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    sndgord52 reacted to Kindle in 100 pounds lighter today!   
    I really didn't think I'd do it. My goal was -88. I've been hovering right around -98-99 for awhile but wasn't trying to lose anymore. Then I went on a carb binge (ice cream, bread, muffins, chips, chocolate, Cookies, potatoes and LOTS of alcohol) while traveling to visit family and attend a conference and gained 4 pounds. I was totally OK with it, since I was still below goal. But after just 10 days back to my normal eating routine, I lost that 4 pounds plus 1 extra to hit the magic number 100.
    I'm not real big on the scale numbers, but this one does feel kinda cool
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    sndgord52 reacted to Kindle in Help Please! Sleeve in Mexico?   
    I think your doctor is an incredibly ignorant prick. I guarantee my surgeon has done way more successful bariatric surgeries than he has. In fact, Dr. Ariel Ortiz worked directly with the person who developed the Lap-Band, Dr. Mitiku Belechew, and he has proctored hundreds of surgeons around the world in laparoscopic surgical technique. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a full member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Both he and his co-surgeon, Dr. Martinez, are SRC Surgeons of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery and their facility, Obesity Control Center is a SRC International Center of Excellence. They have done over 12,000 bariatric surgeries. That's a lot of dead patients we don't ever hear about If they were all on "suicide missions" like your doctor stated.
    I could go on about credentials, but bottom line is OCC's complication rate is 1/100 of the US average. If you are interested in 1st hand accounts, check out the "Dr. Ariel Ortiz and Obesity Control Center" thread on here. I'm not trying to dissuade you from going with Dr. Alvarez, I just wanted to let you know there are, in fact, very good surgeons in Mexico and your doctor is an ass for saying otherwise.
    There are some sketchy surgeons, too (in EVERY country, including the US), so do your research, ask tons of questions, and you will find the surgeon you feel the most comfortable with.
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    sndgord52 reacted to BeenGym'N in NewBie-Stop By and Say Hi-Surgery 9/2-Fingers Crossed!   
    A Little About Me..

    I'm a vivacious, super-bubbly comedian at heart! I love making people laugh and I try to see the glass half full rather than half empty! I'm a recent law school graduate (May 2013) and I just took the NY/NJ bar exams in July and now I'm getting ready for the BIGGEST change of my life! I'm having Gastric Sleeve surgery on 9/2/2014 and I'm super EXCITED and Anxious at the same time! But, I've put my faith in God because he always Delivers!

    What Else..

    I was hit head-on by a drunk driver two months before I graduated law school and as a result I sustained some pretty serious injuries to my knees (both were cut completely open) but by the Grace of God I survived. I have a few scars that remind me of that night but I choose to see the positive.. I'm alive and so grateful to have been given a second chance at life!

    Why am I having surgery..

    Well.. I've excelled at everything I put my mind to but my weight has been an issue since I was a kid. I lost my sister in 2008 and then my mother in 2011. Those were devastating loses for my family and I.. so I've decided that WLS is the best choice for me because I want to live.

    I'm a work in progress so stay tuned!

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    sndgord52 reacted to sk14712012 in hi guys im a dec 2012 sleever and this is for moral support   
    Hi guys. I was sleeved on 21 december 2012. I started at 110.3kg and now i weigh 49kg. My dress size was a uk size 22/24 and now its a size 8/10. Keep going guys, you will get there.
    Just remember not to compare youself to others as we all are different and our bodies work at different rates.
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    sndgord52 got a reaction from Mrs.RRn in Recent pic   
    Get outta here, you look great!
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    sndgord52 reacted to jess9395 in Transformation Tuesday!   
    Am officially 116 lbs down since surgery (12/2/14) and have a normal BMI for the first time since elementary school. Bought size 6 jeans yesterday!

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    sndgord52 reacted to Mrs.RRn in Recent pic   
    This made me happy happy to see.
    ME: day of surgery vs current
    I still have some work to do, but this makes me feel amazing!!!

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    sndgord52 reacted to skylarkx in Im now sleeved!   
    I all! I got sleeved yesterday afternoon! Up sitting in my chair this morning! Last night was rough but I made it through! I'll post more when I can!
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    sndgord52 reacted to sdocforce in Hooray...Tooting of my own horn!   
    Well it only took until July...but...I am now finally able to run the 3.2 miles of the 5K I tried to complete twice earlier this Spring. Turns out I was psyching myself out. I learned by accident that if I slow down when it gets tough instead of panicking I can keep going longer. I know you are all thinking "duh who doesn't know that". Well Me...never having been a runner I didn't realize what I was doing to myself. I believe I had just convinced myself I was never going to be a runner and would never be able to run more than 2 or 2.5 miles. But I'm happy to say that I CAN...and WILL keep doing it now. The last time I went out I actually went for 4.1 miles. I know this is not a big deal for "runners", but for myself it might as well be a MARATHON! I am so happy that I did this for myself. I am still figuring out what works best, but I do know that it is a good feeling that I can lace up and go running whenever I want and DO IT! Take care all. Thanks for listening! And thanks for all the good information here. It has been such a wonderful resource for me this last (almost year...YIKES). And for the first time in my life I am within 20 lbs of my goal weight. I have never ever worn a size 12...these are all firsts for me and it is a wonderful time.
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    sndgord52 reacted to Kissifur in Rude Comments   
    I haven't dealt with any comments yet but I think you have already screwed her up with your success. I think you hit it on the head " envy, jealousy and spite" so short of telling her to shut up your loose clothes and rowing classes are speaking for you and she can't handle it. Keeping doing you!
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    sndgord52 got a reaction from pacorvalan in When did you go back 2 work!?   
    I had my surgery on a Fri. I went back to work the following Wed. My work is not strenuous but requires a lot of walking sometimes. I bought a back brace to support my stomach. I only used it for the first few days back at work.
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    sndgord52 reacted to labwalker in Why are some weight loss surgery patients so clueless?   
    A lot of those questions strongly suggest that either the providers are running surgery mills and providing little pre or post op support; or the patients are asking questions that should have been fielded at the doctor's office. After six visits with a NUT, consulting with the doctor, and other hoops I had to jump through, I pretty much knew exactly what I needed to do.
    That is one reason I always suggest shopping for the best practice, not the best price!!! Support is important!
    But, I think we should try to offer sound advice, so long as it isn't medically related and might contradict what their doctor would expect.
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    sndgord52 reacted to NavyMom6 in Hit a stall 3 wks out. GRRRRR!   
    I agree with you.. I dropped 3 pounds since July 22nd.. Before that I didn't drop anything.. I added more calories.. My Nutritionist said yesterday to add more soft meats and try to drink less Protein shakes.. The liquid goes right through the sleeve.. She said also to add more beans..
    Good Luck!
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    sndgord52 got a reaction from KarinaVSGinTX in 7 days post op and in pain :( Advice?   
    It very well could be gas. My doc had me to take medication for the gas. I purchased it in Mexico. Have you tried Gas X? you should definitely contact your doctor for advise to make sure that everything is ok especially because of the fevers
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    sndgord52 reacted to RJ'S/beginning in Regrets?   
    I know what you mean..I mean after I woke up from the nineteen day coma. I had some serious regrets. For five and a half months I didn't even get to eat.....lol
    hun..Everyone has buyers remorse. Seems to me that you are no different then anyone else who has had weight loss surgery. Even if you were to lose the weight the traditional way you would get sagging skin and all the rest eventually...
    Do me a favor and just take it one day at a time and as you change your thinking and the lbs. start to really come off and you start to see the results of who you are becoming..The NSV's and all the health improvements. You may still regret it at times but you will be healthier and have a sense of living life....
    Hang in there....It will get better. The stall ( body at rest ) is there to protect you from harming your body. It will protect itself from the possible danger of starvation....It is an amazing machine.........Once it feels safe it will start to let go of the lbs once more..okay!
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    sndgord52 got a reaction from NavyMom6 in Hit a stall 3 wks out. GRRRRR!   
    Hi Navymom6,
    I am having the same problem. Your husband may be right. I did manage to get in a few more calories this past weekend and drops 2 pounds when I had got on the scale Monday morning. I read in this book that our metabolism could slow down to adjust to the decrease in calories that we are taking in. It a survival technique for the body to survive.
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    sndgord52 reacted to PrettyGal27 in Does anyone regret it?   
    I think everyone goes through that little moment of regretting their decision. It's only natural. Finally reality sets in and u realize that u don't really regret it, u just miss pigging out on everything...which was the reason we got this done in the 1st place! Lol. It will pass....trust me.
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    sndgord52 reacted to InfiniteButterfly in Hit a stall 3 wks out. GRRRRR!   
    The three-week stall sucks. Especially after how fast the weight seemed to fall off those first two weeks.
    I've had two stalls so far, and each lasted maybe 6-8 days? Not fun, but just stay the course and the weight will start falling again in no time.

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