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  1. I wonder if your iron is low? Anemia is common after WLS. I had it for the first time in my life about 1-2 yrs out. Dr got me on a temporary iron supplement and it made all the difference. Now I’m just pretty conscious of my iron intact. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. imadethelist

    Any WLS peeps from 2014 still around?

    I’m here. Sleeved 9/2014. Lost 130 lbs. And gained 15 over the last two years. Still exercising daily, tracking and fighting hard. Working to get at least 10 back off. Currently struggling with lack of energy. Like total lethargy. I can get to gym do about 70% of my normal workout and then I’m spent for the rest of the day. Like can’t function tired. I’ve got a call into my dr cause this just isn’t right. Time for bloodwork. My eating isn’t perfect by a long shot but nothing that should cause this. Has anyone else experienced this? Even though I religiously take all my vitamins. I think it either, Menopause starting Iron, B, or thyroid. But those are just my guesses. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ As long as it’s fixable 🤞🤞 Hope everyone else is doing great. Still do grateful for my tool.
  3. Ladies. I’m looking for a new sports bra. Medium to high impact, I’m a D-DD (but it’s all skin) and most important I struggle with chaffing under my arms. The wrong bra will tear me up!!!! Happy for all suggestions. Thanks in advance
  4. imadethelist

    Sleeve Veterans: What makes you successful long term?

    I’m almost 4 year out and 90% of the time I still eat like I’m 6 months out. - followed my post op jet to the letter for over a year. That really helped set good new food habits. - I still track everything I eat mostly to ensure my macros are on point. This is just how I eat now not really a diet. - I exercise 5-6 days a week, it’s just part of my life now. I still don’t love it but it simply must be done. - I find I eat even less when I eat out. Probably because I eat faster which makes me full faster. It’s been a full on lifestyle change for sure. So grateful for the help of the sleeve and I know I couldn’t have done this without it. But as we all know I did the work!! And I continue to do the work everyday with my food choices. I do find I really can’t eat many calories without gaining weight. So I have to keep it to 1000-1100 cal a day. For me anything more and I’ll gain. To be expected with such a big weight loss my body wants to go back....but with my sleeve I’m in charge now and that’s not happening!!!!
  5. imadethelist

    Trying again

    I think you’ll find approvals easier to get today as the surgery is far more common. I wish you great success. As you well know you’ll have to do the work. My best advice is follow your Dr diet to the letter!!! If you follow it religiously while the surgery tool is new you’ll establish good habits that will continue with you years down the road when the benefits of surgery start to minimize. Best wishes!!!!
  6. I’m 3.5 yrs post op, pretty much maintaining my goal weight and having the strangest swings in my taste buds and all of a sudden I’m sensitive to texture. I’ve loved my lean protein and now I can barley choke down chicken, shrimp, lobster, most fish. It makes getting my protein in really tough. Recent labs show my iron is low so I’ve just started on an iron supplement. Could that have caused this and will it stop when my iron goes back to normal? Has this happened to any of you? Any first hand experience/advice would be appreciated.
  7. imadethelist

    Sushi post sleeve?

    I love sushi and still do. However, I’ve changed what I order. Rice doesn’t work for me sleeve and really isn’t great for our diet anyway. So I enjoy sashimi and my favorite now is Tuna poke, basically just raw tuna, tiny amount of spicy mayo, scallions. Yum!!!!! Most sushi chefs will also make you your favorite roll without the rice. If you order wisely, sushi can be your diet and protein intakes best friend. I enjoy it weekly!!!!
  8. imadethelist

    Strange dizzy spells

    Same happened to me. I believe it was because at the time I wasn’t yet getting in all my protein and calorie intake was only about 400-600 cal per day. Both not enough. To resolve I focused on increasing my protein and it brought calories up some too. Which seem to resolve it. But I’m no Dr... always safe to ask your Dr.
  9. I started flowing the post op diet 6 months before surgery so I lost a good 40 lbs before surgery. I was pretty public about my change in eating habits pre-ops. Just saying I’m eating clean and high protein. So everyone knew I was dieting. That way there wasn’t a sudden loss in anyone’s mind. After the first few weeks post op (where I did loss big numbers) I really lost 2-3 lbs a week, and everyone saw me at the gym everyday. So it was easy to say, yes thanks I am losing weight and working my Ass off. Which wasn’t a lie. [emoji6]. Good luck
  10. imadethelist

    Surgeon's expectations

    Set your own goals. And go for them with everything you’ve got!!!My Dr was conservative too. I blew past his goal!!!! It definitely has a lot to do with how diligent you are with your diet and how much you’re willing to consistently work out. You can accomplish whatever you want. Best of luck!!!
  11. There is no scientific proof behind this just my own experience. I’m recovering from my final skin removal surgery (thighs..ouch but that’s another post). So anyway I’m in a Compression garment with a high waist. As many of you know medical compression is like a spankx on steroids. The high waist band puts pressure on my stomach, and as a result I can eat even less than my pouch normally allows. Talk about a great reset. LOL. I’ve been maintaining my weight for about 2 years now. But due to the extra compression (and maybe my lack of mobility) , I’ve lost an extra 10 lbs in the last 6 Weeks. I’ll take it!!! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] While I don’t want to wear this thing forever. I’ll be keeping it around in case I ever need some extra help. [emoji6][emoji6]
  12. imadethelist

    10 days after LBL

    Just to give you another option. Dr Lawrence Zachary at the University of Chicago specializes in patients that have had extreme weight loss. He did my LBL, simply beautiful results and I’m heading in for legs in a few weeks. Good luck with whomever you choose
  13. imadethelist

    Paid By Insurance

    I got my LBL approved and paid for. And I'm now heading into Vertical Thigh lift & upper back (arm pit) also insurance covered. And I'm so so grateful. I'm obviously the exception. Surgeon documented to insurance medical necessity (rashes, chaffing etc). But I think it really had more to do with our insurance being through a self insured Teaching hospital.
  14. imadethelist

    Weight loss AFTER removal of excess skin

    Not often a insurance provider does you a favor by saying no but for what it's worth I think they did in this case. My experience was getting to goal helped the Dr create an end result I never could have dreamed of. None of us are looking for perfect but I'm telling ya when you get to goal and then have plastics .... your Dr can actually get pretty close to perfect. I had LBL in Jan and still can't believe my mid section is me. Feel free to check out my other posts that have pics. Good luck with your final push to goal weight you're got a great motivation to get there and stay there. Cheering you on!!!!
  15. imadethelist

    Plastic Surgery?

    Hope your recovery continues well and you're thrilled with your results. I know it was the best decision for me

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