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  1. Hello, I had a sleeve 6 years ago, never lost enough weight and what I did I have regained. I'm 7 days out on full liquids. My dr didn't have to resize the sleeve so I'm thinking that's what is making it easier for me. When I had the sleeve I could bearly take in a few sips of water and this surgery I'm able to drink just fine. Im on purée liquids, did any one else find it easier this surgery? I also had my gallbladder removed.
  2. Nancysgastricbypass

    Mucus and phlegm

    I'm 5 days out of surgery, and I have started having this phlegm in the back of my throat I can't seem to get rid of. I've tried gargling, netty pot, and nothing. The hard part is the pain trying to cough it out. No fever and mucus is clear. Any advice ????
  3. Nancysgastricbypass

    Day One - Surgery Day

    Prayers everything will be fine ????, sorry you had to deal with such a nurse.
  4. What exactly can u have, maybe we can put some ideas together for you ????
  5. Nancysgastricbypass

    Chewable Vitamins - HELP!

    I just ordered multivitamin capsule from bariatric advantage, 3 a day and just swallow! Let's see how it goes. Now I have bariatric fusion chewables , I don't like!
  6. Hello, Anyone out there with revision from the sleeve to the bypass or DS?
  7. Just a few people know and those who had to know like MIL that I was in the hospital I told her I'm having my gallblader and stones out, which is true! Just didn't share the rest.
  8. Nancysgastricbypass

    Anyone with revision from sleeve to bypass

    I had the sleeve 6 years ago but didn't help lose much weight, I ended gaining back the weight. I'm 6 days out weight is coming off since my tummy wasn't recut I'm healing faster. How soon did u move over to soft food?
  9. It's so strange that we all had the same surgery and our diets differ.
  10. Nancysgastricbypass

    Puree Diet Suggestions Please!

    You can make fresh chicken and meat then purée it. Eggs are also good.
  11. Nancysgastricbypass

    Mucus and phlegm

    Thank u, do u know how long it lasts ?
  12. Nancysgastricbypass

    Drain or no drain?

    After surgery did or didn't you have a drain?
  13. Nancysgastricbypass

    Polish and nails

    A friend of mine said before her surgery her dr asked her to remove her nail polish. I was planning on a pedicure before my surgery and I wear acrylics. Has anyone ever been told this?
  14. Nancysgastricbypass

    Drain or no drain?

    I had a drain while in the hospital but then they took it out before discharge. The feeling of having the drain pulled out was the strangest thing ever!!! Like a worm in your insides!!!
  15. Nancysgastricbypass

    Surgery was on the 13th

    Had my surgery the 13th as well. I'm having issue, I keep coughing trying to get some phlegm out it's killing me! I use a pillow push against the wall to cough but it's annoying and painful. Mucus is clear and no fever. Anyone else have this?
  16. Nancysgastricbypass

    August 11,2014 anyone else this day!?

    Good luck to both of you, my surgery is the 13th!!! Nervous but excited and scared lol
  17. Nancysgastricbypass

    Surgery next week ....

    That's great! My surgery is August 14th!
  18. Nancysgastricbypass

    Need AUGUST bypass buddies!

    My surgery is also august 13th I'm so scared ????