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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    taylorj7 reacted to Recycled in Energy after surgery.   
    That's kinda the beauty of weight loss. The more you lose the more energy you get back. Avoid the coffee and drinks and kick-start things at the gym. You'll thank yourself for it........
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    taylorj7 got a reaction from keish_lorraine in I'm officially a post-op sleever   
    Congrats, I was sleeved one week ago. Best of luck in your recovery.
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    taylorj7 got a reaction from BWaltD in 6 months out and feeling great   
    Man you are looking Buff Dude !!
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    taylorj7 reacted to ca_medic5 in Dropped 3 pants size in 2 months   
    In two months went from 46 to a loose 40
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    taylorj7 reacted to TheNewJulie in Exactly 2 months out, and feeling great!   
    I know I still have a long way to go, but I'm a lot better off than I was 60 days ago! (And 45 pounds ago). This is a picture from a wedding I attended last night. I'm on the left, in the black dress. This surgery is the best thing I've ever done for myself!!

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    taylorj7 reacted to deelavi in Stomach Growling   
    Mine likes to tell me the stories of its people. Lol! It's only weird when I'm at work
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    taylorj7 reacted to fat_free in Stomach Growling   
    Oh yes, my used to talk every meal for at least 8+ weeks. Now it's only occasionally, not sure what has changed but kinda miss the conversation
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    taylorj7 reacted to New Me Twentyfourteen in Stomach Growling   
    I'm 3 weeks out. Mine growls too. Hope it eventually subsides. Not cute on a date! Lol
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    taylorj7 reacted to Yasman in Stomach Growling   
    lol, 3 chips makes a very angry tummy.
    i have the noises too and it sounds like hungry stomach growl fro pre-surgery but really its just noisy for its own reasons, not anything related to what it wants me to do. totally gratuitous noisage.
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    taylorj7 reacted to ready2getgoing in Mens Stats   
    First off everone is different and you can't compare what one person has lost to another. If you are losing and things are going well - then things are working for you.
    That being said...
    I am 90 Days out from surgery. I have lost an average of just over 4 lbs per week since surgery - some weeks more some weeks less.
    That's about 57 lbs since surgery and another 20 lbs lost pre-op from the pre-op diet for a total of 77 lbs.
    I've not been in the gym at all but have been more active (swimming, walking, kayaking, etc).
    As far as intake, my regular day is Greek yogurt, egg substitute or Protein shake for Breakfast, small Protein rich lunch (Soup and sashimi, burger - no bun, yogurt, etc) , small protein rich diner (chicken, pork, turkey, beef - all w/ veg) and usually a small snack (yogurt, fat free/sugar free pudding) . Chili has been good with Beans and made with turkey.
    Not many carbs if I can help it.
    I have not been perfect - I've had some pizza and a beer or two and I've indulged a few times when going out to dinner.
    Total daily calories usually add up to about 900-1100 on a normal day.
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    taylorj7 reacted to par1959 in Mens Stats   
    I am going onto week 10. My usual day ( at work) consists of a mixture of greek yogurt and oatmeal (6 oz), Small fruit snack, home made chili (1/2 cup) have started substituting 200 cal lean cuisines for the chili, Small fruit snack, 4 oz of animal Protein and some veggys for dinner. I also should include 6 servings of half and half with the coffee I drink. This adds up to the 1200 cal range. I am currently down 77 lbs. Weekends are a little tougher controling what I eat. I do not drink alcohal, ever. I also try to get 10,000 step in aday logging with fit bit. I have found Water is the most important consumable. It has a lot to do with ones energy level.
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    taylorj7 reacted to RyanSleeve2014 in Mens Stats   
    Hey guys, so glad I found this forum!
    I'm 3 weeks post-sleeve and have lost a total off 38 pounds, (13 pre-op, 25 since surgery)
    I am 33 years old, 6'2" and started at 381.
    How much weight did you guys lose each week on average your first few weeks and months? I just want to get realistic when I get on the scale, but I also want to make sure I'm getting the best results possible.
    What do you guys eat daily? I'm a little nervous because I feel like I am already eating at the top of my doctor recommendations and worried about old habits, but I'm eating soooooooooooooooo much less than ever before that also feels silly.
    I'm drinking one Protein Shake a day and then getting the rest of my Protein from mashed and puréed foods. (yogurt, white fish, tuna, hummus, Beans, eggs)
    I'm trying to only eat 3 oz of food in one sitting, but occasionally I get slower to 4, then other times I can only finish 2 (my dog is ecstatic at the amount of extra tuna she gets when I don't finish)
    Anyway, any feedback, stats and tips would be great! It's hard to find men who've gone through this!
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    taylorj7 reacted to ChrisVSG in Hi all. Any Philly/South Jersey here?   
    Hi South Philly Guy sleeved 1-23-14 at UofPenn Dr N, Williams did my surgery my HW was 396 sept 2012 SW 334 I'm now 270 the last few weeks have been a struggle between 267-273 but I'm determined
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    taylorj7 reacted to NYCkindofgirl in Stomach Growling   
    Mine still growls if I give it something it doesn't like. At lunch today I had three potato chips, and it has been a very angry tummy!
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    taylorj7 reacted to Texasmeg in Stomach Growling   
    At eight months out, mine still makes loud noises, just not as frequently.
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    taylorj7 reacted to TheCurvyJones in Stomach Growling   
    Lol. this doesn't go away. My Sleeve is the noisiest thing ever, especially after I eat or drink. I just tell everyone it loves food and is having a party. Sometimes it sounds like I'm hungry but I just ate.
    One day I was recording a Youtube video and my sleeve was SO LOUD for no reason. I stopped and I was like........DID YOU GUYS JUST HEAR THAT? lol.
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    taylorj7 reacted to blondebomb in Stomach Growling   
    Mine to...before an after
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    taylorj7 reacted to SnohoGal98296 in Stomach Growling   
    Hi, my tummy made noises every drink or bite from day 1, it is similar to an empty stomach growl but with the added bonus of bubble type noses traveling up the throat (not burps, wish I was burping back then), doesn't hurt, in fact the noises made me feel like it was relieving some the early uncomfortableness of eating new foods. Now that I am about 2 1/2 months out, my stomach only growls after difficult foods like chicken breast or if I eat too fast.
    Other than being embarrassed, feeling life my coworkers or strangers could hear my noises, the noises were not a big issue for me.
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    taylorj7 reacted to fezik23 in Stomach Growling   
    I am two months out and my stomach is pretty damn noisy.
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    taylorj7 reacted to BWaltD in 6 months out and feeling great   
    Hello all. Hit my 6 month post op date earlier this month. All is well and Im feeling awesome. Its been a crazy journey so far. Here are some of my stats to date. Weight is down 150 lbs, down 54 inches from head to toe and My BMI is down 21.3 points. Im off of 4 Heart Failure meds and getting close to stop using my CPAP device. Life is good. Ive attached a photo of me. December of 2013 vs August of 2014 Take care and thanks for reading my post.

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    taylorj7 reacted to KSTUZ in Are there any Philly sleevers?   
    I'm right outside philly!
    Hatboro/Horsham area!
    Seeing Dr Bonanni at Abington Memorial Hosp!
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    taylorj7 reacted to Chelenka in Are there any Philly sleevers?   
    Philly area - surgery date was 2/28/13 at Einstein Montgomery - West Norriton Township. Lived in Art Museum neighborhood for 2 years and Manayunk for about 4 years, does that count?
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    taylorj7 got a reaction from Texasmeg in You know you've had WLS when ___________________ ! ! ! ^_^   
    You no longer have to lay on the bed to put on your sox
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    taylorj7 got a reaction from LindafromFlorida in Back In Stride !   
    Thanks Linda, Sounds like you're doing great and good luck to you as well.
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    taylorj7 reacted to Bridget1103 in Are there any Philly sleevers?   
    I'm a Philly sleever! Dr kirkland/Penn on July 9th!

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