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  1. taken_chances19

    August Sleevers Check In

    @karenscott @@Jz0917 same here yesterday I finally got thru one day with out eating anything I was not suppose to. Here's to 10 more days before my surgery day and you?
  2. taken_chances19

    August Sleevers Check In

    I am having such a hard time not cheating on my pre op diet I'm so ashamed
  3. taken_chances19

    August 26 Sleevers

    Hi gals well my real name is erica and I would like to give you my email as it much simpler for me macedoerica@yahoo.com hopefully we good meet up once there. For the pre op diet I've had my Breakfast and now lunch... I'm hungry now jaja but I mean I can stand the hunger until 5 that's when I'll have dinner but! I guess from the restrictions and change my head is throbbing and I have a headache . I will need to get broth and some other things to take to the hospital I haven't really prepped guess I feel I have time when in reality its just around the corner ????
  4. taken_chances19

    August Sleevers Check In

    I will be getting sleeved with dr. lopez in tj at Mi doctor will be starting pre op diet today I pray everything goes well.
  5. taken_chances19

    August 26 Sleevers

    I am having surgery 8/23 with Dr.Lopez at Mi Doctor I haven't really come across others with the same surgery date. I had initially gone to a plastic surgeon (fam/friend that did my mom's Tummy Tuck/nose job) to see about getting my excess skin removed and he advised I look into getting the sleeve and then getting a tummy tuck. So here I am . I haven't started my diet yet but I will be doing that today. How are you holding up on hunger @@Sandi in FL? I will be using the premier shakes from costco.
  6. Sandi in Fl I have surgery on the 23rd who are you going tp5
  7. taken_chances19

    August Surgery in Puerto Vallarta

    Hi I'm scheduled with Dr lopez as well just in tijuana for aug.23
  8. I will be getting surgery August 23rd with Dr.lopez at Mi doctor any one else??
  9. Hello all I am pretty new here I'm 24 years old and have read some posts here and have decided to book with dr.lopez who will be performing surgery at Mi doctor. On August 23rd I will be driving there since I like 1 in a half away. I don't have insurance in the states *yes I know bad* so I'm kinda scared for the after care but I will be looking to see who is willing to attend me Any input is grateful thanks
  10. taken_chances19

    Dilemma- Surgeon mask covering nose?

    @@Travelmego hi what doctor is it you saw that wasn't wearing a mask during surgery?