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    Feeling down

    You will feel better soon! I actually had my sleeve created on a Friday and went back to work the following Wed. As far as food getting stuck, it still does. I just have to remember to chew, chew, chew and eat slowly. Maybe you should try going back to liquids.
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    Approved yesterday!

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    Thanks. Sounds like a handy tool to have.
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    Wow Sugarfreeme. That really helps. Can you tell me what Fitbit is?
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    Dr Guillermo Albarez

    No. The line was long so my husband had to push me in a wheel chair so I didn't have to stand in the long line.
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    Recent pic

    Get outta here, you look great!
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    Dr Guillermo Albarez

    I didn't have any problems at all when I went to Mexico. I have to tell you that I was happy that my husband came along with me. I was considering going alone. I think the roughest part for me would have been crossing the boarder post surgery if he were not with me.
  8. I had my surgery on a Fri. I went back to work the following Wed. My work is not strenuous but requires a lot of walking sometimes. I bought a back brace to support my stomach. I only used it for the first few days back at work.
  9. It very well could be gas. My doc had me to take medication for the gas. I purchased it in Mexico. Have you tried Gas X? you should definitely contact your doctor for advise to make sure that everything is ok especially because of the fevers
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    Hi Babish, I was sleeved 4 weeks ago. Nothing really taste good to me either. My nutritionist says this is common post weight loss surgery and recommends I try different spices.
  11. Hi Navymom6, I am having the same problem. Your husband may be right. I did manage to get in a few more calories this past weekend and drops 2 pounds when I had got on the scale Monday morning. I read in this book that our metabolism could slow down to adjust to the decrease in calories that we are taking in. It a survival technique for the body to survive.
  12. Wow. I thought it was just me and something I was doing. I was sleeved on June 27th, 2014. This stall is really getting to me especially since I am having such a hard time finding things that I like to eat. I am going to pick up the pace and start some step aerobics to see if that helps.
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