill you. Thankfully the health center I belong to has full locker, shower and even blow-dryers by the mirrors to completely dry off and warm up. I know I'm centering my posts about water, but you said you are on your feet all day, and water exercise is practically a weightless exercise so it's easy on those sore joints after a long day at work. If water doesn't work for you, I'm sure there are ellipticals or something that is not super hard on your body as you are still recuperating from surgery. Of course, the old standby of putting a headset on and walk to your favorite tunes at the gym or an indoor shopping mall.
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    Buddy to motivate me

    Have you had your surgery yet? I had my gastric sleeve on Nov 4th, and when I had my post-op appointment with the surgeon and got my staples out, I asked when I could go back to swimming in the pool (indoor one at a gym) and do Water aerobics. Since I was healing so well, he cleared me that day. It feels so good to swim laps and do water aerobics and it isn't hard on the body that's still healing on the inside. The lap swimming I do is helping to tighten up some loose skin under my arms (bat wings) and tighten up some of the other muscles. You'll be happy to get out and exercising --- it'll raise your endorphin levels too to fight off any depression you may have over foods you can't eat or not supposed to eat yet too. Exercise doesn't have to be at a gym, but the sooner you start exercising the better you will feel. Just remember to listen to your body--if it starts to hurt, it's time to stop or slow down.
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    Tightness in chest...

    I forced myself to burp (a lot) so I could get rid of the gas pains faster. That and drink warm broth, it'll get the gas moving the other way too. and of course, lots of walking. My biggest pain has been the muscle/tissue trauma from the laparascopic instruments (especially to the left of my navel). OMG, when I sneeze or hiccup, or bend the wrong way, YELP!! I discussed it with the surgeon, and this is normal since they have to ease those instruments inside your belly thru tissue, fat, and muscle areas. So just be careful not to overdo any exercise while you're healing. I'm 19 days post-op and this has been my biggest issue since returning home after surgery.
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    Anyone on here in Kansas?

    I was nervous too, but everything turned out fine so far. I had my surgery Nov 4th and went home the following morning. No nausea and very little pain. Only used the pain meds the first two days (including the night in the hospital). Main thing to do is get up and walk as much as you can tolerate after you get to your room (and home) so you can work the gas out of your system. I'm down over 30 lbs and still dropping weight. Happy as a lark that I'm already having to switch out of some big clothes into smaller sizes.
  17. I know what you mean. As we lose weight, some of us (like me) are losing padding on the butt cheeks. I had a broken tailbone last year (July 2013) and I sure feel that area now that I've lost over 30 lbs. Recommend you get a memory foam, egg shell type foam pad, or a gel pad you can put under your bottom to alleviate the discomfort. It has helped me immensely. The best pad I had was a gel pad that conformed to my body when I sat on it. It is real easy to have a fracture of the tailbone, or even a hairline fracture. Mine was a full blown dislocated fracture and I couldn't sit without extreme pain for months. Last year I tried every donut pillow and even those blow up swim rings trying to sit comfortably. No fun.
  18. Just going to vent here because I am frustrated beyond words. powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury (Protein powders) has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After experiencing an allergic reaction to their Protein powder I contacted them to return the product and get a refund. Of course it cost me almost $15 to return the $80 plus dollars in product via UPS Ground. Almost wish I hadn't NOW. They were real courteous on the phone (no problem there) and nice emails. The problem was blatantly apparent when I checked my bank account online to see if my refund had been processed. THEY CHARGED ME $89.72 instead of a REFUND. But of course, it was after hours and no-one to help at either the bank or UNJURY. This is all fine when people have hordes of money in their bank, but they almost overdrafted my checking account (especially with Thanksgiving next week!). So please everyone be diligent in checking your accounts if you place orders with this company. I hope this matter with my account gets straightened up today. I'm hoping this was an accidental charge by an inexperienced clerk. PRAYERS PLEASE!!
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    Learning to eat Post-op

    I know this may sound corny, but one way I'm training myself to eat slower is by taking a little bite of food, and chew it like crazy while listening to one of my favorite country music tunes. When the song is over, I take another bite. It's like I chew to the rhythm of the song. Each song is between 2-4 minutes long, so it helps me spread the little bit of food we're allowed into the 20-25 minute mark for the meal.
  20. I have a question about post-operative activity. Even though it is not near any of the small incisions (which are well healed on the outside), I get this stinging pain in my extreme lower left side of my belly (about 3 inches left and slightly down from my navel). The only thing close to that is where I had the 1/2 of the lovenox injections post-op, and those were subcutaneous injections. I'm not having any fever, nausea, and when I press on the area there is no pain and no swelling----it's just when I move a certain way or bend over to pick something up (like a tissue I dropped). It feels like a big bug just bit me when the pain comes on and it never happens during or immediately after a meal or drink. It just randomly hits. Is this normal, or is it because my body is still healing in the inside from the surgery? I know they had a drain to drain off the excess Fluid (from the blood and rinsing/lavaging out the area after surgery). I'm wondering if I stretched something too soon. I had sleeve surgery on 11/4. Thanks.
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    Stinging Pain in Bending

    I have had multiple sneeze attacks today--just hay fever and not the flu, but it has been excruciatingly painful in my lower belly. The stinging sensation SENSATIONALIZED itself in full blown agony during my sneeze attacks. Even holding my belly and holding a pillow to it didn't help. Everything returned to normal about 30 seconds after the last sneeze, but I was hurting so bad I had tears in my eyes. Felt like someone was stabbing me with a red hot knife for those agonizing seconds of sneezing. OMG I hope that tissue heals fast. Unfortunately, I am prone to sneeze attacks with the slightest bit of dust flying in the air. Horrible!! I summed this pain up as muscular pain or tissue mending pain near enough to the laparascopic site near my belly button. The pain doesn't come from where my stomach/sleeve is, and the pain doesn't express itself any other way (swelling, fever, discoloration of the area, nausea, or temperature), so I'm more inclined to believe it's just tissue and muscles healing after surgery. Two weeks post-op now. I don't have any regrets on having the gastric sleeve though. Losing weight and getting healthier.
  22. I'm with you SuperDave. If you use your credit or debit card online or in stores, the money is subtracted immediately or a hold is put on your account for X number of dollars (especially at gas stations). Yet when the merchants owe you money and put the money back onto your debit/credit account, it takes multiple days to get it back. Just in my own thinking, they should devise a way to put it back the same day you are entitled to a refund. These multi-million dollar companies can afford that much, whereas everyday John or Jane Does don't have millions just sitting around, and if anyone is like me, barely making it from the 1st of each month to the 1st of the following month on one solitary check. Anyone other than the rich and powerful knows this feeling.
  23. Yes, they have always been nice to be, so that's why I vented so much this morning---the unexpectedness of a goof-up like that really caught me off guard to the point of shock. When you're only getting around $900 in social security disability payments (after Medicare), even a little expense easily becomes a big deal. Added to that with all the emotions running rampant after surgery (I'm 2 weeks post-op today). I just needed to vent. The matter was quickly resolved after talking with their representative. While it may take 3-4 days for the bank to process the transactions, I'm hoping it goes thru sooner than later. Sadly, an inexperienced clerk took the refund pile and processed them all as new sales, so I was not the only customer affected. They are taking steps to correct the other transactions too.
  24. Whew!! Big sigh of relief!!! U's representative just called me back (0817am) and said it was an error by a clerk who took the wrong pile off a desk (orders vs. refunds). I was not the only customer affected though! He assured me that a refund of both transactions was in process. It'll just take 3-4 days more of bank processing time and I'll have both monies refunded. (Ugh, until that happens) But huge weight will soon be lifted off my finances soon.
  25. What the big deal is is that I spent $80.85 on products that I couldn't use, almost $15 returning the product, and then getting charged (not REFUNDED) $89.72!! I'm not a millionaire and this hurts my monthly budget being on disability to begin with. All told that was $185.28 out of my checking account. How would you feel if you were shorted this month and not knowing how soon this will be corrected, or if I will have to pay an additional STOP PAYMENT FEE at the bank. It happened with a transaction from the "U" company at 11:26 am yesterday, overcharging my bank account.