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  1. Hi, I had surgery 2 years ago in October 2014 with him, he was an amazing Dr. I started at 217 lbs and dropped down to 134 after my sleeve(my lowest weight) in 6 months, the nurses were amazing and answered any questions that I had. The translations wasn't difficult because I put the translate app on my phone. I now weigh 165 lbs because I'm trying to get pregnant and the meds I've been on(clinic) is actually making me gain weight. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at nikkialex34@hotmail.com and I will respond as quickly as possible. Good luck to you!
  2. nikalex

    October 2014

    @@krimrod add me please! Thanks!!
  3. nikalex

    October 2014

    Well, I started my pre-op diet today and I must say that it's really starting to become REAL!! Woke up, had a boiled egg and a strawberry nectar protein smoothie. Around 3 hours later a cookies and cream Quest protein bar. Again three hours later a 2oz piece of baked chicken and a lemonade nectar protein shake. Today has been really easy so far and hopefully it stays this way. October 21st here I come!!! )
  4. nikalex

    How much was you self-pay ?

    I have two: Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Dr. Elmo.
  5. nikalex

    How much was you self-pay ?

    Hi @niecyBell12, I self paid for my surgery at Belite weight. It cost me 6800.00 +50.00 for take home meds. My surgery date is 10/21/2014. I'm having it done in Tijuana Mexico.
  6. Praying for a safe f e surgery and speedy recovery!
  7. nikalex

    Any October Dates?:)

    Librarianlk, hopefully we will bump into each other! I will certainly post updates to you as much as I can!
  8. nikalex

    Any October Dates?:)

    Scheduled for October 21, 2014 in Tiajuana Mexico with doctor Jose Rodriguez with Belite weightloss. Super exited and nervous! 25/8 all I do is think about my surgery. I read everything I get my hands on concerning WLS. I've never wanted something so bad and at the same time be so nervous and afraid of wanting it! Wishing all of you a safe and successful surgery!
  9. nikalex

    Nectar Protein

    I use nectar and matrix and I've tried just about all of their flavors. I have the roadside lemonade, natural peach, grape, pink grapefruit, strawberry mousse, medical unflavored, cookies and cream, matrix peanut butter cookie and chocolate mousse! I order from vita cost and lucky vitamin. I usually add the unflavored to my turkey or chicken broth and if I want a dessert, I add any other flavor to my sugar free whip cream and freeze it, tastes just like ice cream!!
  10. nikalex

    Who Are You?

    Hi, my name is Nikki. I'm 39 yrs old and I'm from Mississippi. I have 4 children ages 22,15,14,and 13. I'm recently divorced and very happy. I'm a massage therapist that works for a chiropractor for the past 9 years. I've been overweight probably for the past 4 years. I started to seriously gain weight when my oldest son fell ill with complications from sickle cell disease. I had to stop working out and give him all of my attention and support. Emotional eating played a big role in my weight gain too! I've researched WLS for the past year and just decided that enough is enough in this weight gain/loss roller coaster. My surgery is set for October 21, 2014 and I'm very excited and nervous all at the same time. I can't wait to be happy with my self image again!
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  12. nikalex

    October 2014

    Hi my name is Nikki, my surgery date is October 21, 2014. I start my pre-op diet on October 14. I'm so nervous and excited!