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  1. Same thing. Eight pounds more when I came home. It took about a week to lose it. I wish I knew ahead of time it could happen since it was disappointing. But it is all good now.
  2. My daughter hasn't seen me in a few months. She reaches over to put a hand on my leg, then stops and says, with hand on my leg, "what's this?" "A muscle." Silence.
  3. You're 59, wearing shorts, and someone tells you that your butt looks good. Never happened when I was in my....wait, it has never happened.
  4. I decided when I started this journey in May 2015 that I wanted to live. I wanted to physically live to see grandchildren, but I also wanted to fully engage in life. I have been doing that pretty well for 60 years but I didn't want to decay bit by bit as I saw family members age with health issues. So I had surgery in late September. Part of the process was going to be a trip to Europe with my just graduated college child. She has been my biggest supporter (this morning - mom, I can Heimlich you now as she wrapped her arms around me for a hug). We just got back from three wonderful weeks in Great Britain. I climbed every one of the hundreds of steps in each castle. Walked five to 10 miles a day. Had a flat in London that was two flights up. Up and down stairs in the tube. At one cathedral I thought I had reached the top, only to find another staircase even twister and steeper than the first few. I looked up and could see no end to it. I turned away and started back down. I stopped. Did I do all this to not go to the tip-top of the cathedral? Of course not. I deserved the whole experience and that included the breath-taking view from the very top. The best though was passport control when I arrived. The immigration officer looked at my passport, then me, and said, well you've lost a lot of weight. Good job. I smiled and told him thanks. And made a mental note to get a new passport. I have many more trips ahead and although I enjoyed his noticing, I want all future immigration officers to see a face that matches the passport! Oh, and I lost five pounds!
  5. Lani789

    Not noticing weight loss?

    I've moticed it tales about 50 pounds lost for others to notice. They might comment on hair or an outfit, but weight loss doesn't click as the reason a person looks "good" until they hit the 50 pound mark.
  6. Lani789

    Isopure drinks

    I tried them all since I can't stand the milk type shakes. Love the black tea. Try synergy nectar powder. Also non milky and easy for me to get down.
  7. I'm 59 and everything is deflated but a twenty something guy told me I looked good recently. I had the drippy parts covered, but it still made me feel good. All spare change going into "plastics" jar.
  8. I am never going to look at my dogs the same way again. Good thing I had the surgery, survived, had little discomfort, and am now able to outrun my pack of dogs.
  9. It is a process. I felt like a failure at keeping it off (but a champ at losing) until I learned about ghrelin. So I started reading more. And thinking more. I started down the WLS road by doing the needed medical tests and still wasn't 100% in until one test revealed what turned out not to be problem (but could have been). And that doc said thinner would be better in any case. So I did it. I think even with research I couldn't appreciate what this would be like. The craving for certain foods is gone and the quantity - no question. Mentally there is a lot to deal with. I was angry when I watched people shovel it in at restaurants. I'm working on me first which I don't think I ever did. I was always the good one who took care of others. But now I'm first and that means at least 90 minutes a day to swim, do strength training, run, pilates, etc. This applies to both at work and home - me first. In the meantime it is strange to go clothes shopping in sections I was afraid to step into before. I am taking the first year to solidify food and activity changes. I don't want to be in that small percentage that gain post surgery. I think the fun I've had since surgery will continue (and my goal is running one 5k per month in 2015 and on track so far who thought running=fun?), plus things like fitting into rides and airplane seats, will keep me on the right track. Keep researching. You shouldn't do this if you aren't ready.
  10. And when child does a subtle brag on social media by telling her friend to step back while taking pix of the two of us...so the whole body shows.
  11. New underwear becomes critical.
  12. I remember my surgeon saying you can still have a piece of cake for your birthday as long as your birthday isn't every day. Change birthday to any celebration and you understand you can still have things, just not all the time.
  13. To clarify these were packets of the powder. I mixed as needed with bottled water. Since I don't like lumps I also carry a small strainer to strain it.
  14. I had the individual serving of Nectar. I put three of them into my blender bottle. No trouble with TSA.
  15. Lani789

    No respect from family.

    Same thing as telling the lash lady...my hairstylist knows due to hair loss, my trainers, and that is about it. I just told a friend who has a friend who is slowly killing herself with weight complications. So I told her about the surgery and I am meeting her friend soon to casually bring up the subject. Anyone have any good openings to casually bring up bariatric surgery?