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  1. Me too!!! I’m frustrated but things could be worse. Mine was 3/18. Three days before they cancelled. Then it was 4/29 Now it’s nothing. I’m for A revision. I wish everyone health and we will all get there soon enough. Be well.
  2. ge0rgette2

    Disappointed part 2

    🙂 I know. Thanks.
  3. ge0rgette2


    I made it under the wire by 3 days and they cancelled on 3/15 for 3/18 the first time. I understand the safety aspect. glad you’re doing well. mine is just a revision so I’ll be okay.
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    hope you’re keeping well i knew they shut down all non essential elective surgeries till April. Now may. I didn’t hear that yet on the news maybe it’s north well making their own decisions.
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    Me too. Nassau County
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    It’s okay. I’m just throwing myself a pity party since getting the call this morning lol The heartburn is horrendous still and I just want this over. My son is supposed to get married in June and wanted this under control ... plus worrying about them cancelling the wedding.
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    So now once again my Surgery, revision, has been CANCELLED. was postponed for 3/18 to 4/25 now cancelled all together. ;-(
  8. So now once again my Surgery, revision, has been CANCELLED. was postponed for 3/18 to 4/25 now cancelled all together. ;-(
  9. ge0rgette2


    Good luck to you. My hospital has “no elective surgeries till 4/15”. This was the first avail date. I am disappointed but understand. My son gets married beginning of June so I wanted it all over lmao maybe they’ll lift the ban here. Unsure.
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    It's okay - i'm just feeling bad for myself lol if it was weeks, I wouldn't care, I was soooo close! LOL
  11. ge0rgette2


    Yep. Delayed to 4/29
  12. ge0rgette2


    Yes. We have a bunch In Ny today and schools closed for 2 weeks. I can’t take the heartburn. I know people are sick. I just can’t.
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    Thanks. I’m just disappointed etc. I’ll be fine. The heartburn ick for another few weeks... until all the bans are lifted. I don’t wish the virus though on anyone.
  14. Well after being denied and appealing the surgery and waiting 7 weeks for a surgery date which is 3/18, I believe they are canceling my revision due to the virus. Because it’s elective.  I hope I’m wrong. I am in so much pain from the heartburn. I’ve been on a liquid diet for 2 weeks.  I’m so upset. 
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    Pill box

    Just ordered that last night lol