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  1. Not sure if you’ve had an endoscopy or not, but it’’ll show the damage, if any, caused by your band. If damage is found, the doctor can request treatment for the issues or request that insurance cover band removal. Docs usually want to remove with the intention of revising the patient to a different surgery. I literally had to threaten my doctor to finally get him to put in for only a band removal with no revision. He caused me much suffering over the years, and I was done. He was so afraid when I suggested that he call security, that he finally agreed. He worded it so that insurance approved it about 48 hours after the referral. Sometimes we have to fight for our health. Literally. Good luck.
  2. I've often wondered about this. The DS isn't a good option for me due to pre-existing conditions. However prior to knowing this, back when I was asking surgeons about it as an option, I was constantly told no due to my weight (I'm 5'4, 220 poinds). So, I guess it depends on the surgeon? Also, seems like there are surgeons out there who make the common channel longer so as to avoid major vitamin deficiencies and too much weight loss? I could have this wrong. I've been researching sooo much stuff and tend to get things mixed up a bit lol
  3. @jessgnc thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. I am no longer with the group that gave me the runaround. I am now back with my original surgeon who performed my lapband back in 2005. I've seen him once but he had so much going on that day I promised I would return so we could speak more, but I haven't been back. I'm going to look into seeing a therapist who specializes in working with bariatric patients. Hopefullu, that will help me deal with my fears and concerns and move ahead with this I'm not getting any younger. Or thinner. Hahahaha
  4. That's what I've been leaning towards. Just weird, when I started having problems with my band, I immediately wanted and was ready to have it removed and be revised to a different surgery. It took years for them to help me out and now I am super nervous about and scared to have revision surgery. I am not even interested in having the surgery, but I do realize I need it to help with weightloss. I can't do it on my own, especially with my metabolic and hormonal abnormaloties. I need to be brave. Every time I think about surgery, I get major anxiety. Been this way for about 7 or 8 years now. Hoping I get over the fear an axiety soon!
  5. Hope this link works. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duodenal_switch
  6. I'm sure it will get better with time ?
  7. @Lannah so sorry to hear this. How long since your surgery?
  8. This is true. Puts things into perspective. Thanks for the encouragement! @hmm33502
  9. Oh wow! @AnneElliot What ended up happening to her!? What were the surgeons able to do for her once her stomach was gone!?
  10. I am sooo afraid to have revision surgery! It's weird, because when I had the lap band done in 2005, I was so ready. But now, it's just not the same. I find myself thinking crazy thoughts about not being able to get anything down or suffering from malnutrition and malabsorption or what if I develop stomach cancer and there's no stomach left once the cancer is cut out. It's INSANE!!! The fact that there's no going back and the surgery is permanent really get to me. What happens if it doesn't turn out right and I'm just stuck with no way to reverse anything!? Like I said, I think crazy thoughts this time around. The lapband traumatized me for all other surgeries! LOL!!!
  11. I find that I never encourage or discourage a person in any one, specific wls. Everyone's situation is quite different with each surgery. I know several people who had the sleeve almost 10 years ago. Some have gained a bit of weight back, while some are continuing to keep it all off. After several years, there remain a few complaints about ocassional GERD and the extra 10 minutes added on to a workout due to overindulgence of a chocolate chip cookie. However, I don't hear many serious complaints overall. . On the other hand, I only know a few DSers. One can't keep up with the eating plan and complains that it's too much food to eat to keep her weight up and eating has now become a huge chore, not to mention her new "bathroom" issues. Another friend, is experiencing malabsorption issues despite taking all the required daily Vitamins. Another one has gained back quite a bit of weight and is just unhappy with the results of her surgery, because she was told by her surgeon that she wouldn't have to worry about weight regain with the DS. These comparisons are not to persuade or dissuade either way, just an example of how things work differently for each person. While the DS may be the best surgery for YOU, it may not be for the next person. My surgeon actually encourages his patients to try the sleeve first (due to its high success rate with his patients) and explains that the DS or "switch" (rerouting of the guts) portion of the surgery can always be added later if necessary or wished. That being said, I continue to research each surgery in an effort to decide what would be best for ME. I wish I was one of those people who could just decide already! It's becoming quite frustrating, because as you bring out, statistics DO show that regain with the DS is less likely, and we would all LOVE to lessen our chances at regain. However, the malabsorption issues REALLY frighten me, because I have other health issues which would only worsen with malabsorption. Hopefully, I will make a decision soon, because I am struggling with trying to maintain my current weight (I've given up on losing, as that has become impossible due to my different metabolism/hormonal disorders). I had the stupid crap band in 2005, which developed a leak in 2009 and is now broken inside of me in 3 different places (YUCK). I will be revised one of these days lol
  12. One and done is everyone's hope. However, my surgeon actually encourages his patients to try the sleeve first (due to the large success rates his patients have experienced with it) and explains that the "switch" or DS portion of the surgery (rerouting of the guts) can be added down the road if necessary.
  13. I have UHC. Weirdest thing ever! HMO covers bariatric care but PPO doesn't. So, I was allowed to switch back to HMO in the middle of the plan year once I realized this. I explained to HR that I have a lapband which requires ongoing care and would not have enrolled in a PPO had I known bariatric services/care was excluded. You may have to take this time to research your plan options and find out which one covers bariatric treatment and switch to that one during open enrollment.
  14. That's amazing! Did you have the removal and sleeve done in one surgery?

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