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    luluc got a reaction from MAC73 in Share ideas, What did you eat today ?   
    HA! this was harder than i thought, might break this up w/the age differences next summer. the tweens are the work right now, i LOVE the 2-7yrs olds. ready to go visit MY mom next wk and let her pamper me..:eek:
    bigbaby - yes hubby was banded about an hr after i was. it has been awesome to go through the same experience together...we figured we got heavy together while married, lets get fit at the same time....No, he's never been on here, but he hears a LOT about it:tongue:
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    luluc got a reaction from MAC73 in Share ideas, What did you eat today ?   
    "when" i have a Protein shake, it's EAS AdvantEdge carb Control - chocolate. 110 calories, 17grams Protein. i'm sure others will respond to their favorites....
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    luluc got a reaction from Kinley7390 in Good Crockpot recipes?   
    I have a pork loin recp that I've condensed to be fat/calorie concious:
    * 1 4lb pork loin (one that will fit your crockpot - 3/4lbs works for mine)
    * Salt & Peper loin & "lightly dust" with whole wheat flour
    * Sear loin on hight heated pan with light olive oil - on all sides locking in * S&P giving a light crust.
    * Line the bottom of crockpot with 1/4 cup white wine / 1/2 cup fat free chicken stock / 2/3 cup of Lowerys Lemon Peper Marinade.
    * Place Loin on top - add 1 seeded or unseeded (me i like hot so unseeded) jalepeno & 1 medium onion.
    * Cook 4/5 hrs depending on size, you may need to add more chicken stock.
    * You can add any veggies half way thru cooking process - potatos / celery / .. I use zuchinni & squash.
    For those that can't eat pork, this works so well...It turns out very moist.....,
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    luluc reacted to jjsmiles in Am I Alone?????   
    Having weighed at least 409 pounds, and also spending years "down" to the 350's because of undiagnosed diabetes and other illnesses, I know what you are saying. I think that one of the differences is that at those weights I had never heard of WLS, and I don't think that if I had even heard of them, I would have had the energy or the self esteem to persue. I was so out of tune with myself that I don't think I could make wise choices for myself when it came to my health.
    I have a friend who is about 20 pounds overweight, who has told me many times that her 20 is as big a hurdle as my 200 (yeah right - although I just nod my head):smile2: and smile.
    I sometime get jealous of those folks who "only" have 75 to lose in total. I think that my jealousy stems from the fact that these people are taking charge and control of themselves, when I couldn't or maybe a better word is that I "wouldn't". If I am to get to a healthy BMI, I still have about 60 pounds to lose and for the first time in my life, I believe it is possible.
    As you go through this journey, focus on losing the weight in a healthy way and retraining your eating habits so that your weight loss is sustainable. I worry more about the people who get so militant about their diet and go for so much restriction that they can't eat real food and treat the band as another diet to be endured until they lose the weight and can go back to being "normal".
    I don't know how long you have carried your weight, but I have carried it my entire life and my definition of "normal" is changing a whole lot. A huge part of my journey is opening my eyes to myself (maybe for the first time ever) and seeing me for the treasure that I am. I think alot of the lower BMI'ers already "see" themselves and were ready for the journey earlier - or not - just my nickel's worth :tongue2:
    Chin up - you are not alone and you can do it!!!
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    luluc reacted to BJean in Spanking   
    Abuse in any form is bad. I think this has been a great forum. I have read lots of very interesting stories and different perspectives.
    I have always thought that parents should have the right to educate and discipline their children by their own set of rules. I've also observed so much abuse, both physical and emotional, that I wonder what we as a society are going to do to help the children and stop the horrendous cycle of abuse.
    You all are giving me some hope that it can be done without laws that interfere with parental rights.
    It has many of the same pros and cons as the question of gun control, doesn't it?
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    luluc reacted to brandyII in I hate it when people post just to post.....   
    there's just too much thread intermingling going on around here so I thought I'd kill two fishes with one slap! brandyII
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    luluc got a reaction from Turler in Which celebrity do YOU think needs the Lap Band?   
    I have a Lili & Casey too - (dogs)
    Lili - 16yr Long hair Chi
    Casey - 8yr Golden Ret / Yellow Lab Mix
    Sal - 15yr Teacup Poodle
    Babe - 1yr Red Heeler
    Skippy - 12yr Choc Lab
    Red (my avitar) - 2yr Red Lab
    Dogs ARE a lot of work. Hubby and I have spent the last 18hrs in Animal ER w/our Red Lab. He was neutered on Monday and well they didn't take the full scrotum out (sorry guys reading this) and he developed blood clots. Scrotum Ablation, what a mess....and so was I (he is my lucky charm).
    I don't often give my hubby credit - but last night while we were waiting on the vet to diagnose the bleeding, there was a family that had brought in their cat (not sure the problem). They could not afford the $480 fee to save the cat (parents & 3 boys crying). I looked at my husband, and He just handed the staff his CC to pay their fee.
    I had been crying enough - but that made me smile.
    When we arrived this afternoon to pick up our big guy, they had come back w/a lucky bamboo plant for us - very appreciative for helping their family pet. ....
    I asked hubby if we can get a cat and call it bamboo or lucky and he told me "NO".... will still work it:)
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    luluc got a reaction from brandyII in Which celebrity do YOU think needs the Lap Band?   
    The new people magazine (beautiful people) has a section of "natural beauties" those w/out a stich of makeup / not overly fussed hair * and by far, I think they look SO much better. Rebecca Romaign (SP?) looks stunning.
    I loved it because I HATE makeup (almost as much as dresses & high heels) - I really only wear it when going "out" - my daily routine is mascara / chapstick & bronzer.
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    luluc got a reaction from brandyII in Fat people in movies   
    Phatt Girlz -
    Real Woman Have Curves - one of my favorite movies on the subject. I think to embrace a realistic body VS "fat humor" is more my taste.
    I always felt the "cringe" while watching Chris Farley / John candy in their SNL / Second City skits...They always pushed the physcial comedy at their expense. Just left me sad.