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  1. Summer Rain

    To Those Who Have a Funny Bone

    Thank you all for the smiles and laughs!
  2. Summer Rain

    August 4th is the day

    @@soonsleeved I am doing really well, thank you for asking. Your day is getting so close
  3. Summer Rain

    What about the scale?

    @@Kindle congratulations! It's been almost a year since you reached your goal weight. You are an inspiration : )
  4. @@AllisonK1986 that 3-4 months seems like an eternity but it will fly by! So much to do in those few short months. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress please : )
  5. Summer Rain

    August 4th is the day

    @@soonsleeved congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you. It's an exciting and scary time I know but it is sooo worth it! Good luck : )
  6. Summer Rain

    100 pounds down!

    Nikki D that is awesome! Congratulations! 100 lbs...WOW!
  7. Sometimes it takes longer for us to see the changes in ourselves. I have taken pics almost monthly since my surgery 7 months ago and I don't think I noticed a big change until about 3 months. If you have not been taking pics start now and do it monthly. I promise you will start to see the changes! Summer Rain
  8. Summer Rain

    Motivational High...

    Awesome attitude @@CanyonBaby!!!
  9. Summer Rain

    VSG and a Hernia Repair

    Very mild reflux. I haven't had any since surgery.
  10. Are you taking Prilosec OTC or something similar? Acid can mimic hunger. I hope it gets better for you I am sure that this is very frustrating for you.
  11. Summer Rain

    Newbie Here :)

    I just want to say Welcome! There are a lot of good people on here with really great advice Good luck with your surgery!
  12. Summer Rain

    VSG and a Hernia Repair

    I had Both surgeries done and I had a very easy recovery. No pain meds after the first 12 hours or so. The hernia has not come back but it has only been 5 months.
  13. You look awesome! Congratulations
  14. Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to let you know that I did WW online but I also saw my PCP once a month just to get weighed and discuss calories, exercise, etc. Good luck! Summer
  15. Thank you kyrickchick64
  16. I got on the scale this morning and it read 199.0! I think it has been 18 years since I weighed below 200 lbs. I went shopping last week and I was able to buy XL tops and size 16 pants! That is down from 3X tops and 24 pants. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I am 52 years old. I was sleeved on November 4, 2015 (15 weeks ago). My recovery from this surgery was very easy and I am thankful every day that I had this procedure done. I now LIKE leaving the house to go places and I hope to have a job interview in the next week or so (telephone interview last Friday). I even took a picture of me in my new interview clothes and sent it to my daughter and I would not be embarassed if she showed it to anyone else. That is a big deal as I have stayed out of pictures for YEARS. Two weeks ago I took my son to visit a college campus and I was able to walk the the whole tour! That was about 2 hours of walking around the campus and different buildings. 6 months ago I couldn't have done that. HW: 265 SW: 243 CW: 199 Good luck to those just starting this process. All you post-op people please keep posting your successes and NSVs - they are appreciated and encouraging to all of us. Summer
  17. Summer Rain

    10 months out - pict

    You look great!
  18. Summer Rain

    Today is 6 months! I've lost........

    Awesome job! Congratulations
  19. Congratulations! Awesome job.
  20. Summer Rain

    Type 2 diabeties

    I had the sleeve done in Nov 2014 and I had type 2 diabetes. At my last visit with my PCP she told me my blood work is now normal. Speak with your surgeon and get his/her opinion. Good luck whatever you decide to do Summer
  21. Summer Rain

    Flew past my six-month goal

    Congratulations! Awesome job
  22. Summer Rain

    To tell or not to tell......

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far! You will find many different opinions on this subject. It has been a hot topic on here. It's a very personal decision, in my opinion, whether to tell or not tell. It's not wrong either way - just whatever the individual is comfortable with. I opted to not tell anyone outside of my husband and almost grown children. I am happy and comfortable with that decision 4 months post-op. By the way I love your response when people ask why you had WLS.
  23. Summer Rain

    One year ago.....

    Awesome job!
  24. Summer Rain

    Signing off till after my surgery

    Things will get better quickly. Hang in there the worst is behind you! Congratulation. Summer

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